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  1. Chris Johnso

    Make that -2 yards now...wonder if he still thinks he is going to get 2k this year
  2. Chris Johnso

    2 Yards at half? What is going on
  3. Winslow is banged up should I start Zack Miller Today?
  4. Worst WR

    The only rebound Edwards gets is when he drops the ball then picks it up off the turf........
  5. Worst WR

    Probably the 2 worst receives for catching the ball currently in the NFL, but which one do you think is worse?
  6. Week 12 Site Gore?

    I can start 3 of these guys because of the flex Grant vs Lions Forsett vs Rams Snelling vs TB Gore vs Jacks
  7. Demeco Ryans or Keith Bulluck

    Ryans everyday of the week
  8. Marshawn Lynch Injured!

    Lynch has left the game with a injured sholder, I hope that piece of crap is done for the season
  9. Miles Austin - Sucks and is overrated

    Austin does suck and so does Roy WIlliams, oh yea Dallas has as many Playoff wins as the Browns in the past 11 years!
  10. Toby Gerhart Best RB in College

    This guy is a stud has to be a First Round Draft pick, looks like best back in the nation
  11. Forsett Breakout Game

    10 Carries for 76 yds and a td at Half Time, Jones only 2 carries, I just picked him up in my league
  12. Michael Turner High Ankle Sprain

    I would pick up Snelling
  13. Nate Burleson?

    Houshmandzdaheh is having a nice game so he might be hurt, I looked threw the cbs spotsline gamelog and did not see anything about injury
  14. Anquan Boldin

    I don't know about you guys but I wish Boldin would stop his crying and play football, terrible season and I wasted a early 3rd round pick on this bum, they should trade him to cleveland, then he would have something to cry about