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  1. Golladay or H. Henry

    Golladay for sure. HH has only been hype at this point and it's hard to tell how many more years Rivers will play. Kittle is a stud.
  2. Dynasty league trade?

    I'd easily trade Green + 3rd for Conner and Johnson 12 team? How many RBs can you start? Green is on the decline unfortunately and I can't see him staying healthy for a full season going forward.
  3. What do you need on MNF?

    18.4 or less from Hamilton
  4. Week 16 Milk Carton

    Thank you bless Milk Carton. Amari Cooper it is your turn.
  5. Week 16 Milk Carton

    Amazing Hail Mary. Next up Edelman and Cooper.
  6. Week 16 Milk Carton

    Rudolph (shocker)
  7. Saturday Gameday Thread

    The Penalties are just killing the Chargers...get it going.
  8. Final flex spot .75 PPR .25 PPFD Ingram vs. Pitt Ballage vs. Jax Fitzgerald vs. LAR Leaning Ingram at home against Pittsburgh as I don't fully trust Ballage and the Cardinals are a mess. Thoughts?
  9. Super Bowl teams, who do you have?

    12 Team .75PPR .25 PPFD QB - Rivers WR - Edelman WR - Cooper RB - Kamara RB - Carson TE - Ian Thomas Flex - Jamal Williams Flex - Ingram K - Butker Defense - Minnesota 14 Team PPR QB - Mayfield (lol) WR - Edelman WR - Hill RB - Zeke RB - Williams TE - Cook Flex - Cooper K - Butker Defense - Denver
  10. Sketchy Trade

    I'd much rather have Pettis in dynasty than Gronk at this point. I wouldn't be surprised if Gronk retires after this year.
  11. Ekeler is in concussion protocol. If Ekeler and Gordon are out, Jackson *should* be a good call this week and should provide many targets out of the backfield.
  12. Who do you need today

    Kamara/Ingram please come alive.
  13. .75 PPR with .25 point per first down Pick 1 Wilson Jr. vs. Den Jackson vs. Cin Fitz vs. Det Drake vs. NE Carson vs. Min Edwards @ KC I'm thinking Wilson or Jackson. Cincy is a juicy matchup but I'm not 100% sold Jackson will be the defacto #1. Any thoughts?