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  1. What team(s) took you to the championship game? ?

    Finals Teams: QB: L Jackson WR: Davante, Julio, S Shepherd, DK RB: Henry, Jacobs, Singletary, Latavius TE: Engram, Cook and... QB: Mahomes, L Jackson, Trubisky (superflex lg) WR: Julio, A Robinson, Kirk, M Brown RB: Fournette, Carson, Jacobs, Latavius TE: OJ Howard, Cook Both leagues also have large IDP rosters that I won't bore you with.
  2. Scorned Owners....DND 2020

    After this week, it might be James White. He's been painfully average/barely playable or straight crapola all year, yet I have stuck with him somewhere, or everywhere, most weeks across the three leagues where I own him. This was the first week all year where I finally got fed up and went ahead and benched him everywhere, and naturally, he explodes.
  3. Whaddaya Need Tonight?

    To finish in 2nd and land a 1st round bye, I need Metcalf (.5ppr) and Eric Kendricks to outscore Carson by 16. League 2: clinched 3rd. I'll finish the reg season in most points scored against , cost me a bye. League 3: Clinched 1st and a 1st rd bye.
  4. Week 10 Milk Carton

    Yeah, I bit on him in the mid 2nd rd of a draft myself. Coulda had Evans, Fournette, or Tyreek
  5. Week 10 Milk Carton

    Very glad right now I did bench Latavius for Ronald Jones at the last minute in one league, and didn't use Tre'Quan as a dart throw anywhere, though I did play Gin in one league.
  6. Week 10 Milk Carton

    The entire New Orleans offense. What the hell.
  7. I have repeatedly unsubscribed from The Huddle Player News, and I keep getting the emails.
  8. IDP Help....

    Cunningham and Ogletree, both good but not great LB options. Ogletree ought to see a lot of tackle opportunities this year as he never leaves the field and plays on a team with a weak defense and an average offense on a good day. One ding I've found on Baker. Pro Football Focus has Baker categorized as the Strongside LB in the Base defense. That position put him into TE coverage, which dings his tackle opportunities. But he also doesn't leave the field in Nickle and Dime packages, so there's still that. He played 94% of the snaps Week 1. Hard to believe Keanu Neal is unowned. What IDP positions are in your league?
  9. SS put up the most consistent tackle production of all the DB positions. Many of them drop down near the line of scrimmage which increases tackle opportunities. There are CB's that will end up near the top of the points totals on the year, but in general, SS's are the king position in the backfield.
  10. Tre's in Carolina. You thinking of Eric Reid E Reid is indeed their SS, Tre's the FS. It's okay, I mixed them up myself once or twice on my cheat sheets this draft season. My IDP cheat sheets, that I had to write down by hand, myself, because Huddle didn't supply them this year. Yeah, that cheat sheet
  11. I pretty much always roll with Strong Safety's at a DB flex spot. I'd go with Byard and Reid, in that order. Byard is a proven stud with an above average matchup against CLE this week. I wasn't as hot on Reid as most this draft season because he's been moved to Free Safety, I didn't wind up drafting him anywhere, he always went earlier than I was willing to pay. He does have a nice matchup this week vs NO, who were average for fantasy points allowed to S's last year, there ought to be a fair amount of plays run in that potentially high scoring game. K Jackson has been moved to Strong Safety this year, but he has a poor matchup against a AB-less (maybe) OAK offense that was bottom 10 in pts allowed to Safety's last year.
  12. IDP Dynasty Cheatsheet

    What are your opinion on IDP Guru, guys? I've been to his site and it looks like it might be alright, I haven't bought a membership but for that low price I was thinking about it.
  13. Need trade advice.

    I'd do this trade. Kamara is hardly/barely a downgrade from Saquon, but Engram is a big upgrade from Njoku. And Fuller > Henderson easily.
  14. WR Add, Look at these FA!

    DJ = DeSean? Josh = Gordon?
  15. It keeps making me sign in, and I can't get to my Custom Leagues to print a cheat sheet for a draft I have in 2 hours. It's just attempts to load and load and nothing happens. And it's not my computer or my internet connection, all other websites I visit load just fine.