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  1. Eagles defensive touchdown

    That TD was big for me. I finally passed the 1st place team in a points league this week, have a 34 point lead going into wk 17. It's just me and him for 1st and 2nd, with a $400 spread in prize money between the two places. I've already won $600 this year, first in this league and I'll hit a cool G. 11 team league, 1 PPR 2QB, 2WR, 2RB, 2TE, 2 flex, 2K, 2 DST, 6 IDP Watson, Goff, Winston (FA pickup), Carr Hopkins, Evans, Hogan Gurley, Freeman, Kamara, Hyde, Drake (FA) TE's were caca most of the year, have Clay, ASJ now
  2. Seahags gettin werked!

  3. Antonio Brown injured

    Tomlin said they don't expect Antonio back tonight.
  4. Antonio Brown injured

    See the TD celebration by Martavis and JuJu. JuJu knocks down Martavis then stands over him like he did to Burfict that got him suspended. What a punk.
  5. Week 15 Milk Carton

    OK, now just DeDe is really killing me. (the really bad word) Keenan Cole!
  6. Week 15 Milk Carton

    DeDe Diggs Hopkins Ertz
  7. LAC LB Perryman

    Last week Jatavis lead all the LB's at 63%, Perryman played 55%, Toomer 40%, Pullard 0%. No Chargers LB has played 100% of snaps since Jatavis in week 3 incredibly. Pullard playing 93% week 6 is the next highest. The opportunity is certainly there, no other LB apparently has played well enough to stay out there, so the bar seems pretty low for Perryman. And we've seen the every down LB for the Chargers be extremely productive in recent seasons. I've grabbed a couple shares of Perryman.
  8. NBC Skycam/view fail

    And who the hell is Marcus Mari Ota?
  9. It was really close, I think it should have been deemed inconclusive and let the TD stand. Waiting on replays it extremely tiresome and kills the excitement of the game.
  10. Best fantasy player so far

    I drafted Watson in the 21st round of a 28 round, 11 team IDP league where you must start one QB and there's a Superflex. I waited for what fell to me earlier in the draft, wound up with Carr. Then I kinda had to grab some late lottery picks, got Goff as well in the 23rd, so it's all working out and stuff
  11. Since the return of TJ Ward week 6, it appears he is splitting time at Safety with Chris Conte, and Justin Evans is the Safety staying on the field. So why the high projection for Conte? It seems to me Evans is the best Safety play. I've read that even though Evans is technically a FS, he doesn't play the typical FS role in Tampa's scheme. He has played 100% of the snaps two of the last three weeks, the third week was 88% (don't know if the drop was injury related or not). Conte's only played 57% of the snaps for the last two weeks, Ward's played 55% and 35%.
  12. Deone Bucannon LB3 or?

    I really like Buchanon ROS. He's the only Arizona ILB playing 100% of snaps nowadays (Dansby's averaging 91% on the year), and he has a very good strength of schedule ROS.
  13. Week 7 Milk Carton

    ASJ John Brown
  14. May be a good idea to preemptively pick up 1st Round pick Rueben Foster. He oughta get all the playing time he can handle if Bowman is dealt.
  15. Best WW RB to add this week?

    I can't buy into the idea that McKinnon will be effective and/or last physically as an interior, early down runner. He's too small. Murray may simply not be fully healthy yet, but they are paying him $5 Mil/year.