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  1. 2005 Mystery Huddler #21

  2. Ahman Green arrested last night

    Not a good week for the cheeseypoofs.... Packers Al Harris Faces Allegations of Sexual Assault Apr 27, 2005 1:20 am US/Central The Miami Herald and Our Sister Station in Miami, WFOR, Are Reporting that Packers cornerback Al Harris is under investigation by the Broward County Sheriff's Office for allegedly sexually assaulting an exotic dancer. A dancer at The Cheetah Pompano, a strip club in Pompano Beach, Fla. alleges that Harris assaulted her on April 17.
  3. Calling Out Vikings fans

    someone's just bitter because he has both Onterio and Bennett on his keeper team.
  4. Vikes trading up?

    No reason for MN to trade for Surtain with Winfield and Smoot already locked up for the next 5 years at CB.
  5. NFL Schedule

    What a crock of... 4th year in a row where the freakin' packers have their bye the week before they play the Vikes
  6. 2005 Mystery Huddler #17

    That's not loaf....
  7. More Masters Discussion

    If DiMarco could putt he'd be up by a couple.
  8. Tiger

    7 birdies in a row.
  9. hey, timberpups fans..

    NBA still sucks Az. Golf courses opened last week!
  10. Billy Casper - Hang It Up

    I would agree with you if the reason Monty isn't playing was because the old guys are taking up space. But thats not the case. The Masters does not have as many entrants as a regular PGA event. There are 101 players in the Masters this year. A regular tournament will field around 150 players. To get into the Masters you have to meet one of the qualifying requirements. However the committee can choose to invite any international player they deem they want to invite, at their discretion. Apparently Monty didn't live up to their expections to warrant that invite.
  11. My first trip to the Masters

    One of the guys in my regular 4some was there Tuesday for the practice round. We'll be teeing it up together tomorrow, I'm sure I will hear about it all day. I am going to tell him I don't want to hear it unless he has a hat for me.
  12. Billy Casper - Hang It Up

    I agree. I've never had a problem when we find out our group is behind some old duffers. They usually can't hit it far enough to get lost in the woods. Mostly they'll punch it down the middle...another one down the middle, then one on the green, no time wasted eyeing up their putt from 20 different angles, a couple quick putts to get in the hole and on to the next one.
  13. The Masters

    What a wuss that Tiger is. He took a penalty stroke and replayed the putt from the original position. A real man would have hit it out of the water!
  14. Billy Casper - Hang It Up

    at least he didn't putt his ball off the green into the creek....
  15. Tice not suspended

    Huberts is what you're thinking of. Good luck getting in's usually shoulder to shoulder in there before a Vikes game.
  16. Calling out DownGoesFrazia

    Jose Maria Ilostmyball. He's been playing well this year despite his meltdown the other day. And he usually plays well at Augusta. Donald played well in the Players. I'd go with the hot hand, but you said he's hurt.
  17. April fools day is retarded.

    Yep...people shouldn't be allowed to have any fun....NOW QUIT IT!
  18. Niners Trade #1 Pick for Rivers

    Theres a link at the bottom for more info and it comes up with this! Don't you just love a good gag? April Fools from and!!! It's a Webzone tradition!
  19. 2005 mystery huddler #15

    Has anyone mentioned T-Bone yet?
  20. Mark Clayton

    works for me.
  21. Players Championship

    Rain delay right now. Saw in interview with Phil this morning. While he spent last week at Sawgrass practicing, over the weekend he went to Augusta for a couple days to practice. Might be he lost a little "focus" jumping from one course to the other. He did have 7 birdies yesterday. It'd be fun to see Sergio put together 4 good rounds and make a run at it. Off to a good start.
  22. Consensus Draft Pick 1.18

  23. 2005 Mystery Huddler #11

    I'd say Docniner....but I assume he's a niner fan?