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  1. Bill Beli-dick

    My thought process leads me to believe that Bill is done or has one more year and wants to leave his legacy in what he thinks will be good hands, meaning he wants McDaniels to slide into the HC position in NE.
  2. 1/2 point PPR. My other RBs are Henry, Freeman, RJones, and Mattison. My WRs are Landry, Gordon, Sanders, MVS, Kirk, and AJ Green whenever he comes back. Thanks in advance.
  3. They're BACK

    Looking at my schedule in my local, I got lucky this year with opponent's bye weeks. I play the Warrick Dunn owner when Dunn is on bye and the Witten owner on the Cowboys' bye week. Talk about getting lucky! I don't have to face Witten or Dunn!!
  4. After Bennett's two fumbles, does this mean that the best head coach in the NFL has no excuse to give Moore some carries? I need him for my bye week coverage next week. They play the Saints who aren't that stout on the ground. Should I plug him in or would someone like Jacobs be a better play?
  5. Question about Grits

    I find it amusing that those of you that are bashing people for high posts counts, calling them losers for posting so many times, have to post topics like this to get YOUR OWN post counts up there! In my opinion, you are jealous of the high posts counts, but have no real knowledge about FF to get it up there, so you start topics like this. If you hate Grits, that is your right. Put him on your ignore list and forget about him. Just realize that you are missing out on his knowledge because you couldn't take a little sarcasm and will forever be in his doghouse!
  6. what do you need on MNF?

    I need Portis, Cooley, and the Dallas Def to outscore Santana Moss by 21.5. Starting 0-2 is great!
  7. Nobody should start anyone on the Vikings

    Although I think he is a Megan Fox, Tice didn't throw five interceptions or fumble twice!
  8. Is Akers hurt?

    If this is any indication of how my year will go, I should honestly pack it in!
  9. Is Suggs worth a pickup?

    Thanks Grits, always value your opinion. I wish one of my guys would get hurt, so I could put them on IR and pick up Suggs. Do you think that Suggs will have more value than Jacobs overall, because I'm willing to take the loss next week to make my team better?
  10. What is Willie Parker's Trade Value

    In my local, some Megan Fox gave up Moss for Parker, Crumpler , and Porter! If you can find a sucker, jump all over it!
  11. Is Suggs worth a pickup?

    Next week I have J. Lewis and Portis on bye. Will Suggs be a better play than Brandon Jacobs next week?
  12. W. Parker/S. Davis 4 R. Moss/A. Crumpler?

    It is a redraft and it is Jerry Porter instead of Stepphen Davis! I changed that in the original post.
  13. This trade went down in my league and I was wondering how many of you would have accepted it or declined it, knowing how high some of you are on Fast Willie. What are your opinions. I am not looking to veto it, just wondering who got the better deal. The owner that got Moss now has Westy, SA, Holt, and Moss. All he needs is a QB but I am sure that some other sucker will give him that eventually! Edited to add: It wasn't STEPHEN DAVIS, but JERRY PORTER instead! Also, it is a TE required league. The guy that traded away Moss has K Jones and Fragile Fred, along with Bettis, which makes sense, but his wideouts now are Porter, Lelie, B. Edwards, and Santampon Moss.
  14. Free Fantasy Advice - Week 2

    Thanks in advance Hugh Standard Performance Scoring Which two Wrs should I start: Burleson @ Cin Coles v. Mia TJ Housh v. Min Evans @ TB I am leaning towards giving my players a chance at redemption and starting Burleson and Coles. What do you think?
  15. Terrence Murphy

    Is he related to Charlie Murphy?