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  1. I have to choose between him and Snead. At least I know Marshall is going to play
  2. Yep, started Cam over those two. Luckily I only need 17 pts tonite from Cam to still get a win
  3. is there a way to have it display all the dice rolled besides just showing the total?
  4. I like it. been hearing to many rumors the vikes were targeting a wr 1st round. we needed a deep threat. Patterson aint it.... now....oline oline oline oline for the first two rounds
  5. Aaron Rodgers was clearly trying to trip Suh.
  6. I still remember about 10 years ago when most leagues were based on worst to first for weekly FAs. I had a 3 game lead on my next best division opponent and in one week i lost all my qbs. My opponent got to pick before me for 3 weeks straight and every week he would pick up the best qb just to block me, I was stuck with Spurgeon Wynn as my qb for 3 weeks and he caught me and won the division the last week of the season. Throughout the period it became apparent he had the better team during that time but he still got to pick before me every week. I will always be against worst to first as far as records go. That said.....All my leagues are BB now, except my local, for 20 years we have always based our weekly waiver wire on the past week. Lowest pts scored picks first on up the line. At the very least, using that system is based on more recent results and is more based on how teams are fairing at that period of time, instead of based on how teams were doing a month ago.
  7. 2002 Championship game. Down big at halftime of the late afternoon games and I only have one player left and he's done nothing the first half of his game. 2nd half, Amani Toomer goes for over 200 yds and 3 tds for the comeback victory.
  8. also a good portion of the roof will be glass, so raj'n can pretend he's outside if he wants to.
  9. Starting on a 6 pack of Hopslam fir tonites game.
  10. Two BOTH league Super Bowls this year. HOT championship was last week and won with this lineup. Luck Charles Vereen Fitz Hilton J Thomas T Gonzales Walsh Dallas D Free Leagues Suck Super Bowl this weekend Wilson AP or Mathews probably Moreno Marshall Allen White..maybe, or K Wright. Or M Jones, or N. Burleson Dawson Panthers D
  11. Rhodes is out for a couple weeks with an injury.
  12. What if i play a team this week that has both Peyton and Gordon?
  13. That explains a lot, you were forced to go to Iowa for summer vacation? I'd kick squirrels too, what else is there to do? I'm not questioning you, my mom grew up in Iowa and as kids we visited the family farm there once a month, I kicked as many f'n squirrels i could find!!