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  1. Mahomes agree to a 10-year extension.

    Wow. Great move for both sides. Assuming he stays healthy, that should be a steal of a deal for the Chiefs in 5 years.
  2. Roger Goodell gives up salary

    Agreed. A 10% haircut when you're making 8 digits really doesn't amount to much.
  3. McCaffrey Gets Paid!

    Good for him. Fingers crossed he can stay healthy.
  4. It's safe to say that we don't know a TON about the disease. We don't know for sure if you can get the disease multiple times. We don't know if warm weather will slow spread (most recent studies point to no). We have NO IDEA what the long term affects may be. For now, I'd exercise caution where you can and be extremely financially frugal. The economic impact from this virus may be worse than the disease itself. I think we will continue to see clusters and social distancing to some extent until there is a vaccine which would be early 2021 best case. Stay safe huddlers.
  5. That's ballsy forecast. I think there's a good chance that some form of social distancing is here to stay through 2020. Feel free to delete my post if it's gone too far from football.
  6. My League Is A Joke

    Or steal his lunch money?
  7. Relying on Boone. Playing against Perriman and Washington (kicking myself for not picking up Washington two weeks ago). Starting Ward/Boone over White/Hyde. I'll need a ton of luck to overcome the Lamar/CMC combo. For some reason, I feel like Perriman is going to lay an egg as he will be the primary receiver but who really knows.
  8. Agreed. There have been a lot of injuries and I'll admit luck has played a big part in my success. I had the lowest points against but also had my first two picks (Adams/Hill) miss most of the season.
  9. Good roster, bad matchups.

    I prefer Perriman to Mclaurin and would start Higbee if Everett is out.
  10. 12 team 3/4 PPR 1/4 Point Per First Down QB: Wentz/Jimmy G WR: Adams WR: Hill RB: Mixon RB: Montgomery TE: Higbee Flex: White Flex: Hyde K: Folk D: Pats I traded Waller & Brandin Cooks after week 2 for Mixon. What a roller coaster trade that was...althought it's worked out now that I'm in the ship and my running backs sans Mixon are straight poop. I've got Boone and Ward queued up for last minute roster changes. I'm playing the Lamar/CMC owner
  11. Week 15 Milk Carton

    Jimmy G
  12. Week 15 Milk Carton

    Whine and you shall receive. Thank you Milk Carton - now I'm only down 78.4 points lol
  13. Week 15 Milk Carton

    Julio - cmon brother
  14. Dynasty leagues, FAAB and roster size

    Wow. 22 bench spots is nuts. Granted I've never played dynasty but I can't imagine how barren your wire is.
  15. Week 14 Milk Carton

    James White.