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  1. I also have Blount and Greene to choose from and I am going with Greene. Seems the weight has been shifting toward Greene vs LT of late and I think this continues. Mostly however, I think Tampa will be playing from behind which means more of Cadilac. Atlanta is playing much better than the first time these two teams met and so I don't think it will be as close. Greene
  2. Performance league Non PPR WDIS - K Williams, M Morris, or Dixon. I am thinking Morris because he will have more touches but then again plays against a tough Chicago Run D. The Giants D has been suspect of late but who knows what happens with the Redskin backfield. And with Dixon, I think San Fran will be playing from behind so we'll see more of Westbrook but on the other hand, Dixon is supposed to get the GL. Leave a link and I'll answer yours.
  3. 16 team PPR Performance IDP Dynasty League. The 6 RB/WR/TE spots are filled using one of these 4 options: A: 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE B: 2 RB, 2 WR, 2 TE C: 1 RB, 4 WR, 1 TE D: 1 RB, 3 WR, 2 TE RB: Chris Johnson, Forte, Green-Ellis (not much else) WR: Steve Smith (NYG), Colston, McCluster, Avant, Parrish TE: Heath Miller, Scheffler, Moeaki (on the Practice Squad) Trade Proposal: I give Green-Ellis and my 2011 1st Round Rookie Pick. I get Owens and a 2011 4th Round Rookie Pick. Thoughts: I am starting to make my push for the playoffs. I am 5 - 1 top of my division but the race is close and very competitive. My defensive players have carried me along with my RBs. My WRs are weak. The way things are going, my 1st round pick will be in the bottom half of the round. Very well could be the bottom fourth. Plus I have another 1st round pick at my disposal if I make this trade. I still have to get through my RB bye weeks. Since I can start two TEs, am I better off just holding and starting Smith, Colston, and two of the TEs? Does Green-Ellis have a future? Is Owens a better start in a 3WR/1TE option vs going with the 2WR/2TE option? Post link to your question and I'll respond. Thanks
  4. I'd take him over Torain. I just think a big Shanny headache is looming for Fantasy Owners trying to figure out what is going to happen in Washington. Why deal with it? Ricky will get over his fumbling problems.
  5. depends on what else you have but I wouldn't do it.
  6. Do think you can wait a week? Both SJax and Mathews have some question marks right now as far as injury. If Mathews starts and gets most of the carries, it should be very telling as he is going against the AZ run defense. If he doesn't crack 100 and get into the end zone, then deal him. If he does, then I'd stick with what you have. Moss will come around as far as yards. It's the TDs that are harder to come by for WRs and he already has three. If you have to make a move this week, then I'd go with the Moss and Mathews for SJax and McCoy. You worry about giving up Mathews. You shouldn't. We already saw how San Diego was going to run the ball in the first two games. Mathews is competing with Sproles for 3rd downs and Tolbert for Short Yardage and Goaline. Not to mention he is having fumbling problems and now injury. That's just too much. I like McFadden. He is hot right now but I wonder how M Bush coming back will affect his production. Going into the season, I was a bit worried about M Bell affecting McCoy's value. Well, we can say at this point, "Mike Bell Who?" Besides, you like McCoy anyway so go with your gut.
  7. Tough decision. Especially with Colston and AJ. You know how it goes... as soon as you bench a stud, they go off. And both are due for big games. As far as Maclin or Clayton - I'd go Maclin. Vick is in the zone right now. Seattle has done well on defense so I would think they will do well against the rookie. I think the Philly v Washington game is going to be one those crazy special games given the Vick v McNabb scenario. So I expect to see a lot of scoring. Check out mine:
  8. I would do it. Even when Garcon comes back, there are just too many weapons for Manning to spread the ball around to. And given the time Garcon is out, Collie will continue to develop his rapport with Manning. I see the pecking order going forward as Wayne, Clark, Collie, then etc... Once Ben comes back, Wallace will start producing on a more consistent basis. Only problem is this week in which they play Baltimore. But I'd do it while you can. No on T.O. Check out mine:
  9. Tolbert, Kuhn, M Bush
  10. 12 team league. Can keep up to six players. 6 pts for all TDs. 2 pt bonus for 100 yd rush/rec and 300 yd passing. Start QB, 2 RB's, 2 WR's, TE, D/ST. Which pair of RBs would you rather have? Mathews, Greene Mathews, P Thomas Greene, P Thomas
  11. Keep Rice.
  12. I tried to stay away from CAP talk as too much information tends to get less replies. But since you asked, as it stands, the value is pretty much equal. I would save some money doing the trade but that money saved would be used to get the QB replacing Romo.
  13. Salary Cap 12 team League. Standard Performance - Non PPR. Keep up to 7 players. Auction to fill in roster. Start QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, TE, K, D/ST Current keeper prospects: Romo, Mendenhall, Caddy Williams, Calvin Johnson, Robert Meachem, Finley, Cooley Trade offer: Austin for Romo Thoughts - I come from the school of taking QBs later vs RBs & WRs. Austin's ADP is somewhere in Round 2. I've seen Romo anywhere from round 2 to round 4. If I do the trade, I can fill my QB spot with somebody like Flaco or Hasselback. If I don't do the trade, then Meachem will be my WR2 or another comparible WR.