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  1. On the ww the Rams vs the Eagles or the huddle free agent forecast recommendation of the Browns at Titans. I currently have Colts I picked them up on the advice of the huddle and had a decent score from them. The Eagles have scored a def/spe teams td in 3 of 4 games. I know not to expect 3 tds a week from them but I stream def each week and while monkeys in our league draft 2 def and 2 kickers i load up on wr's and rb's Thanks in advance leave a link and I'll answer yours.
  2. Hilton or Cooks

    Thanks everybody, anyone else?
  3. Hilton or Cooks

    Have Hilton in right now he's been targeted more plus he's 2nd in the pecking order unlike Cooks who is at least 3-4. Thanks in advance
  4. Thanks everyone yes he had Vereen so that would be why. Thank you again
  5. I parted ways with him according to what the latest update about AP not going to plea deal and his trial not taking place till 2015.But I also grabbed Asiata when AP was initially deactivated. The Ingram owner dropped him so I dropped Peterson and stashed Ingram until his hand injury is healed I also snagged Brown off waivers. It hurts I know I drew the 8th pick in our 10 team league and was all set to go wr wr Calvin Johnson was going to be my first pick with B Marshall my second but AP fell to the 8th pick I had to take him. I took Martin last year with my first pick and look what happened there. I still made it to the Championship game but lost to the P Manning, Dem Thomas owner. Good Luck!
  6. Thanks Regguy I just want to be able to explain to the owner who had the win stripped from him who lost the point for him.
  7. Yea but even on Yahoo they post on the leagues main page what the stat correction was. ESPN doesn't and they said they don't know when I called them. I realize its a free site but that sucks it took until Thursday it shouldn't take that long.
  8. Hello, we use ESPN for our 10 team H-H league. Had a match-up week 2 final score was 108.6-108.4. ESPN sent me the weekly recap email showing my match-up then the scores for the other match-ups. Then like they always do Tuesday morning the adjust the league standings. Today I get a text from the owner that won that game saying they took 1 point away from him and now hes 0-2 and the other team is 2-0. We are PPR plus PP Completion def/spe teams combined Sacks,ints, fum rec 1pt does anyone know what scoring adjustment was made to the NFL stats? ESPN didn't send me an email telling me what changed and when I called them they said there was no way they could tell me what changed. I think its total BS that a scoring adj took until Thursday to be made and I wasn't told what the change was but then we don't pay to use ESPN's site. I'm inclined to let the change stay even though I don't know what the change was I can't just go and give him a point back but also don't think its fair he had a point taken away so late in the week. What would you all do Thanks
  9. Rashad Jenning or Doug Martin

    Martin, they upgraded at Qb and should be able to move the ball better. Giants looked horrible in preseason until they get the new system learned id stear clear of Jennings.
  10. Jets or Bucs?

    I think I'm going with Bucs going to drop SF and pick up the Lovie Smith led Bucs
  11. B.Cooks or T.Austin?

    Cooks more upside! see mine thanks
  12. Pierre Thomas or Jonathan Dwyer?

    Thomas especially if your in PPR heres mine thanks
  13. RB2 - Chris Johnson or Joique Bell

    Bell he's a beast! On a high power offense he'll get more opportunities. Please answer mine thanks