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  1. Performance league Non PPR WDIS - K Williams, M Morris, or Dixon. I am thinking Morris because he will have more touches but then again plays against a tough Chicago Run D. The Giants D has been suspect of late but who knows what happens with the Redskin backfield. And with Dixon, I think San Fran will be playing from behind so we'll see more of Westbrook but on the other hand, Dixon is supposed to get the GL. Leave a link and I'll answer yours.
  2. RB#2 (Non PPR)

    I also have Blount and Greene to choose from and I am going with Greene. Seems the weight has been shifting toward Greene vs LT of late and I think this continues. Mostly however, I think Tampa will be playing from behind which means more of Cadilac. Atlanta is playing much better than the first time these two teams met and so I don't think it will be as close. Greene
  3. Week 4 TD Vulture

    Tolbert, Kuhn, M Bush
  4. someone droped Ricy Williams

    I'd take him over Torain. I just think a big Shanny headache is looming for Fantasy Owners trying to figure out what is going to happen in Washington. Why deal with it? Ricky will get over his fumbling problems.
  5. trade help asap!

    depends on what else you have but I wouldn't do it.
  6. Help me decide

    Do think you can wait a week? Both SJax and Mathews have some question marks right now as far as injury. If Mathews starts and gets most of the carries, it should be very telling as he is going against the AZ run defense. If he doesn't crack 100 and get into the end zone, then deal him. If he does, then I'd stick with what you have. Moss will come around as far as yards. It's the TDs that are harder to come by for WRs and he already has three. If you have to make a move this week, then I'd go with the Moss and Mathews for SJax and McCoy. You worry about giving up Mathews. You shouldn't. We already saw how San Diego was going to run the ball in the first two games. Mathews is competing with Sproles for 3rd downs and Tolbert for Short Yardage and Goaline. Not to mention he is having fumbling problems and now injury. That's just too much. I like McFadden. He is hot right now but I wonder how M Bush coming back will affect his production. Going into the season, I was a bit worried about M Bell affecting McCoy's value. Well, we can say at this point, "Mike Bell Who?" Besides, you like McCoy anyway so go with your gut.
  7. Maclin or Clayton

    Tough decision. Especially with Colston and AJ. You know how it goes... as soon as you bench a stud, they go off. And both are due for big games. As far as Maclin or Clayton - I'd go Maclin. Vick is in the zone right now. Seattle has done well on defense so I would think they will do well against the rookie. I think the Philly v Washington game is going to be one those crazy special games given the Vick v McNabb scenario. So I expect to see a lot of scoring. Check out mine:
  8. I would do it. Even when Garcon comes back, there are just too many weapons for Manning to spread the ball around to. And given the time Garcon is out, Collie will continue to develop his rapport with Manning. I see the pecking order going forward as Wayne, Clark, Collie, then etc... Once Ben comes back, Wallace will start producing on a more consistent basis. Only problem is this week in which they play Baltimore. But I'd do it while you can. No on T.O. Check out mine:
  9. Keeper League

    12 team league. Can keep up to six players. 6 pts for all TDs. 2 pt bonus for 100 yd rush/rec and 300 yd passing. Start QB, 2 RB's, 2 WR's, TE, D/ST. Which pair of RBs would you rather have? Mathews, Greene Mathews, P Thomas Greene, P Thomas
  10. Austin for Romo

    Salary Cap 12 team League. Standard Performance - Non PPR. Keep up to 7 players. Auction to fill in roster. Start QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, TE, K, D/ST Current keeper prospects: Romo, Mendenhall, Caddy Williams, Calvin Johnson, Robert Meachem, Finley, Cooley Trade offer: Austin for Romo Thoughts - I come from the school of taking QBs later vs RBs & WRs. Austin's ADP is somewhere in Round 2. I've seen Romo anywhere from round 2 to round 4. If I do the trade, I can fill my QB spot with somebody like Flaco or Hasselback. If I don't do the trade, then Meachem will be my WR2 or another comparible WR.
  11. Who to keep

    Keep Rice.
  12. Austin for Romo

    I tried to stay away from CAP talk as too much information tends to get less replies. But since you asked, as it stands, the value is pretty much equal. I would save some money doing the trade but that money saved would be used to get the QB replacing Romo.
  13. Do you put any consideration into making a strong team stronger when doing a trade? Or do you just think about how the trade strengthens your own team? I often see owners complain that team A makes a trade with one of the best teams and that the trade made that best team even better. Even though it also made team A better.
  14. Brady or Romo - What say ye?

