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  1. Brady the Buccaneer - A poll

    At the very least, how much is he going to make Brady pay for his #12?
  2. Eli Manning retiring...

    I think one thing everyone can agree on....when your homer team was going to go up against Eli and the Giants that upcoming weekend, none of us were saying, oh no, how are we going to stop Eli? I think that perception probably has something to do with how people feel about his HOF qualifacations.
  3. Saint's News

    "hey, after your head coach got suspended for a year for bountygate, you guys seemed to come out the other side ok. You got any advise on how we should handle this sex abuse problem we got?"
  4. Eli Manning retiring...

    I think when you mention Eli being average, you have to account for the teams around him were average for a lot of those years. We've all seen him make stupid throws, but we've also seen him make more great throws, not just in the SB. I'll just add to his two SB wins...both were 4th qtr come from behind wins. That's not average.
  5. Packers vs Niners

    My problem has always been i drink and THINK i know things. Wishing you good luck Bier!
  6. Packers vs Niners

    Smartest post on page 3 of this thread!
  7. Packers vs Niners

    You've always been smart. I don't think Cousins sucks. He can make the throws. I have been in conversations around here he doesn't have a pocket presence. I think to a degree that is true, But you gotta have a pocket too. I think our o-line this year was improved over last year, at least to the point they added some guys they improve the run game. Seems some of that worked. still some work to do. We need a left tackle. period. Rieff will be gone, Rhodes will be gone. think that frees up like 10 mill in cap space. Go get a left tackle. I don;t think Waynes, Hughs, Alexander suck at CB. Make Rhodes a safety/LB combo, he can tackle, he's big for a CB. Just seems like he makes more plays moving forward vs backwards
  8. Packers vs Niners

    Was it this thread or another one, it was mentioned, when you lock onto something, right or wrong, you just don't let it go.
  9. Vikings fire DC George Edwards

    Since Zimmer pretty much runs the defense already, more likely his kid, current LB's coach Adam Zimmer takes over as DC.
  10. Garrett done

    You look good in that pic David!
  11. Cowboys likely to hire Mccarthy

    I don't know, I'd heard he can't coach. Maybe he was just lazy and spewed garbage all the time.
  12. Cowboys likely to hire Mccarthy

    You can't discount winning a Super Bowl. A lot of successful coaches wear on their players. Doesn't help when your star qb/chalupa is leading the mutiny. There's a few stories of coach's getting fired and getting a 2nd chance and learning from the mistakes they made in their first job. Did i just defend a former packers head coach?
  13. Titans vs. Patriots

    I think NE could have declined the penalty to avoid the 10 second runoff.
  14. Message Board League #1 Chat

    bump! Wire to Wire baby!
  15. Packers vs Vikings (MNF)

    I kept wondering last night, where is Thielen? And my biggest question where are the roll outs? They've been doing that all year with great success. Last night, nothin. Other then that, last nights manure lays on the O-Lines shoulders. period. how many times did they rush 3 and they got to cousins?
  16. SEA has lost their top 3 rbs?

    Alex Collins has been making the rounds trying out lately.
  17. Can anyone confirm DJ Moore injury?

    crawl on cbs just said concussion, out for the game
  18. What team(s) took you to the championship game? ?

    Norris Dynasty (BOTH) 11-3 QB Goff, K Allen RB Carson, Conner, Mixon, Snell WR Julio, Cooper, Locket, Moore TE Andrews, Hunter K Koo Def, Saints
  19. Venting: Never bench your studs BS!!!!

    except for last week i started him and his 24 yds cost me, i lost by .5. I wish i was clever and started Griffin, I would have won by .1
  20. Riverboat Ron Fired

    He should be, losing to the Redskins, cost me in my Survivor pool this week
  21. Riverboat Ron Fired

    Won the Super Bowl 2 years ago. Definition of a fair weather fan.
  22. Vikings vs Seahawks (MNF)

    I think he actually hurt that arm/shoulder near the end of the first half when he fumbled. He got up kinda favoring that arm. I was glad to see him back in to start the 2nd half, But right away he gets hit on that arm and fumbles again and really came off holding that arm. Might be more there then anyone thinks.
  23. Whaddaya Need Tonight?

    I should preface this by mentioning I'm a die hard Viking fan. My local, Must Win. down by 4. I have Russ and Metcalf. He has Cooks, Diggs, and Rudolph. To clinch division in my Dynasty....up by 10, I have Carson and Lockett, he has Diggs and Rudolph. Both league, must win. Down by 24. I have Carson. I can stay alive if Cousins puts up 40 pts, which he hasn't done this year. Did I mention I'm a Vikings fan? . Vikings win, 55-49. Cuz throws 4 tds, 3 to Irv Smith, 1 to Mattison.
  24. Odds on the new Cowboys coach

    He was let go from Detroit last year. He's now the rb coach for the jets.
  25. Kirk Cousins ???

    Not the way they played in the first half yesterday.