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  1. Allen Robinson to sign with da' Bears

    If Nelson falls to the Bears that would be a huge win. I am very excited about the A Rob signing as he received less guaranteed money compared to Sammy and I think he's a better player. Both have their fair share of risk. It will be interesting to see how much Nagy utilizes A Rob in the passing game in addition to Cohen/Burton/Shaheen.
  2. Wild card lines discussion

    And the Rams lost and the Chiefs (Andy Reid) choked again
  3. Michael Thomas now questionable for Week 16

    Ugh so far. Let's go Michael!
  4. Milk Carton - Championship Version

    Michael Thomas.
  5. Milk Carton - Championship Version

    The Keenum and Thielen stack did not fare well. Going to need big games from the rest of the crew. Best of luck all!
  6. PPR QB - Keenum WR - M. Thomas WR - A. Thielen WR - R. Woods RB - Zeke RB - Hunt TE - Graham Flex - Ingram K - Butker Def - Sacksonville Bench: Jordy, Drake, Westbrook, K. Benjamin, Winston, Davis, Parker
  7. Week 15 Milk Carton

    Thank you Milk Carton. Now can I get a little Jordy love?
  8. Week 15 Milk Carton

    Same + Ingram. Still clinging on...
  9. Week 15 Milk Carton

    Reversed. That's two Thomas TDs called back and one Ingram TD called back.
  10. Week 15 Milk Carton

    Yes please. That last Rodgers throw was horribly underthrown and should have been an easy TD.
  11. Weekly player highlights

    Did you even try?
  12. Weekly player highlights

    YouTube would be a good starting point.
  13. We have 3 people fighting for 2ND (round 1 bye) and 5 fighting for the last playoff spot. It's been a crazy year thus far.
  14. Week 12 Milk Carton