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  1. League Forum Moderator Reset

    I'm the commissioner in the Redraft Wars league. Could I please get Mod abilities for the Redraft Wars Huddle forum. Thanks.
  2. IDP & PPR league

    Hard to tell much without a link to the leagues.....
  3. 1 Needed 2nd yr $ Keeper

    A link to the league would be nice.
  4. The World Dynasty League has one open team. We are going into our 6th year, and have strong core of guys. The annual fee for this 12 team league, hosted on MFL, is $30. This is a league for people who enjoy the challenge of managing a roster with salaries, contracts, taxi squad, rookie draft, and above all else, STRONG IDP scoring. Last year, 42 of the top 100 scoring players were IDPs, and defensive players can easily win any given game for their owners. Here is the link for the open team: Here is the link for the league site on MFL: Please email me at if you are interested or have any questions. Paul
  5. It's pretty hard to find a 12 team, IDP redraft league, but if you are interested in that type of league, you just found it. Redraft Wars is a long time, Huddle based league, with the following features: - 40 round slow snake draft - Balanced scoring between offense and IDPs--nearly half of the league's leading scorers last year were IDPs - $50 buy-in We have 3-4 openings this year, so if interested, please shoot me a PM or email at Here are links to the MFL site and our Huddle forum. Thanks.
  6. One of the new guys has not paid, so at least one opening remains.