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    Now the Avs just need to have Roy come out of retirement for 1 more run.
  2. Anybody taking the Ducks?

    head_ban head_ban head_ban head_ban head_ban head_ban head_ban head_ban Go Ducks! Getting majorly psyched for this game. Been a geat series - lot of up and down hockey. The hit by Stevens on Kariya was brutal- then he comes back and scores. Phenomenal stuff.
  3. Anybody taking the Ducks?

    Do you believe in miracles? I would be estatic to see a Ducks game 7 win - but my logical side says the home-team and the Evil Empire will take it again.
  4. Roy to Wetire

    Stunning career- one of best in any sport in any era. Good decision to retire - though I'm slightly surprised - as there is not a more competetive person in the world. His legend will grow as time passes.
  5. Game 7 tonight for Devils-Sens

    Crapola- Sens were dominating the 3rd - then one seeing-eye pass to Friesen and it's all she wrote. Go Ducks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. NHL Playoffs, Round 1

    "Ding-dong the witch is dead! Ding-dong the wicked witch is dead!"
  7. NHL Playoffs, Round 1

    I'm still in shock the Canucks lost the division on the last freakin day of the season. The Avs'lack of offensive depth most likely will catch up with them sometime....on the other hand having Forsberg, Hejkduk, Sakic... brow
  8. Hartley fired

    I was fairly shocked myself- since Hartley was basically Lacroix's lackey. He stuck with him in the past- when a lot of other coaches would have been fired.
  9. Congrats to the Wings

    The better team defintely won. If I wouldn't have been crying, it would have been quite comical to see Riku Hahl, Brian Wilsie, Brad Larsen, Pascal Trepanier, etc. trying to skate against Hull, Robitaille, Federov, etc. Was miraculous the Avs made it as far as they did-after a year with 3/4th of the team looked like they really didn't care one way or another, particularly outside of Roy, and we made it through two 7th games. It's been a great 7 years of hockey here in Denver. Canes may steal a game or two, but have zero chance in a 7-game series barring some major injuries. Everyone have a great summer- I'm looking forward to retirement from the Huddle for the next couple months, and enjoying the summer.
  10. Why Detroit will win(g) a great series

    I thought The Avs would win a game 7 in Detroit a week ago. But since then Dan Hinote, Alex Tanguay, Stephan Yelle, and Mike Keane have gone down - giving major playing time to various Hershey Bears- including on the penalty kill and on the power play. Even if Roy stands on his head, I give the Avs no more than a 30% chance of winning this game. See you all Monday gents...
  11. Game 6 thoughts

    It was 2-0 at that point, and it's easy to criticize decisions in hindsight- if it had worked and they had scored to only trail by one going into the third everyone would say 'what a great call'. With Hinote, Tanguay, Yelle, and Keane out, the Hershey Bears were getting way too much ice-time tonight. But as usual, the road-team played much better.
  12. Enjoy your last game of the season, Wings fans

    Well, we have predictions of a Wings victory, an Avs blowout, and a close Avs victory. So basically I agree- nobody knows what the **** is going to happen tonight. I'm majorly pumped for this game tonight though. thumbs_u
  13. Is Avs/Wings over Hurricanes/Leafs a sure bet?

    Come on guys- the paper-route has been a little slow this month - and I just need another 50$ for a ticket to tonight's game. wink Actually, I would trust almost anyone on this site who has been around a couple years with around a 100$ or less. There's no amount of money that would make up for taking the abuse he/she would have to deal with if immediate payment wasn't rendered.
  14. Is Avs/Wings over Hurricanes/Leafs a sure bet?

    You could do a Paypal bet- and send the money to the account of a third party. If anybody wants to send the money to my paypal account, I'd be happy to forward the money to the winner.
  15. Is Avs/Wings over Hurricanes/Leafs a sure bet?

    Anything can happen in 1 game, a hot goalie, some lucky bounces, etc., but in a 7 game series the Eastern Conference has virtually no chance if Detroit/Colorado remain healthy. Toronto, if they were completely healthy, would have been a legitimate threat. Big difference compared to the Superbowl, NCAA title game, where Jimmy Valvano, etc. can pull out 1 big victory.