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  1. Minn - Denver result guys are funny! All this animosity between the two teams started after the Nuggets victory in game 3...when they started trash talking. In fact Ellson or whatever his name is was supposedly mouthing off outside the T-Wolves bus after the game. When KG showed up, then Ellson was no where to be found. Now this pussie is claiming KG took a cheapshot at him, and Az himself says it was more of a "lovetap". Wahhhh Say what you want about Sprewell...hard to defend a guy with a history like he has, but he has been the consummate team player all year long. But to say Garnett is classless, just shows you guys have been in the altitude too long. lol @ Anthony, promising their will be some punches thrown when he knows he probably won't be playing tonite. Wonder if he'll do better then 1 for 16 if he does play. :P Man...can't believe I just had that much to say about the NBA...which still sucks by the way!
  2. Minn - Denver result

    Has anyone actually seen this supposed punch the jewels? I haven't...
  3. The Masters

    jump jump applause applause
  4. Edit

    Click on the little pencil at the top of the^^
  5. The Masters

    Did John Daly hold onto his position to make the Masters? I think he'd make a good sleeper.
  6. TPC

    He's even through 17, even with a bogey at 18 he'll be playing through the weekend. Still some golf left for Tiger today...he started on 10, so he still has to play the front side.
  7. World's Best Golf Holes

    Yea, it's still a fun hole to watch. Par 5's tend to be my favorites though. #16 at Sawgrass is a great hole...alot of things can happen there before they even get to #17. If you go to, you can watch them play #17 live on the web today.
  8. World's Best Golf Holes

    #13 and #15 at Augusta are two of my favorites. So many things can happen on both of these holes to change the complexion of the tournement. Go for the green in two or lay up? Hitting it into Raes Creek... trying to hit it out of Raes Creek. You can see eagles, birdies, pars, bogies and the treaded Others. #17 at Sawgrass can have its drama, but really it's a pretty short par 3, only reason you do see so many balls in the water, is the pros firing at the flag instead of the center of the green.
  9. Mark Cuban, Please Buy The Brewers

    Brewers should be contracted.
  10. Time Zone Settings

    Actually, if you go into your profile, and then go down to My Preferences, you can adjust your time ahead as many hours as you need to get your local time. As in 2 hours for myself. As mentioned above though, it doesn't adjust the time if you were to edit a post.
  11. Bazoombas and golf? How have I been missing out on this? Being a Mickelson fan and a Viking fan, can cause a person a lot of aggravation. wall_bas
  12. problem with back button

    I've been having the same problem for quite a while now. When I go back, the newest posts are usually an hour or two old. It's gotten so I usually just click on the link to whatever forum I'm in at the top of the page. Seems faster then refreshing. This is happening at both work and home. Pretty annoying when I forget and use the Back button. wall_bas Same problem in the league forums.
  13. Mystery Huddler #8 - Presented by Bank One

    Looks like he's a little late getting his last heroin fix eek!
  14. Gugierre

    I heard he's been using illegal pads brow
  15. "I can't believe we're going to lose!"

    How bout them Wild! Too bad the Ducks knocked off the Stars...That series would have the X going even more crazy then it already is.
  16. Ana vs. Min

    Do not under-estimate the power of 55,000 Homer Hankies! brow
  17. Braves Leading Division by 18 Games

    Since the All-Star break the Twins are 19-5. Braves are close behind with a 17-6 record since the break. I've still got my Homer Hankies from '87 and '91. I was at games 6 and 7 in 1991. Biggest sports thrill for me to date. Still LMAO...before game 6 we were walking outside the dome to our gate when we came across about 20 Braves fans coming the opposite direction towards us....all doing the Chop and chanting. One of them asked us if we knew where their gate to enter was. Even though they were going the wrong direction, we told them to keep going, it was right around the corner...where actually there were about 100 Native-Americans protesting the Braves name and the Tomahawk chop. Funny as he11 watching them go around that corner chanting and chopping and then going dead silent as they came face to face with them actual Injuns. Now....where's KSU? :P
  18. Braves Leading Division by 18 Games

    That was several months ago Patrick....the Twins are the hottest team in baseball right now. thumbs_u
  19. Braves Leading Division by 18 Games

    What do you mean Yankees? :confused: Twins are sittin' pretty with a 16 game lead in their division. thumbs_u CENTRAL Minnesota 69 44 .611 Chicago Sox 53 60 .469 16 Cleveland 48 62 .436 19.5 Kansas City 45 67 .402 23.5 Detroit 41 69 .373 27 BTW...You can pay me now, or you can pay me later.
  20. Week 17 to the 49ers....they lose by 6.
  21. what's up with the main message board..

    Yep...getting that Software Error message again.
  22. What's with the time?

    I noticed this on the other board too? Other then the time zone difference it always seems to be fast about 15 minutes. Are you guys always late for meetings so you like to set the clock ahead?
  23. What's with the time?

    So, is there a spread sheet out there somewhere, so I can plot the coordinates of the times, depending on what time zone I am in, so I can gain the optimal advantage over my opponents?
  24. What's with the time?

    Probably not a big deal, was just curious. Although, over in the League Forum we had talked about using it for our Free Agency system and did have a 12 noon cutoff time for Bids. Would hate to make my bid 12 minutes before cutoff time and find out I missed it because the difference in time. Will have to be aware of this if it stays the same. Thanks
  25. Member rated

    Can we rate ourselves?