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  1. All league moderator permissions have been reset post-conversion to the new platform and software. Unfortunately the league assignments were lost. If you need your mod permissions reset for a league forum please list it, or them, below. Also, if you know the other mods for your league forum or mods that are no longer needed you can list them also. Sorry for this mix-up and inconvenience. I'll stay on top of this topic as best I can to get all the requests processed. Thanks for your patience.
  2. Help-

  3. Help-

    Actually, if you'd prefer the complete (including practice notes) official NFL injury report you could always just look at ours. This is a permanent link on the home page
  4. Statistics -- Team Allowed

    Sorry, missed the "table at the bottom" part of your post. Hit the Game Stat Matcher link on the home page and you'll find that data. It's in a game matchup format this year, but it's the same data.
  5. Statistics -- Team Allowed

    Just go to the home page and click on the Team Position Ranks link.
  6. MFL troubles again!

    This is not the place to get this kind of support or information. Please contact your providers if you have problems.
  7. Start/Bench List: McGahee?

    Oh yeah, that would help. You vets are so well behaved.
  8. Start/Bench List: McGahee?

    Oh gee, I'm sooooo sorry. I didn't realize mixing it up with you guys was off limits to the person that owns the place. Thanks for setting me straight.
  9. Start/Bench List: McGahee?

    Last time I checked DMD's name wasn't on the Start/Bench List. Never has been for the past nine years. Guess I'm not the only one around here that isn't perfect. FYI - out of the over 240 players on the SBL there were 3 that I missed updating, and they were immediately corrected when brought to my attention.
  10. Team Position Ranks (defense)

    Actually, last year's never made sense to me and it was very confusing to many of our members. Now they do make sense IMO. If I want to know the worst defense for my fantasy team to go against at a position I find the one ranked 32nd, last. Worst = last, best = first. Seems logical to me.
  11. The Huddle contradicting themselves

    LOL. You guys kill me. Now leave the newbie alone. And be nicer on their second post.
  12. Fantasty Football Presentation

    The truth is out there Enjoy.
  13. Another One Bites the Dust

    This is not the place to get solutions or answers to your MFL performance issues. They will be more than happy to address any concerns, but this is not a forum monitored by MFL and it is unfair to them as a business to have posts here that they can't, and shouldn't be expected to, respond to. Bottom line, if you have a problems or issues with the MFL product, they have an excellent support system at myfantasyleague.com. Use it.