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  1. For clarification, the home page is not being "fixed" as there's nothing wrong with it. As I've already mentioned, the content flow for the new home page is basically the same as before. We do hope to address the font size within the articles at some point.
  2. Please ensure you are checking the "remember me" box on the login form. Without that checked your login credentials will not be maintained throughout the site.
  3. We are working with the design team to find a better solution for that. The reality is that most design these days is done so it looks good on a mobile device.
  4. stevegrab - Yes, the design is almost completely out of our hands at this point. But we continue to try to influence things as best we can. On the HP (since I manage that flow) I think you'll find it not that much different than before. That is my goal. You'll still see the important items of the day in the hero box at the top. The only difference is we have 4 items in the hero now instead of just one. But as we get later into the week some items will fall lower in the stack on the HP than before once they drop out of the hero. I have an idea that may remedy that, but I'm still working on it and determining if it's really a better flow. Thanks for the feedback.
  5. Now that I can actually control. Done. Good catch...thx.
  6. Because the rankings are based strictly off of the projected stats and the applied scoring system and the top 200 lists are hand crafted drafting lists based on more than just the numbers.
  7. Since assisting with login issues can't be done in a public forum, please email support@thehuddle.com with all these type issues. Thanks.
  8. There is a bug in the myHuddle system that impacts some people's display of their defense highlighting. We've been unsuccessful in duplicating that and fixing it, but continue to work on it.
  9. If you emailed support@thehuddle.com you should have been helped. If you haven't please do as we can't post your site login here for obvious reasons.
  10. The top 200's are hand crafted draft guideline lists. The projections are listed purely by calculated fantasy points based on whatever scoring system you are using. They will never be in perfect sync.
  11. Since we don't project for attempts and completions that scoring category is not a part of our system.
  12. Everything should be up and running fine now, as of a couple hours ago.
  13. The main site is experiencing some load issues that are being looked into. It'll be back up as soon as possible.
  14. There was an error found in our login system that allowed a group of accounts to remain active despite their 2015 membership ending on May 31, 2016. Those were corrected this week and may be the reason for your login issues. If you think you have signed up for a 2016 membership but can not log into the site, please contact support@thehuddle.com and they can assist you.
  15. This appears to be fixed now.