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  1. FF SB Winning Teams - Let's see 'em!

    The Red Zone League QB: Sanchez RB1: Lacy RB2: Mason WR1: Jordy Nelson WR2: ODB Flex: Sanders TE: H. Miller D: Rams K: Crosby Bench: Gordon, L. Murray, Gio, Gerhart, Ivory, Eli, Cutler Some busted draft picks this year like Jordan Reed, Bradshaw (dropped/injury), but did OK streaming Ds/TEs most of the year.
  2. Thanks to everyone here for all of the good advice (and bad advice too, I know I sure gave some, it's part of the game) all season. Fun to bounce ideas off each other.
  3. Yeah its tough. I was on the flip side, looking at a fluke loss until AJ goosed. I've found in fantasy rarely does the best team- the most deserved one- win it all. But the best owners compete year after year so you got to hold your head high for competing.
  4. I could see Green getting 15-25 and CJ getting 10-25 so I wouldn't say you are buried. You need them both to come in at 18 or one to pick up the other's slack. I'd guess your chances to be about 40% which ain't bad.
  5. I know it's pointless but just curious as to what point totals people think AJ Green may have in standard scoring?
  6. What do you need tonight? - Week 16 Championship Edition

    Need Green to stay at 29 or less. Never thought this week was in doubt until Russell Wilson had to have another career day.
  7. Can't decide on D for finals.. (SEA DET GB)

    Seattle, Detroit, GB in that order.
  8. Jonas Gray or Josh Gordon

    I'd have to read something more reliable that says Gray should see a good workload, but if that's the case I go Gray over Gordon.
  9. Start Stafford and don't look back. If RG3 breaks 20 its a fluke. RG3 just can't do what Tony did last week.
  10. Will my team win?

    Yes, you will win.
  11. Gerhard, Sanders, or Gordon?

    bump. Gotta decide soon as Toby plays tonight.
  12. Flex headache...standard scoring non-PPR. Sanders: single digits/no TDs four weeks straight and going up against a good Bengals pass D. Gordon: one word- Manziel- is all you need to know. Gerhart: up against a bad Titans run D but they did shut down Jets RBs last week. So who do you start going into Championship week?
  13. Gronk, Cobb, Sanders, ODB - Need 2!

    Gronk and ODB IMO. Rams D is good but Eli will take some shots and chances are ODB makes at least one of those. Gronk has had reliable production for about 5 weeks straight. On the flip side, the Bucs D is underrated and Cobb is hit or miss. Sanders is also hit or miss and he has missed something like 4 weeks in a row.
  14. Gordon or Douglas?

    If Julio is out I would roll with Douglas. If not, got to go Gordon