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  1. Transition Tag Dispute

    as a commish i know one thing, I would kick lone star's whining ass out of any league I ran.
  2. I am tired of the moaning

    I think there would have to be some kind of restrictions on what kind of penalties could be reviewed. Otherwise every time a td is scored in the 4th qtr a coach could challenge whether the OL held on that play. someone tell me they would be in favor of that...
  3. NFC Championship Thread

    Easy for Cowboy fans to say move on. #drewpearson
  4. Report: Antonio Brown was benched for the Bengals game

    Sopranos marathon this weekend. dvr set.
  5. Kareem Hunt Altercation

    Except for that year he was forced to miss.
  6. Andy Dalton Placed on IR

    Boyd had 60 yds and a td after Driskal entered the game.
  7. Daily Fantasy question

    I either do this or the 3 entry limit contests. I'll enter the same lineup 3 times @ $3/$5 each. Sometime I'll enter a 2nd lineup for one of those entries.
  8. TE Brent Celek retires

    OMG....all my fantasy teams are screwed! Wait...which TE Celek was this? Please clarify, this really matters.
  9. Message Board League #1 Official thread

    The MFL site has you on the bottom because you;re that last person that's checked in today on draft day.
  10. RIP Tony Sparano

    kdko didn't say anything about a lawsuit. the first person to bring up a lawyer was you.
  11. NBC Skycam/view fail

    I found it interesting and kind of liked it. You got a different view of receivers running their routes. How they cut. Lineman movements and blocking schemes. Rbs filling the gaps blocking in pass protection. All sorts of stuff you don't see as close with the regular camera angles. Not saying all games should be broadcast this way, but I wouldn't mind seeing more of it, at least in replays it would be cool.
  12. Any News On Zeke Hearing?

    Is it that hard? so they don't post cooking and non football items in the fantasy football forum You want an injustice righting forum request one from the admins, I'm sure they will set one up for you... as far as apples and oranges....people don't want to pay for tickets to see Bill Crosby and Jesse the Phony any more. Did they ever for Jesse? They are still willing to pay to see Zeke
  13. Adrian Peterson trade to ARI

    Lol, yea, AP gone from NO will improve Ingram and Kamura's value cuz he was stealing so many plays from them.
  14. Players you aren't targeting but keep getting this year..

    Rob Kelly has found his way on 3 of my teams.

    I'm in. I made my pick.