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  1. Bears vs Rams (MNF)

    Nagy’s play calling is horrific. 1st down - run for 0-3 yards 2nd down - incomplete pass 3rd and long - completes pass 5-6 yards short of the first down. Switch things up a bit - call a screen (not on 3rd down). Do something different!
  2. Michael Thomas is out

    CGM - Can’t guard Mike aka Michae Thomas aka Can’t stand Mike
  3. Seattle vs Arizona (SNF)

    Theyre keeping him fresh for the rest of the year. Don’t worry - Carson will get his.
  4. Week 7 Milk Carton

    I'm with you. Started off hot with the receptions on the first drive and then it's been a whole lot of nothing.
  5. Week 7 Milk Carton

    Massive TD. Congrats. Cmon Hock/Higgins/Golladay
  6. Week 7 Milk Carton

    Same here. Started him in two leagues over Cooks & Justin Jackson. It's still early but it's not looking good so far...
  7. Week 7 Milk Carton

    Tee Higgins and Kenny Golladay. Cmon Milk Carton
  8. Week 7 Chat

    Paging Tee Higgins & Kenny Golladay
  9. Cooks or Higgins - PPR

    Higgins has a safer floor and Cooks has more upside. Houston has a higher OU at 56. Ive settled on Higgins as I have a projected win this week. Both options are comparable. Thanks all and best of luck.
  10. Here's a strange one

    Play them both
  11. Two Michael Thomas trades?

    Both are horrible. Keep shopping.
  12. Tua Time in Miami

    Why would you announce it though? Why not start him and not give other teams weeks to prepare?