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  1. Trade Conner to Bell owner?

    lol...I thought it was in my signature
  2. Trade Conner to Bell owner?

    So given my current roster, who would you consider giving up to aquire Bell? Bell owner has: Andrew Luck Dion Lewis LeSean McCoy Joe Mixon Amari Cooper Mike Evans Evan Engram Wil Lutz New Orleans Saints Derek Carr Deshaun Watson Le'Veon Bell Marlon Mack Rashaad Penny Keelan Cole Josh Gordon Alshon Jeffery David Njoku
  3. Trade Conner to Bell owner?

    Starting requirements: 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1 Flex (RB/WR/TE) and is a redraft league
  4. Brees or Rothlesberger this week?
  5. Cut Aaron Jones for Rod Smith? Other RB's (1pt PPR) L. Bell D. Murray L. Miller J. McKinnon M. Lynch
  6. Drop Hogan for Fuller?

    8 team league, so teams are pretty decent.
  7. Drop Hogan for Fuller?

    Sterling Shepard is out there as well, and I'm next to last in the waiver order. If Fuller is gone, would you consider Shepard as a replacement for Hogan?
  8. Drop Hogan for Fuller?

    1pt PPR
  9. Will Fuller is available on the waiver wire. I'd have to drop a WR to pick him up, and with Hogan on Bye and likely out a few weeks, considering dropping him to make the pick up. Other WR's on roster: T. Hill, S. Diggs, J. Jones, E. Sanders, K. Benjamin, J Smith-Shuster
  10. Need a big game out of one of these guys...Normally I'd say no brainer and start T. Hill, but I'm thinking of taking a flyer and trotting Juju Smith-Shuster out and hope he surprises. Thoughts?
  11. Which is the better start this week?
  12. Thanks everyone! I was against it from the get go, but wanted to make sure I was thinking clearly.
  13. I received the following trade offer...I don't think it's even close to something I would consider, but want someone else's take. I would receive: Fournette/Agholor/Cooper I would give: L. Bell/T. Hill Current Roster: C. Wentz, J. Winston L. Bell, J. McKinnon, Rob Kelley, A. Abdullah, A. Jones, L. Miller, D. Murrayy T. Hill, J. Nelson, M. Thomas, K. Allen, S. Diggs, C. Hogan