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  1. Annual Huddler Superbowl Box Pool (2018)

    Yes, thanks for putting this together Irish. Congrats to the winners!
  2. Annual Huddler Superbowl Box Pool (2018)

    PP sent Swash
  3. Annual Huddler Superbowl Box Pool (2018)

    I'll take four on both sheets
  4. I am starting Leveon for sure. Now I need to choose between these three for RB2 and flex. Full point PPR Ingram vs. NYJ Hunt vs. LAC Drake @ BUF Thanks in advance
  5. Big Ben or Carr?

    Projections seem to be about the same on most sites. With Peters out, is Carr a better play? But Smith is also out for BAL. Which one for the first round of playoffs? Carr @ KC Big Ben vs. BAL
  6. Who gets the nod this week? I need to win to secure a playoff birth and am in play for most points on the season. Standard performance scoring. Davante Adams vs. TB Devin Funchess @ NO Stefon Diggs @ ATL I could also play one in my flex but then would have to sit Ajayi or Burkhead (who I am leaning towards), which leads me to another question!
  7. Who gets the nod this week? Doug Martin vs. NYJ Kenyan Drake @ CAR Standard scoring non PPR
  8. I am leary because of Ajayi changing environments, but at the same time I own Doug Martin in several leagues and want to diversify. Bye weeks are not an issue for me. Would you trade Doug Martin for Jay Ajayi straight up? TIA
  9. Cooper

    I had put him in my lineup instead of Benjamin because of the knee. Took him out last second and was kicking myself all night as he was targeted 19 times! Hopefully Snead will pick up the slack if Benjamin can't go! (Counting on that!) Good to see him have a good game on my bench though, until of course I start him and he throws up a dud. At least my opponent had Crabtree so that late touchdown didn't sting at all!
  10. Who do we like more this week, Carr or Big Ben? Standard scoring, 6 pts for TD, -2 INT, Carr on Thursday vs. KC Big Ben vs. CIN Thanks, will try and respond if needed.
  11. Who @ RB to start because we all h8 Crowell?

    I would consider McGuire if Powell and Forte are out . If they do go, I like Mack over Collins. Still a dicey situation with all three!
  12. Who do you like more this week? Duke Johnson @ HOU Buck Allen v. CHI
  13. Trade Murray and Thielen for Crabtree and Baldwin?

    Thanks for the response! Very thought out. I did pull the trigger and now kind of regret it with the Carr news. Oh well, maybe it will be good. Can't be worse than my WR2 position was after Allen Robinson went down in week one. Hoping Dougie Fresh comes back with something to prove! I probably wouldn't have done it if I had Henry but the other owner's price was too steep.
  14. I would be giving up Murray and Thielen. My Wrs right now are Cooks, Landry, Thielen, and Hurns. My Rbs are McCoy, Murray, CJ (and JC), and Doug Martin. What do you think? I truly hate owning Demarco Murray in more than one league. Non PPR, start two of each and a flex.
  15. I have had Jaquizz Rodgers on my bench this entire year in several leagues (because I seem to have alot of stock in Doug Martin). That bench spot could be useful in other areas and I am not planning on playing him this upcoming week. Is it safe to drop him and hope that Martin takes over complete control of the backfield in Tampa upon his return? Jamaal Charles is a FA in one of my leagues and I do have CJ, so I would drop Rodgers for him. Thanks for your insight!