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  1. come represent The Huddle against 7 other FF Chat Boards. like to talk smack? like to compete? this is perfect for you! its free. it rewards those who do their research. its like no other league you've been in before and we can help you adapt to it easily. thx.
  2. millwork guy is absolutely right. fantastic league for those who love to trade. for example. you are in draft B your player you have to have at your 3.10 gets picked at 3.09. but you notice he is still available in draft C at 4.04. so you trade into draft C and u don't care that you are trading down from 3.10 to 4.04. and sometimes you can get 'more' than that other pick. its just a ton of opportunities to get exactly who you want for your squad. please feel free to ask questions and we'll answer them. thx.
  3. So are you playing here or at The Whiz? You've got feelers out at both places if not more? As for my not posting at other places, how do you know? I'm only "Know Doubt" at FFT and FAI. I'm Dagorhir at a few places including a place where I'm trying to start a IBL2 team(FFLivewire). I like you hope that the Huddle does have a team this year. It really sucks about KFFL and the others. Look if you say they(FFT) went in another direction(or is that what you said at The Whiz?) then I'll believe you. It looked ugly and I couldn't believe some of the stuff being said about you and your parcipitation. I mean jeez, you're Clash. You are a freaking maniac about FF. How did you finish your last 20 or so games in the IBL last year? Just curious Bro'. Be good.
  4. Do you think maybe having LT every year had something to do with that? Just saying... Look Clash, I dig you, I really dig you man, and love your devotion to FF but some stats can possibly be misleading. BTW, I'm hiding behind an alias. I'm Know Doubt from FFT.