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  1. Ok I'll offer something - Trade for Tyreek Hill. He's out for 5-6 weeks but not on IR. ROS he should be very valuable and you should be able to get him for less than his end of season output due to the current injury.
  2. David Montgomery or Malcolm Brown

    PPR? Montgomery *may* be the starter but we don't know how many touches he will get. Montgomery had 7 touches and Brown had 11 including goal line touches which led to two touchdowns. I think Brown is good for 10 touches. Will he get another TD? Who knows. Montgomery is a wildcard. The Bears only offense came on the drive where he was given the ball and Montgomery looked great in his limited role. If you want upside (20 points)- go Montgomery, if you want a better chance at 10 points, go Brown. I think I'll end up starting Montgomery this week but that's only because I have very limited RB options and it sounds like James White may miss the game due to the birth of his baby.
  3. +1. It's been one week. Cool the jets. Additional edit - I've had two years where my team absolutely dominated the regular season. I think I had one loss on both teams and easily had 300+ points on the season over second highest points. Both teams pooped the bed in the semis.
  4. Leveon Bell Shoulder MRI

    No major tear.
  5. Leveon Bell Shoulder MRI Darnold is OUT for Monday night.
  6. Who has better year? Hockenson or Waller

    I slightly prefer Hock since I believe Stafford is the better QB and defenses can’t focus on Hock with their surrounding weapons. Both appear to be locked and loaded TE1s the rest of the way.
  7. Week 1 Milk Carton 2019!!!!!

    Please come back Tyreek. My team is in shambles (started Adams + Montgomery on Thursday).
  8. Week 1 Milk Carton 2019!!!!!

    Cooks & Jeffrey.
  9. Week 1 injuries

    Tyreek Hill was sent to the locker room after a Jalen Ramsey hit.
  10. Anyone else hate thursdays games.

    Agreed. Plus it's Bears/Packers...let's go Bears!
  11. Super Sketchy Team - Thoughts?

    Guess Edelman hurt his hand tonight. Ruh roh.
  12. 10 Team PPR - I ended up drafting a TON of players on my do not draft list. This isn't my main so I played the draft pretty loose. What do you think of this team? More BOOM or BUST? QB - Big Ben RB - Zeke RB - Cook WR - Edelman WR - Boyd WR - Gordon (lol) Flex - Gurley Flex - Gordon TE - Doyle K - Tucker Defense - NE Bench: Jones Jr., E. Sanders, Murray, Allison, and Pollard I'll obviously be looking to trade one of my running backs if/when they decide to play. What do ya'll think?
  13. Zeke owner - trade for Pollard?

    Take the deal.