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  1. Same. This is the first week I've benched Montgomery and MIxon. I started Edmonds & Ty Johnson. FF is a cruel mistress sometimes.
  2. Week 8 Milk Carton

    Chase Edmonds & Ty Johnson. So glad that this is the first week I benched Mixon & Montgomery. F me.
  3. Really! Carlos Hyde!

    Williams had two touches last week. Hyde is averaging 24 touches over his last two games. I prefer the guaranteed touches.
  4. Really! Carlos Hyde!

  5. First Year Commish needs some advice

    Yeah combining both trades and it's fair. Wilson/DJ for Nuk/Landry/DK/Breida/Jimmy G
  6. Did I make the right decision?

    Yes I like it.
  7. Is Melvin Gordon going to be a stud again?

    Losing Pouncey for the year wlil hurt the OL. I still think Gordon will be good ROS but I don't think they will have the same success as last year.
  8. I'd buy low if you can real low. Breida for Mixon isn't a bad trade but I'm also low on Breida since he's in the ultimate time share. I'm a Mixon owner. Their line is a mess. Cordy Glenn has been out since week 2 of preseason. AJG *should* help open things up but the line is the true problem. I'm still holding...and starting since I drafted a bunch of scrubs but I have low expectations.
  9. Week 6 Milk Carton

    Preston Williams. Getting targets but doing nothing. Why did I start a Dolphin? Shame on me.
  10. Week 5 Milk Carton!!!!!

  11. Week 5 Milk Carton!!!!!

    Dawson Knox & Auden Tate