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  1. Drop which LB, DYNASTY

    I'd say drop Bynes. He was never a full time starter until this year, and even though he's seeing an above average number of snaps this year (#7 most among all LB's to be exact), he's not done much with them. He's had one big game this year, the rest have been an ocean of mediocrity, and very few splash plays in his career. Barron's been much more productive in his career and has always been a starter. Even though Barron's PFF rating this season is in the toilet, I'd feel better with him going into the future than with Bynes. fwiw, the Rams do have a slightly better schedule weeks 13-16 this year than AZ.
  2. Zach Brown is PFF's #5 overall rated LB, right in between B Martinez and Kuechly. He's the #2 overall LB in run defense rating and the #10 LB in pass coverage. Yet, he's only playing 73% of snaps on the year, with a high of 88% week 5. But Mason Foster, the #50 (yes, fifty) overall LB, is Washington's every down LB. I know Brown came into the year coming off an injury, so I understand him being eased in the initial weeks, but he's been balling on the season which leads one to believe he's not been dealing with any injury. Why is this man not playing every down!?
  3. New glitches

    When I click on "Week 11 player rankings" on the home page, I get sent to the season long rankings page, from the draft guide. When I click "In Season", then click the Weekly Player Ratings, I get sent to the same page. I have to click "If you prefer out old style Weekly Player Rankings" to see the week 11 rankings.
  4. Which RB do I play, 1 PPR

    True, but it's a brutal matchup, on the road, and he did next to nothing against them in PIT week 4.
  5. Gotta choose one of these five, 1 PPR: Connor @ BAL Kerryon @ MIN Coleman @ WAS Crowell @ MIA M Ingram vs Rams
  6. Week 8 Milk Carton

    Kerryon my wayward Johnson. S Shepherd Cannon. More like a pellet gun. Trey Burton, he's gonna be great with Robinson inactive.
  7. Is Agholor rostered in your league?

    I have him in two leagues, been pulling my hair out trying to decide to drop either him or Corey Davis this week. Agholor (or Aguilar, if you're the typical NFL play by play announcer or analyst) is a sneaky solid play this week, as JAC's slot CB is doggy doo.
  8. Weekly projections

    I believe they're projecting for Foster to possibly be limited with his shoulder injury, opening up more snaps and tackle opportunities for the other LB's. Elijah Lee is a good looking sneaky play if Foster is out, he's is easily the highest rated SF LB on PFF and ought to have earned more playing time. But again, it is a poor matchup in a solo heavy venue. BJ Goodson (Ogletree out) vs WSH and Preston Brown (Vigil + Burfict out) vs TB are much better spot starts.
  9. CAR safeties ROS

    I always favor SS myself. Reid had been a full time player in the past for SF, I don't see any reason why he won't eventually be again for CAR. I think Adams will continue being big play dependent have his very up and down weeks, and Reid will be a more steady, weekly reliable producer and I'd rather have Reid. Though one thing working against Reid is he has a very good LB corps in front of him which will depress his tackle opportunities.
  10. Monday night announcing crew

    It was an abomination, I couldn't even understand 90% of what he was saying, and I thought Autotune would have been played out by now.
  11. Monday night announcing crew

    That "halftime show", did that really just happen? So glad I bowed out of pop culture a dozen years ago.
  12. go out and get this guy

    Drop Mike Williams or Allison for him?
  13. Forced to play Agholor tonight, better than Allison or Royce Freeman.
  14. Week 5 milk carton thread

    Golden Taint Mixon McCaffrey, respectable ground yardage but ZERO catches?! That's suppose to be his bag, baby. V McDonald Lambo
  15. Colts/Patriots game tonight

    Come on Michel I want my 100 yard bonuses.