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  1. The Training Room's Next Update

    Chris Brown Duce Staley Tyrone Calico
  2. Generation Lost

    Here is the Championship team in the order they were drafted out of the 11 spot... Kevin Jones Corey Dillon Jason Witten Warrick Dunn Anquan Boldin Kerry Collins Eddie Kennison Brandon Stokely Drew Brees Ruben Droughns Doug Jolley Reggie Williams
  3. Generation Lost


    Taylor=Steal Of Free Agency
  5. T.O's contract

    While your explanation might have a little truth to it, I think it could actually have just the opposite result. So many contracts are backloaded, where say in the 3rd or 4th year of the contract the player is due a huge bonus written into their contract. That's when you see the team approach the player and say look, we no longer think you're worth that big bonus, you need to renegotiate that or we're going to cut you. It's happened quite a bit over the last few years. When the Vikes signed Winfield last year he received the same type of roster bonus as TO. When I saw how that worked, I thought it was great. He got most of his money up front....the team absorbs the big hit now and for the rest of the contract, his cap number will not be a problem for them and as long as he is performing, there is no reason to cut him. Even if he starts to lose a step near the end of his contract, he would have a cheap enough contract worth keeping a veteran around, he has less of a chance to find himself categorized as an overpriced veteran. I think these roster bonus's were pretty new a year or so ago, when some teams started using them. I wouldn't be surprised to see more of them used in the future.
  6. Tice on KFAN about Vikings running game

    uh yea, you might need to get your quotes right. I didn't hear this specific interview so I am not going to question you too much on what you heard, but up until this, all I've heard is that we ARE going to stress the running game this year. You're saying we're only going to run the ball on 2nd down?
  7. From a Viking message board

    Did one of Yukons kids get on the internet again?
  8. Eddie George to become a Viking...

    While I am aware the Vikes do have plans to sign another rb as that is the roster slot they figure they have open and this may indeed happen, KFan has become about as reliable as the Pioneer Press in their reporting these days.
  9. British Open

    Justin is the one we're going to have to try and beat in our group. Guy is -12 already with two golfers left to start playing. Last week his lineup put up a -17 one round.
  10. British Open

    He probably will be on Saturday and Sunday!
  11. Huddle Masters Challenge

    You can go to this thread in the tailgate to participate in the Annual Huddle Masters Challenge.
  12. British Open

    I think I like the Lonard pick. Was just reading my SI preview issue for the British and they have some info about him and his ability to play in the wind. They say he has the best knockdown shot in the game. Just what he'll need this weekend I think. His one victory on the PGA this year was in very windy conditions.
  13. Hi all this is snaggy/ snaggy69

    Thanks for the heads up!
  14. Huddle Masters Challenge

    British Open time!
  15. British Open

    Gotta say go with your first five on your list.
  16. What do I do?

  17. Fanball or MyFantasyLeague?

    Looks like you might have to set the "range" for your yardage on the same page you are entering the scoring. With a low and high number. If that doesn't make sense or work....on any MFL page you can click on the "need help" link top right of the page, below your login and it will bring up a help page for whatever page you are on.
  18. 4 pts. PTD vs. 6 pts. PTD

    I've never been a fan of scoring systems that only give QBs 4 pts for passing tds. For one reason, I think it's all relative. You compare your QB scoring to QB scoring. Not to other positions. The only thing that it does do, is make QBs like CPep, Mcnabb, Vick more valuable as they will run for more of the 6 pt tds then others. I was in 3 leagues last year. Two of them give 6 pts for all tds. Culpepper scored 2 more pts then Manning in one of them, and Manning had 2 more pts in the other...due to slight difference in pts for passing yardage. In the one league where passing tds are worth only 4 pts....Culpepper outscored Manning by 15 pts. Bottom line...I don't see why so many people feel the need to balance out the scoring between positions, at least by penalizing the one position. You only get to start 1 QB, where you get to start 2 RBs and probably 3 WRs. If you started the same amount of players at each position, then I could see reasons to try and balance them out...maybe. Touchdowns are Touchdowns....give me my 6 pts!
  19. Huddle Masters Challenge

  20. Huddle Masters Challenge

    Bringing this back to the top.I know some of us have kept on playing. Segment 3 is starting this week if anyone wants to get in at the beginning of the segment to play for the prizes. Then the US Open is next week! Bestball contest
  21. Wiiliamson Watch

    I think the name of the league says it all.....
  22. Moss Still Supporting MN Charities

    You know not what you speak of.
  23. Beer talk revisited

    Only beer I'll drink anymore
  24. The Whizzenator Bang Cartoon

    at the ending.
  25. Ziggy gets the Vikes

    See ya Red!