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  1. Week 11 Milk Carton

    Ant watch the game. What us up with Big Ben?!
  2. Best fantasy player so far

    Speaking of KC, Tyreek Hill has been nothing but gold in. And his ADP was not astronomically high either. Also, while I do not own him anywhere, D. Watson deserves to be in the conversation.
  3. It seems that you do not think honesty and objectivity will do the trick, so this is not even a remotely direct or upfront way to do it. Simply turn over the commissioner position to somebody you trust (who understands your predicament, agrees with your view and can keep mouth shut) who has been in the league long enough to make sense as the new commissioner. A new commissioner who does not work with or for him and can and will confront him and politely tell him to either knock off the nonsense or get lost. You play the good cop and take your boss's side in disputes. Show him you care and agree, but heck, you're not the commissioner any longer so your hands are kind of tied. If he doesn't stop, the new commissioner quickly boots him (to save on drama). Argue (for your co-workers' benefit) that it was unnecessary and that he should at least get his entry fee returned if he's is booted. Later (perhaps the following season?), the new commissioner can "flake out" and turn the league back over to you. The leagues I play in have a tradition that if you are kicked out, there's no getting back in. If yours has a similar tradition, simply take advantage of it. Even if it doesn't, most people I know would rather eat glass that try to get back into a league from which they had been booted. Why would he? Hopefully he will stop acting like a tool, but if not, and if parts are played right, you just might be able to have your cake and eat it too. If this guy is half the jerk you've described, the other co-workers will be equally happy to be rid of him during their off hours. Again, I appreciate that this is somewhat less than forthright, but it seems that your circumstances otherwise mostly preclude you from salvaging a good result.
  4. Devante Parker

    You have some good WW options. Funchess then Agholor as I do not know the Brown to whom you refer. John is great, Juron, not so much . . . Either way, I would go with Funchess or Agholor.
  5. Kamara vs McCaffrey

    I was a little surprised at the Huddle's take that the former AP carries would primarily go to Ingram. I mean, Brees loves him some pass catching backs. Always has. And I think they will be used to playing from behind this year. So my money is going on Kamara, though I've always loved McCaffrey's game!
  6. Week 1 Milk Carton Thread

    Did Henry even get any snaps?
  7. Ingram?

    Yeah, Hightower singlehandedly made the difference for me in one league last year. In my eyes, he can do little wrong.
  8. Milk Carton. Week 7

    Terry West. Killing me
  9. Time To Cut Bait?

    Owning Tate would enrage me.
  10. Time To Cut Bait?

    Touch choices. I'd normally stick with Taylor, but losing Sammy is rough. While Brock has all the weapons an NFL QB should need, he's just not very good. Best of luck!
  11. Time To Cut Bait?

    As we are ending Week 4, I feel there there are certain players I have held onto for seemingly way too long in the hope that they will pan out. However, I am always concerned about dropping players a week too early (my biggest error like that was dropping Dwayne Bowe shortly before he when on a multi-week TD scoring fiesta the other year). But anyway, I think that after 4 weeks, the probationary period is over. Messers. Funchess and Ivory will be terminated at the end of the day. Regardless of whether I have waited to long or not long enough, I am sure the rest of you had similar questions. When do you decide that it is finally time to cut them?
  12. Adrian Peterson hurt...

    I had the same question. Despite searching, I have found nothing regarding the $$ amount of the deal. If the deal is team friendly, why not add some depth? If they had to give up a lot, however, it cannot bode well for AP's swift return.
  13. Bills-Jets

    This is a surprisingly good game for a Thursday night!
  14. Start Bench List

    When did they fix it? It was pretty conspicuous with notable absences this morning.
  15. CJ Spiller Cut