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  1. As we head into week 15 of the NFL season those who own Megatron on our team our into a tough decison at this point.Calvin is heading to Indi to play a red hot Colts D who hasn't allowed a Td in 8 quarters of play. Now we all know Calvin is capable of scoring a deep ball at any moment.As of right now he is sitting on my bench.Any comments about this topic??? :wacko:


    I think he's already proven that the normal rules of matchups, double teams, and physics don't apply to Megatron.

    Do the Colts CB's jam at the line or play off? He seems to have more trouble when he gets jammed.

    Obviously the starting QB is also part of the equation.

    I'm starting him, but that's in a 16 team league so my options are limited.

  2. I just joined the forum and decided to join the 100K Challenge group. I had a good playoff week one and landed in 181st place. However, last week the bottom fell out with WR's Moss, Wayne, and Boldin. It will be very hard to get back in it, but I think there is still a shot.


    How are you guys feeling about this week? I'll post some thoughts once I do some more research.