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  1. Draft Kings projections

    The site rebuild currently in the works will have the ability to connect with other service's API's. It's still unclear if we'll be able to bring in DFS salaries in the initial launch next spring, but it's on the table.
  2. Autocorrect issue?

  3. Please post any issues with the new forums in this topic. Thanks.
  4. Spam

    Should have it somewhat under control now as we've tightened the registration and posting abilities.
  5. Yikes! That's been fixed. Those 4am evenings can sometimes lead to such things.
  6. Can't Login

    First step would be to go to the help page (link at the upper right of all site pages) and click on the account tools link. From there use the lost password function to have your login sent to you to verify you are using the correct values (they are case sensitive). If that doesn't help please email support@thehuddle.com and they will be able to assist you.
  7. Sounds like you are trying to name your custom league the same as one of our preset leagues (ESPN, Yahoo, DraftKings, etc.). Be sure you are using a unique name.
  8. Sounds like you are trying to name your custom league the same as one of our preset leagues (ESPN, Yahoo, DraftKings, etc.). Be sure you are using a unique name.
  9. Site error?

    This should be fixed going forward.
  10. Those will be posted after the season starts. Right now there is no "rest of the season" since we aren't past week 1 yet.
  11. myHUDDLE player highlighting

    Yes, in the works as a part of our complete redesign for 2018.
  12. myHUDDLE player highlighting

    Yes, that's still in the rankings and working as far as I can tell. Are the players tracked for a specific league and that league is selected on the page?
  13. Player stat database empty?

    That was all cleaned up a while ago. Just now catching up on all the support followup.
  14. Yes, what LGEF said. That is the #1 cause of mobile login issues.
  15. renewed but cant log in

    If you email support@thehuddle.com with your account information they will be able to assist you.
  16. That's been corrected.
  17. auction

    At this time no, but we hope to have that feature available with the new Huddle site launching next year.
  18. Just click on the logo.
  19. I think that would be a question for them.
  20. Auction cheatsheet enhancement

    At this time the auction and keeper cheat sheets are not tied to the myHuddle customization system. However, that enhancement is in the works for next season when we launch the new site.
  21. The Huddle is currently preparing to undertake a massive redesign/replatform project. The design team at USA Today is beginning work on the new user interface and we'd like your help. They would like to chat with some of the Huddle's power users. And what I mean by power users has nothing to do with these forums. What we're looking for are some users that heavily rely our custom myHuddle tools. Users with multiple league's scoring and players entered and maintained. Users that utilize those custom leagues to view the weekly Start Bench Tool and Rankings/Projections, the Strength of Schedule Tool, the Weekly and Season-To-Date Stats, the Team Position Rankings Tool, etc. You get the idea. If you fall into that category of Huddle user and are willing to speak with our design team on a 20-30 minute phone call, shoot me an email at walters@thehuddle.com and we can discuss the particulars. Thanks.
  22. Same here on Chrome, so that shouldn't be it. I'm at a loss.
  23. when I log in under your account here's what I see: