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  1. I will take 4. Thanks!
  2. SMACKBOWL XXI - Accept your destiny

    AFC Team AQB1-NE-Tom Brady ARB1-PIT-Le'Veon Bell ARB2-TEN-Derrick Henry ARB3-NE-James White ATE-KC-Travis Kelce AWR1-PIT-Antonio Brown AWR2-PIT-JuJu Smith-Schuster AWR3-NE-Phillip Dorsett AWR4--Chris Hogan APK-NE-S. Gostkowski ADEF-NE AST-PIT NFC Team NQB1-LAR-Jared Goff NRB1-LAR-Todd Gurley NRB2-NO-Alvin Kamara NRB3-MIN-C.J. Ham NTE-MIN-Kyle Rudolph NWR1-MIN-Adam Thielen NWR2-MIN-Stefon Diggs NWR3-LAR-Cooper Kupp NWR4--Brandon Coleman NPK-NO-Wil Lutz NDEF-MIN NST-MIN Tie Breaker #1 - 248 Tie Breaker #2 - 552
  3. I'll take 4 boxes on sheet 2.
  4. Would like to enter.
  5. 2015 Super Bowl Box Pool (Squares)...

    I'll take 4 boxes. Thanks!
  6. Best bang for my buck

    And this coming from the guy that doesn't share. Don't go near the big black truck...especially if you are not wearing a Bills jersey.
  7. Week 8 JUMbotron

    JUM a Replacements fan? nice...
  8. Week 7 JUMbotron

    Enjoyed reading about your experience at the bar. Similar situations have happened to me. Those are the guys I try to avoid. Keep up the good work!
  9. Live Drafters

    Sacrificing/Eating Bison/Buffalo?? Karma is going to get you...
  10. Jaguars deathbed article

    Even with the team records Owens and Fitzpatrick set? Longest TD pass and maybe longest QB TD run?