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  1. Thanks Jim,
  2. Congrats on the win, another great year in the FDDL
  3. Thanks, I was worried I would be taken down on the way to a Dolphins repeat. Now I get to play Southern Kryptonite for the 3rd time this year.
  4. No grand plan, just happy to be in the mix again, was sure last year was my last one whilst remaining competitive. But who knows. Looking at the line ups, we all have a few interesting ones in the mix.
  5. No worries at all, I only realised tonight that I would win the H2H, which made me have a look.
  6. I ask as in the constitution the first tie breaker is head to head, which I will win 2-0 if I manage to pick up the win this week, which means I just need a win, not a big win.
  7. What are the divisional Tiebreakers
  8. 4 - No drop needed
  9. What a game, I was down in at a bar near Wrigley, and when Davis tied it up the silence was deafening, Afterwards the streets where insane! Downtown tonight, as the parade should be huge in the morning.
  10. Your spot on, just realised my mistake, I took Deandre Washingtons rec yds rather than murrays, from the stats page on ESPN.
  11. The only difference I have is I have Latavius at 10.2, not 9.8. 37yds Rush, 5yds Receiving. So a total of 96 vs 97 for HK