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  1. Venting: Never bench your studs BS!!!!

    except for last week i started him and his 24 yds cost me, i lost by .5. I wish i was clever and started Griffin, I would have won by .1
  2. Riverboat Ron Fired

    Won the Super Bowl 2 years ago. Definition of a fair weather fan.
  3. Vikings vs Seahawks (MNF)

    I think he actually hurt that arm/shoulder near the end of the first half when he fumbled. He got up kinda favoring that arm. I was glad to see him back in to start the 2nd half, But right away he gets hit on that arm and fumbles again and really came off holding that arm. Might be more there then anyone thinks.
  4. Riverboat Ron Fired

    He should be, losing to the Redskins, cost me in my Survivor pool this week
  5. Whaddaya Need Tonight?

    I should preface this by mentioning I'm a die hard Viking fan. My local, Must Win. down by 4. I have Russ and Metcalf. He has Cooks, Diggs, and Rudolph. To clinch division in my Dynasty....up by 10, I have Carson and Lockett, he has Diggs and Rudolph. Both league, must win. Down by 24. I have Carson. I can stay alive if Cousins puts up 40 pts, which he hasn't done this year. Did I mention I'm a Vikings fan? . Vikings win, 55-49. Cuz throws 4 tds, 3 to Irv Smith, 1 to Mattison.
  6. Odds on the new Cowboys coach

    He was let go from Detroit last year. He's now the rb coach for the jets.
  7. Kirk Cousins ???

    Not the way they played in the first half yesterday.
  8. Colin trying out for NFL teams?

    Their posts seem to have a lot of similarity to them.
  9. Colin trying out for NFL teams?

    well, you can't read very well then I guess. It was over a 10 month period, started in 2017 and ended in 2018. You asked a question, I provided an answer. Pretty sure no answer would have been to your liking. I don't want Kap on my team. I believe he had the right to protest. I believe he knew the price he would pay and he did it anyway. I don't feel sorry for him. I'd be happy never hearing about him again.
  10. Colin trying out for NFL teams?

    well, there's a handy link there for you to click on.
  11. Colin trying out for NFL teams?

    He's donated over 1 million dollars to 41 separate charities.
  12. TNF

    But yet you have a response to almost every post on an NFL based message board. uh.
  13. Andy Dalton benched

    One thing for sure, it can't make it worse.
  14. Joe Flacco is Out 5-6 weeks, put on IR

    Benched is when you suck at qb. Benched benched is when you suck at qb and you bad mouth your coaches. Benched benched benched is when a fantasy player (1slowdoc) doesn't even know you're a starting qb for an NFL team.
  15. Joe Flacco is Out 5-6 weeks, put on IR

    is this a serious statement?