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  1. Saints/Steelers

    Romo keeps calling Lattimore, Latimer.
  2. Week 16 Milk Carton

    G Tate Mixon T Coleman Zeke?
  3. Saturday Gameday Thread

    So far so good for me. I'm facing Rivers in one finals and Gordon in another.
  4. Can't get to the Start/Bench tool

    Start/Bench tool is working for me now, from the homepage and from In Season. Thanks so much.
  5. Week 16 Starters

    Play Mixon and Henry for sure, then damn, then I guess I'd sit Mack since it is full PPR. It's a true coin toss between Mack and Lindsay.
  6. 1000 dollar pot.. help me win

    I'd have to lean towards Foles at home vs HOU.
  7. Pick my #2 WR

    Full PPR. I lost Kupp earlier, and Tate has bottomed out. Tate vs HOU Hogan vs BUF Gordon's gone, this option could get better if Patterson's out too. DJ Moore vs ATL rookie QB. Yikes. Foster @ NE Patrick @ OAK Tre'Quan vs PIT Lights it up at home Dede @ MIA
  8. Can't get to the Start/Bench tool

    No sir. btw, I've been having this same problem using Internet Explorer and Firefox fwiw.
  9. Super Bowl teams, who do you have?

    Both of these teams will finish in 1st Place going away in my Points leagues: Luck, Goff M Thomas, TY, Edelman, M Williams, Shepherd, Agholor, C Davis Gordon, Ingram, Michel, Ware/Williams, R Freeman (big swing and a miss in the 4th rd) Burton, Brate CHI DS/T D Leonard, C Littleton, Edmunds, LVE Kazee, Geathers, B Baker, Q Diggs (drafted D Ward in the final rd, then dropped him before Week 1. Whoops.) K Mack, M Ingram, Quinn J Casey, F Cox Luck D Adams, TY, Kupp, Lockett, W Fuller, M Williams, Goodwin Gurley, Mixon, Michel, Cohen, Breida, Ware/Williams (R Freeman 5th round whiff) J Reed, Samuels streamed DS/T's D Leonard, Littleton, Edmunds, D Jones, Kirksey, R Foster Clowney, C Jones, Bosa, Hicks Kazee, Collins, Geathers, B Baker
  10. Can't get to the Start/Bench tool

    When I click on the Weekly Player Rankings, whether from the homepage or from inside In Season, I get sent to the preseason player rankings, and that's been happening for many weeks this year. I've had to click on the "**Go here if you prefer our old style Weekly Player Rankings" button to see the weekly player ranking every week. I don't see a "Preview our new cheatsheets & rankings" button anywhere.
  11. I click on the Start/Bench tool on the homepage, I get sent to the homepage of the site. I click on the Start/Bench tool inside the In Season header, and I get sent to the site homepage.
  12. Fitting end to this week of down offense.
  13. What do you need - Quarter final Edition

    My opponent has a 4 point lead and DJ Moore, I have McCaffrey and Ingram to go My opponent #2 has a 35 point lead and M Thomas, I have Brees, McCaffrey, Ingram and DJ Moore to go
  14. Week 15 Milk Carton (Playoff edition)

    I know this is the Milk Carton thread and all, but I just want to say, I wish Tony Romo would shut the hell up.
  15. Week 15 Milk Carton (Playoff edition)

    Luck and my man TY. Brate and Cohen. Glad I had the stones to play D Henry over Michel in one league and over A Robinson in another. Dude is doing it!