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  1. Week 2 Injury Thread

    Gronk has a groin, he's riding the bike on the sideline.
  2. Best LBs to start

    I'd stay with Kirksey, he's a proven commodity.
  3. TJ watt worth adding ?

    Do not drop Wagner for Watt. Watt is a rushing outside linebacker, meaning he will have days like he had week 1, but he will also often have days with just a couple of tackles and no big plays, the vast majority of OLB's score very inconsistently, and won't outscore top tier MLB's like Wagner on the season outside of big play leagues that score very generously for sacks, FF and picks.
  4. MNF annoucers are horrible

    OK, I know who she sounds like now.
  5. MNF annoucers are horrible

    "That's a couple of negative plays in a row for the Cherrgers." She way over pronounces her r's.
  6. MNF annoucers are horrible

    This is the toll we must bear at the alter of political correctness. Now stop criticizing her you sexist misogynists.
  7. MNF annoucers are horrible

    She sounds like agent Starling in Silence of the Lambs, but with a thicker accent, and I bet she's not nearly as cute which of course is grounds for letting it slide. Gourdeau, can you shorten up your signature. Like this perhaps: QB- Tom Brady RB- DeMarco Murray, Tevin Coleman WR- DeAndre Hopkins, Brandin Cooks, Demaryius Thomas TE- Greg Olsen Flex- Keenan Allen, Brandon Marshall DST - Seattle Bench - Martavis Bryant Bench- Doug Martin, Derrick Henry, Donte Moncrief, Chris Hogan, Darren McFadden, Minnesota and feel free to copy and paste that, I fixed all your spelling errors.
  8. Week 1: SD @ DEN

    My God, who is this chick doing the game. Think I'm gonna listen to the game on the radio and mute the TV.
  9. The Electric Tarik Cohen

    Added value in leagues that score points for return yardage. Thank goodness I drafted him in one of my 6 leagues, at least it's my 2nd most important league, and it's a 0.5 PPR that scores ret yardage.
  10. New to idp. Help please

    LB is indeed the most valuable IDP position, and I'd put Safety's at #2. DL's rely on big plays for their totals, but they usually struggle to produce tackles - the meat and potatoes of IDP's. Relying on big plays for IDP production isn't the way to go. Look for the guys who tackle the most consistently, that's your LB's and Safety's, and just consider the big plays as gravy.
  11. Week 1 Milk Carton Thread

    K Benjamin. And where the hell is Eric Reid.
  12. Patriots/Chiefs thread

    Garbage time, from the Patriots!
  13. Which LBs on Free Agent list?

    If James really is the 3 down guy for OAK and I believe he is slated for that, he'd be the best pickup and someone you can keep indefinitely. TEN was a below average matchup for LB's last year, but this is expected to be a high scoring game so, many offensive plays run hopefully, and it's a good IDP stat venue. Demario Davis has always been painfully mediocre, but if BUF runs McCoy as much as they're talking about doing (BUF ought to be in positive game script for him to do just that), he could put up a nice week for you, but he's not someone I'd want to hold onto past this week. And BUF is a very IDP stat friendly venue. Toomer was very solid filling in for Perryman last year, I don't expect that to change in September, but Perryman is expected to take is starting gig back likely sometime in October, so Toomer's on borrowed time. It's not a favorable LB matchup @ DEN this week, and it's a poor IDP stat venue as well. Of all those options, I'd be least interested in Brooks, also I don't think Smith is a 3 down guy. And Jack isn't starting the year as a 3 downer last I heard.
  14. Alternate IDP Sources?

    Fantasy Sharks has some good free content.
  15. Brandon Marshall's been dropping into my lap as a fine #4 and 5 WR. Have him on 3 of 4 teams, with 2 drafts to go.