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  1. No...my bad. Sorry I missed that request. Done. And if you hover over any post date you can see the timestamp.
  2. All league moderator permissions have been reset post-conversion to the new platform and software. Unfortunately the league assignments were lost. If you need your mod permissions reset for a league forum please list it, or them, below. Also, if you know the other mods for your league forum or mods that are no longer needed you can list them also. Sorry for this mix-up and inconvenience. I'll stay on top of this topic as best I can to get all the requests processed. Thanks for your patience.
  3. Mod set. There's not a mod list that I'm aware of. Even the list of mods in the admin that I use there's no list that shows what forums a mod is on, or visa versa. Wish there was.
  4. Finally got my answer. That's backed into the software and can not be changed. After 24 hours it shows the exact date/time, but prior to that you'll need to hover.
  5. Please post any issues with the new forums in this topic. Thanks.
  6. Ya know that little "anonymous" checkbox when you log in...
  7. I don't think so but will look into it.
  8. I'll look to see if it's displayable anymore, but if you hover over the posted date you'll see the time of the post.
  9. Click on your name at the top-right and go into your account settings. You'll see notification settings on the right. That is where you manage that type of thing.
  10. http://forums.thehuddle.com/topic/481621-league-forum-moderator-reset/
  11. Click search entry field, select members.
  12. They requested yesterday that I remove the password on the Dynasty Warz forum.
  13. The Huddle is currently preparing to undertake a massive redesign/replatform project. The design team at USA Today is beginning work on the new user interface and we'd like your help. They would like to chat with some of the Huddle's power users. And what I mean by power users has nothing to do with these forums. What we're looking for are some users that heavily rely our custom myHuddle tools. Users with multiple league's scoring and players entered and maintained. Users that utilize those custom leagues to view the weekly Start Bench Tool and Rankings/Projections, the Strength of Schedule Tool, the Weekly and Season-To-Date Stats, the Team Position Rankings Tool, etc. You get the idea. If you fall into that category of Huddle user and are willing to speak with our design team on a 20-30 minute phone call, shoot me an email at walters@thehuddle.com and we can discuss the particulars. Thanks.
  14. The way they've explained it to me is that it has to do with the inability to track the password protected forums due to possible password changes. They are working on a new "clubs" feature of their next release that should remedy the need to password protect a forum.
  15. Your notifications are set, so again this must have to do with how private forums are set up in the new software.