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  1. Antonio Brown done with the NFL

    Eagles fan, morals don't count.
  2. Antonio Brown done with the NFL

    Well, then you just don't have the high morals that Lord Bag of Dicks has. He was fine trading for AB on two of his teams when he pulled his crap at Oakland which are known facts. But now his supposed morals have kicked in and being a Lord, he has to preach to everyone else.
  3. Rams vs Seahawks (TNF)

    Yes. And Joe Buck says, they just got the play off. Couldn't believe it went unnoticed.
  4. Have you seen a worse trade in your league this year?

    yea, those facts don't help support his decision. although lately both those guys might be in better situations than Theilen. But he should definitely been looking to upgrade at rb, not wr.
  5. Have you seen a worse trade in your league this year?

    these questions and others. he's the worst team but it's early enough in the season, can he still find a way into the playoffs? Did he know about the recent news Barkley might be back sooner than everyone predicted? It appears by your sig, the league is PPR? In that case, Thompson isn't a slug. Easily a flex option many weeks, at least with all the byes coming up. . With Cooks, Rams haven't been scoring like maybe some think they should, but Cooks has been solid, he'd start every week in everyone's lineup. What's the rest of his lineup look like? If these two guys plug some holes, they could be important to his lineup going forward. I wouldn't trade Barkley away for those two, but if I was still under the impression he was out for another month, and I was desperate and thought I still had a chance this year, ya gotta do what ya gotta do sometimes.
  6. Gostkowski going on IR

    Missed 3 xps this year just cut him
  7. Roquan Smith

    Just watched a press conference he had on NFL channel. He seemed to handle himself well. Pretty much every answer tho, was..personal issue, it's been handled, it's in the past and we're moving forward. He also repeated it's a given he is playing this weekend. If Gil's rumor plays out, probably won't affect anything until later in the season at the earliest.
  8. DEN OLB Bradley Chubb tore acl

    It's a purposely misleading topic title. And it's not the first time you've done this. This forum used to be a place some came to and could find useful information. It hasn't been that for a while. You, are a big reason for that.
  9. DEN OLB Bradley Chubb tore acl

    when you're a dick.
  10. DEN OLB Bradley Chubb tore acl

    And you don't think he knew that when he posted?
  11. Antonio Brown done with the NFL

    If he ever had another shot at the NFL, he took a twitter shot at Kraft. What NFL owner is going to put up with that? He's done.
  12. Brown released by Patriots

    I know, I know, pick me, pick me wait, did he qualify for a Super Bowl ring?
  13. Brown released by Patriots

    I don't think there is a rule. Other then the NFL will pay for 150 rings, capped at $5000 each. Other then that, the team decides if they want to spend more then that, purchase more then 150. Some teams have had smaller ones made for various front office employees. It's all up to the team.
  14. Brown released by Patriots

    LOL. So can I. So can you. It would all be the same thing.
  15. Eli benched

    Giants announced rookie Daniel Jones as the team's Week 3 starter. And the crowd roars. It was an obvious transition once coach Pat Shurmur left the door open for a potential change on Monday, but the good news is the organization didn't hold back any longer despite being on the books for Eli Manning's $23.5 million in 2019. Danny Dimes most recently went 29-of-34 (85.3%) for 416 yards and two scores on just 60 snaps during the preseason. He'll likely battle uphill in his first start without Sterling Shepard (concussion) and Golden Tate (suspension), but it's the correct call to insert the No. 6 overall pick immediately. It's not farfetched to think Week 2 was the last start of Eli's career, finishing with a 116-116 regular season record over 16 seasons.