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  1. Right. Then just go to the home page or IN SEASON page and click on the weekly rankings link and you should go straight to the new tools.
  2. Once you follow the instructions I provided your cookies will be set properly for the new tools and it will be a one-click link from that point forward for you.
  3. Week 11 Rankings - NO IDP

    My guess is that you are using a league scoring profile that does not include IDP scoring.
  4. Week 11 Rankings - NO IDP

    They should be there now.
  5. Based on what you are describing if you click on the “Preview our new cheatsheets & rankings” link on that page you should be able to access all weeks (including week 11) in our newly designed tools.
  6. Week 11 Rankings - NO IDP

    They are looking into that right now.
  7. New glitches

    In the new tools it's the same thing. Just select the timeframe you wish to view (preseason through the current week). The links you are clicking should direct you straight to Week 11 projections.
  8. You and DO Jaded added. You'll have to tell me who to remove as the mods are not listed by forum.
  9. Player profiles

    click on this link and that should prevent you from redirecting to the BETA player pages. http://thehuddle.com/switchback.php
  10. Can't unsubscribe to emails

    There was an issue with the email list that was causing the unsubscribe link to not function properly, but that has been corrected. If you click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of those emails it should work for you now.
  11. This should be fixed now.
  12. ADS?!?!

    If you've been with The Huddle for a while then you know ads have been on the site for quite some time. Over a decade in fact. That said, the current large banners appearing at the top of the page for some is not desirable and is not what we were told would be the case. So we are working with the development team to ensure those no longer display on the site and hope to have a resolution soon.
  13. Customized cheat sheet issues

    We are continuing to work through some display issues with the newly redesigned tools on the site. Until we can get those resolved please click on the link below to switch your browser back to the current version of the site. http://thehuddle.com/switchback.php
  14. Posting on Locked threads and Edit option

    Probably not but I have no idea why it would be.
  15. You don't need that switchback link as that's for those needing to break permanently out of the BETA due to a display error. You should see a "return to old experience" link at the bottom of the new tools pages. Just click on that to go back.