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  1. I prefer Points leagues to H2H myself, always have. But finding Points leagues to your liking when there are so few vs H2H is a challenge, and it must be an IDP league as well for me, which shrinks the pool even more. Well, I had 7 leagues this year, 3 Points, 4 H2H. Points league, only one is over and I finished 1st by a mile. $90 #2 I'm highly likely to finish in 2nd. $60 #3 I'm likely to finish 1st, if I can have just a barely average week nobody should be able to reach me even with a blowup week. $800 4 H2H's, I went 0-3 Week 15, and then of course killed it and went 3-0 Week 16, but only one of the leagues awarded prize money for 3rd place. $55 I did win $500 in one H2H for finishing 1st in the regular season, and having the most points. If I can hold onto my 1st place and 2nd place spots in these final two Points leagues this weekend, this'll be my most profitable fantasy season ever, best since 2010. I drafted a lot of McCoy (5 leagues), Hyde (3), M Gordon (2), A Brown (2), Beckham (2), AJ Green (2), A Rodgers (3), Jeffrey (oops 3) and spent a mid round pick on Khalil Mack in 5 leagues and A Ogletree in 3.
  2. Works for me, got Rawls on the bench. Was able to pick up Sims in another league, gonna bench JJ Nelson to play him.
  3. Yahoo's Tracker works on Firefox. No workie in Explorer.
  4. It opens all the way, but then it never updates, all the games just sit at the point they were at when the Tracker opened.
  5. McCoy's day may not be enough to make up for getting it balls deep from Thielen, Watkins, and Rodgers, with honorable mentions to Antonio Brown and Burfict. And you picked a fine day to have your StatTracker konk out Yahoo.
  6. Dixon is great against the Patriots last week, so, let's work the journeymen this week instead.
  7. Theilin Ken Dixon Kirksey Yahoo's Stat Tracker
  8. I benched Lockett for JJ Nelson and Gillislee. You both owe me touchdowns!
  9. I needed that Eli production as well, the numbers from Beckham are just a bonus, heh.
  10. Catch some passes Dez. I don't have him, and I'm not facing him, I just want to see my obsessive #1 seed Commish sunk in the 1st round by the #8.
  11. Burfict, one dang solo tackle. Kirksey, one dang solo tackle. M Floyd, one dang 3 yard catch.
  12. Sal Pal called it on Pitta this morning on FFN, but I wasn't about to bench Ebron for him.
  13. I'm in the same boat in one league, I've clinched #1 overall and will get a BYE week 14. It's a great advantage to have three weeks to prepare for week 15. Get you DST's lined up. Kicker's with good matchups - attempt to avoid potentially bad weather situations. And if you have the bench spots, grab a lottery ticket or three, guys who could be great contributors if the man ahead of them goes down, like Hunter Henry for ex. He was a solid producer with Gates out, and he has a great playoff schedule: vs OAK and @CLE, both are top 10 matchups for TE's.
  14. Need 135 passing yds from Rodgers in the second half, don't even need a TD.
  15. If I win tonight I clinch 1st place and win a $375 pot. I need 10 more points from Rodgers and it's done.