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  1. new league forum

    I replied to your PM on this.
  2. Mod access

  3. Data breach?

    Yes, The Huddle did send out that notice.
  4. Banner Headlines

    There is currently an issue with the news headlines displayed on the home page. It is being worked on and the hope is it will be resolved soon. You can always access the player news page via the "NEWS" button in the navigation bar at the top of the home page or any page on the site.
  5. I can't unsubscribe from Huddle emails

    Email support@thehuddle.com and provide the email address you want to unsubscribe and they will take care of that for you if there's a problem.
  6. Please go here - help with The Huddle Site - for assistance. This forum is only for issues specific to these forums. For a variety of reasons, it has become difficult, ineffective, and in many cases impossible to assist people with site issues in this forum. The most prominent reason being in order to help with specific site issues there needs to be a free exchange of customer information. Since these forums are free, open to the public, and not tied to The Huddle site system, that exchange cannot happen here. So please go here - help with The Huddle site - and use the form at the bottom of the page if your answer is not one of those provided on the page. Thank you.
  7. In Season rankings issue

    Week 1 is available under the Timeframe filter. Once the games start on Thursday the page will begin defaulting to the current week.
  8. Need help login/renewal membership

    Glad you were able to log in. If you go to your account information in myHUDDLE you can update your email address to your current one so this won't happen again.
  9. Please keep me logged in

    The engineering team made some adjustments today to the buffer cache for the cookie settings that they hope will help remedy this issue. They said this "might" be the cause. You'll likely need to log out of the site and restart your browser to ensure you are pulling in the new settings.
  10. Please keep me logged in

    Thanks for that additional and helpful information. There does seem to be a login "remembering" issue for a few members that happens when navigating between our two domains. The issue is currently being worked on and I'll pass your case info along to the engineering team. We hope that they have this working better soon. If there is this kind of issue happening between similar pages on a single domain, like article to article or tool to tool, it is possible that your browser is not set to retain session cookies on the site. That is how a login session is passed from page to page. So it might be helpful to you to investigate any browser settings or plug-ins that may be impacting how it handles cookies on this site.
  11. Prior year stats - Excel

    Yes, that is no longer available.
  12. ADP Tool gone ?

    In the past The Huddle has used the ADP tool from MyFantasyLeague.com. With our new site that will not be available this season, but we plan on adding it back in the future. Here is where you can find the MFL ADP data we've always used: http://home.myfantasyleague.com/adp-rankings/. Another good source is Fantasy Football Calculator here: https://fantasyfootballcalculator.com/adp.
  13. My custom league scoring cheat doesn't exist.

    I understand you contacted support and they got you taken care of.
  14. Tiered Cheat Sheets

    This was discussed earlier here: But please know that the product and engineering teams will be tasked with figuring out the best and most accurate way to reintroduce tiers back into the custom cheat sheets for next season.