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  1. shoot. sorry. fixed.
  2. That link has been added to the stats page.
  3. Sorry for the delay. You're all set.
  4. ah... Thanks for the clarification. Then the answer kdko is that it's not a part of the new forum platform and won't be returning unless it's added back with a future software upgrade, which we don't control.
  5. Nothing has been changed. I'm unaware that you could previously see who specifically liked a post. Don't recall seeing that. You can see who's following a topic. Are you sure you're not confusing the two?
  6. Ah. There's a lower case "transformers" forum also. You should be good now.
  7. Was a forum wide issue that is resolved now.
  8. Sorry for the delay on the forum deletion question. I've been waiting for confirmations from the vendor's support team. Unfortunately I've checked and double checked with them and there is no way to recover a deleted forum. So sadly all I can do at this point is apologize. With the move to the new forum platform we needed badly to free up disc space so the decision was made to delete all old league forums and do some serious pruning of the main Huddle forums. I am truly sorry this happened to your league's old forum nittanylion, and I understand the negative impact you are stating. But there's nothing that we can do at this point. I am truly sorry. Looking forward, our disc space shouldn't be an issue again. Also, we've been cleaning up the old league forums for years and this is the first time it's ever caused an issue. So in the future, if we prune old league forums we will try to make an effort to contact the forum's mods prior to deletion.
  9. Sorry, did that yesterday and forgot to reply.
  10. Yeah, it was touched on already. As far as I can tell the only way to update a title is to "click and hold" on the title text, which of course you can't do on a mobile device. And I haven't found a way to switch to a full site view via mobile.
  11. Public league forums not used last year (or older) were deleted to free up needed space for the forums. Sorry if this causes any issues, but if a forum isn't being used for over a year it's logical to assume the league no longer exists or no longer needs the forum.
  12. Not sure about this. I've personally experienced that kind of Chrome issue with other sites lately, like facebook. Seems to come and go.