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  1. All league moderator permissions have been reset post-conversion to the new platform and software. Unfortunately the league assignments were lost. If you need your mod permissions reset for a league forum please list it, or them, below. Also, if you know the other mods for your league forum or mods that are no longer needed you can list them also. Sorry for this mix-up and inconvenience. I'll stay on top of this topic as best I can to get all the requests processed. Thanks for your patience.
  2. You and DO Jaded added. You'll have to tell me who to remove as the mods are not listed by forum.
  3. Player profiles

    click on this link and that should prevent you from redirecting to the BETA player pages. http://thehuddle.com/switchback.php
  4. Can't unsubscribe to emails

    There was an issue with the email list that was causing the unsubscribe link to not function properly, but that has been corrected. If you click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of those emails it should work for you now.
  5. This should be fixed now.
  6. Please post any issues with the new forums in this topic. Thanks.
  7. ADS?!?!

    If you've been with The Huddle for a while then you know ads have been on the site for quite some time. Over a decade in fact. That said, the current large banners appearing at the top of the page for some is not desirable and is not what we were told would be the case. So we are working with the development team to ensure those no longer display on the site and hope to have a resolution soon.
  8. Customized cheat sheet issues

    We are continuing to work through some display issues with the newly redesigned tools on the site. Until we can get those resolved please click on the link below to switch your browser back to the current version of the site. http://thehuddle.com/switchback.php
  9. Posting on Locked threads and Edit option

    Probably not but I have no idea why it would be.
  10. You don't need that switchback link as that's for those needing to break permanently out of the BETA due to a display error. You should see a "return to old experience" link at the bottom of the new tools pages. Just click on that to go back.
  11. Server Issues per Tech Support

    Your specific issue may be login related. Please contact support@thehuddle.com and they will be able to reset your login credentials and that could solve the issue you're describing. Also, we are continuing to work through some display issues with the newly redesigned tools on the site. One main issue is that the new technology used is not backward compatible with very old browsers. So those still using Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 can not view the new tools. They must upgrade to a modern browser or they must remain on the current tools platform. If this is your situation then click on the link below to switch your browser back to the current version of the site. http://thehuddle.com/switchback.php
  12. This first release of our newly redesigned tools unfortunately doesn't include player game logs. With our focus being on the key preseason tools like cheat sheets, rankings and projections we had to slide some stat tools to the next release. At this time we don't have an ETA for the game logs as our current focus is getting the new game predictions and start bench list tools released as soon as possible.
  13. There is an issue with our new tools that is impacting some members. Please use the link below and it will take you back to the current site and prevent you from auto-redirecting to the new tools. After going to the link below you should be back to normal. http://thehuddle.com/switchback.php
  14. 2015 Bye Week Filler Tool

    Love it!! It's up on the home page and in the Draft Kit.
  15. OMG the ads are AWFUL

    Oh believe me, that idea has been presented by me in the past. You can see from our current state how well it's been received.
  16. OMG the ads are AWFUL

    As has been the case since 2013, the ad experience on The Huddle is controlled by Gannett/USA Today. We have little to no control over that part of our site now, unfortunately, and the decision to serve ads throughout the site is made several levels above ours. Also keep in mind that given the almost infinite combinations of devices, browsers, ad servers, ad platforms, delivery methods, tracking, blockers, firewalls, etc., it is not a stretch to say that almost every user of The Huddle (or any website) can have a different ad experience.
  17. Excel stats 2015-2017

    That file is linked at the bottom of the stats page now.
  18. This is across all Gannett properties, is a policy that we have no control over, and will not be changing in the foreseeable future. Sadly there is nothing that can be done at this time.
  19. Yes, this is due to the GDPR regs that the EU started yesterday. Sadly there is nothing we can do as this is a company-wide policy being implemented by Gannett across all their sites.
  20. GK was already set. Pinbot is now.
  21. Mods are member based, not forum based, so there's no way to look up a forum and see all the mods. Not even for us admins.
  22. No emails for followed forum?

    Just go to your "Manage Followed Content" settings and you can control that. Click on the down arrow next to your login name in the upper right corner to get there.