    I'm going to agree about not taking a QB early. Even if history proves in your league it's the way go. But if you are set on doing it, I think this is a very tough call. I think both should be pretty close in points. So you might want to look a bit deeper. Being a Cowboy fan, will you have more or less fun being a Cowboy fan with Romo on your team? Check the schedule. I am sure you hope to make the playoffs. If the Pats are playing the Jets come week 15 or 16 and Dallas is playing Detroit, you might want to go with Brady. Now - if I had to make the choice. I'd go with Brady. Based on a previous post - Dallas has a better running game inside the 10. The Pats will keep on passing all the way.
  15. Andre Johnson Trade Value

    Hard to give advice on leagues like this but I'll give it a shot. First of all, can you start 3 RBs? If so, is MJD a good value @ $60? If yes to these two question, I would stop right there and stick with those three. Seems to me Gore and Greene are great value and you would be able to place some good bids on those same WRs you would be throwing back - White & Colston. If you can start only 2 RBs, then I would pull the trigger. Consider you would be willing to spend $99 on the three RBs, I could see you making the trade and keeping MJD, Greene, and AJ for $103. Gore is a great value but since this is a PPR, I think MJD holds more value. Either way, if you can only start 2 RBs, I'd be very happy with Gore, Greene, AJ or MJD, Greene, and AJ. Heck, if you can afford MJD, Gore, and AJ and fill in your team with whatever $ you have left over, that would be an awesome triangle offense. You'd be like the Miami Heat. Who cares what you have to fill in with those three players... And finally, who cares if you make the other team stronger. The idea in any trade if it is a good trade is that both teams should get stronger. But if you think you are making your team weaker... then don't do the deal.
  16. Dynasty trade

    I think a big key here is "Dynasty Leauge." Sure, your top two WRs are older but WRs have a longer shelf life. Both Wayne and Johnson should be around at least another 4 - 5 years. If this were last year and we were talking about Forte in a Martz offense, he would be ranked top 5 given his rookie year performance. The dude has been around 60 receptions his 1st two years. Last year he was injured, offensive line stunk, new QB with very young WRs - bottom line, expectations were way to high LY for the Bears. It should be no surprise that Forte had the sophomore slump. There is no doubt that Taylor will take away from Forte THIS YEAR. But we are talking Dynasty League. Taylor is 31 years old. Bringing in Taylor will actually help Forte in the long run as the Bears take another year to develop the chemistry between Cutler and his WRs, learn the complicated Martz playbook, and let Taylor mentor Forte while keeping him fresh. I would expect Forte to show an improvement over LY just because he should get more than 4 TDs. I am banking on him to make his big come back next year. Now - after all that. I have Forte on my dynasty team, I am a Bear fan, and so my opinion might be biased. I do like Nicks, especially if this were a non-ppr league (was that mentioned) - but I wouldn't deal straight up given this dynasty league.
  17. Making a strong team stronger

    I play in keeper/dynasty leagues. It just seems to happen when somebody makes a trade with the best team or whoever won the championship LY. Face it - the stronger team typically have the depth to trade. I may shy away from making trades with my division mates, especially if it is my main competition in the division. Otherwise, the goal is to make the playoffs. You might make the strongest team stronger but you play them once. And who knows what happens as the year progresses. Maybe you play the team in the playoffs or championship game but more often than not - it won't matter that your trade made the stronger team stronger. Just so long as you made your team stronger.
  18. Advice on who to keep, keeper league

    Looks like he has flex spot where he can start either a RB/WR/TE.
  19. Advice on who to keep, keeper league

    But -4 for ints... Turner and Johnson for sure. Then toss up between Colston and Davis. I would go with Colston. You might be able to pick Davis back up once the draft begins but that depends how it works in your league and where you'll draft in the round. Ok - scratch that. You get 2 pts for every 10 receiving for TEs... I'd go with Davis instead of Colston.
  20. 12 team league. We also have a rookie draft where rookies can be placed on a practice squad and do not count against roster or cap. Standard NON PPR performance league. I have: Romo Mendenhall Cadilac Williams Meachem Calvin Johnson Finley Javhid Best (Practice Squad) Ben Tate (Practice Squad) I am considering the following trade: Calvin, Caddy, Ben Tate for Jonathan Stewart & Steve Smith (NYG)
  21. Salary Cap-Auction League

    Ok - original post was probably too much info. Here is a simplier version of the question.
  22. I had Spiller ranked higher than Best.
  23. The 6 RB/WR/TE spots will be filled using one of these 4 options: A: 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE B: 2 RB, 2 WR, 2 TE C: 1 RB, 4 WR, 1 TE D: 1 RB, 3 WR, 2 TE PPR - 16 team dynasty league. Current RB: Forte, LWhite, LWashington, Jennings and junk. Current WR: Colston, SSmith (NYG), Avant, Ginn Jr, DJarrett Current TE: Finley, Scheffler I got Mathews with 1.01. Bryant went 1.02, Spriller 1.03, and I drafted Best at 1.04. I have pick 1.08 and no second round pick. IDP as well, start 3 LBs, I was thinking McClain at 1.08. I have LTimmons, ACurry, & Thomas Davis. LBs are to defense as RBs are to offense. Do I - If McClain is still available at 1.08, take him or go with best WR available (Thomas, Benn, Tate) or Trade Best for a later 1st round pick and hopefully a 2nd to firm up my WRs/LBs group. Although I am happy to have the young RB group, I feel my WR group is very weak having to start 3 (cause I am not starting 2 TE). LBs are nice but some questions with Davis coming back from injury and Curry was not spectacular as a rookie LB.