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  1. Pick 2 running backs to start

    Drake is losing a chunk of carries to Gore, Gio is just Gio, could lose work to the rookie, he may rack up catches but no PPR for you and a score is unlikely- tough matchup, Murray is a more attractive play in a non PPR and has scant competition for carries in what should be a gimme win, he oughta run out a lot of clock and could have multiple scores. I like Murray, Clement and Fournette.
  2. Howard @ AZ Connor @ TB Coleman vs NO Brieda @ KC Latavius vs Buf I can play three of these options. 1 point PPR, bonuses at 100, 150 and for 40+ yd plays.
  3. Anyone else starting Wentz this week?

    I need to decide between him and Luck.
  4. Breida

    Brieda graded out well in PFF's ratings last year, and is grading even better so far this year. It's a small sample size but enough to qualify, atm Breida is the #2 overall rated RB only behind Ekeler. He's younger, with less miles, and a pass catcher. Morris is the #51 PFF rated RB (out of the 53 qualifiers).
  5. Another LB move?

    I'd prefer Leonard over Warner. Leonard plays on the overall poorer defense and is more likely to see more tackle opportunities vs Warner, and Leonard has less talented tacklers immediately around him to rob him of opportunities. I expect Reuben Foster to become the Alpha LB in SF over Warner, Warner will likely remain in there as an every down LB but Foster is the superior talent and will take over as MLB with Warner kicked to the outside. atm, Leonard is PFF's #2 rated LB, Warner is #28 (M Foster is #32). Also the scorers in Indy are more generous with the assisted tackles than SF, so there's that too. I'd rather hold onto Barron and drop Foster for Leonard.
  6. More Randy Moss or Ochocinco?
  7. Can't unsubscribe to emails

    I'm still getting emails everyday. I've tried unsubscribing in Internet Explorer and Firefox. I really don't need a 7 foot long email everyday.
  8. Week 2 Milk Carton

    Where the (the really bad word) is Royce Freeman today. aaand he runs for 14 yards.
  9. Dynasty, drop Trevathan?

    Dynasty league, I would absolutely drop Trevathan for Edmunds. I can't believe he's even a FA in a dynasty league.
  10. Jets / Lions

    Pretty sure this is the same chick who did Week 1 MNF last year and called the Chargers the Cherrgers all night. Is she from the backwoods of Ohio or something?
  11. Why are Yahoo projections so lousy?

    If you're savvy and don't draft a Kicker, that will ding your draft grade. I kinda like that the projections are often wacky, it throws off the noobs into playing poor options.
  12. I keep Unsubscribing to Huddle emails, but they keep coming, I Unsubscribe, they keep coming....
  13. Player who fell the furthest in your draft?

    Luck fell far in all my drafts but one, I wound up with him in 3 of 5 leagues. Demarius, Will Fuller and Crowell were always falling as well.
  14. Tyreek Hill! TY Hilton still gets a little use in the return game, Tarik Cohen and Eddie Jackson on the Bears. Jabrill Peppers. Desmond King on the Chargers. Jamison Crowder. Sterling Shepherd return kicks on occasion. Cooper Kupp and Chris Godwin have involvement. Ted Ginn, Cole Beasley and Trent Taylor if they ever become useful WR plays. Cordarelle Patterson is a great lottery ticket to grab, particularly for the first month while Edelman is out, he may have a larger WR role than anyone anticipates to start the year, and he is already the man for all Pats kick and punt returns this year. He can explode for a big play anytime he gets the ball. Boy, 10 return yds = 1 point is extremely generous scoring.
  15. The hate for Mike Evans

    I was never really in a position to have to choose between him and another player in drafts this year, but I had no interest in him anyhow, got burned in multiple leagues by him last year. He was taken twice in the 2nd round and three times in the 3rd in my drafts this year. In Evans ADP area of the draft, I'da taken AJ, TY or even Cooper over him, or just gone RB and taken Howard or Mixon.