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  1. Thanks, good list. I just thought Huddle might have known something I didn't by listing Lee and Jack on top. I still don't understand why they did that. I'd still like to know how that happened.
  2. I agree. I feel let down. I trusted the names even though I did not know them. I thought I was out of touch. It turns out Jack and Lee really aren't the top 2 LBs? What is the explanation for this. This is like the ridiculous Yahoo pre-draft rankings. I surely did not think the Huddle put up bogus info.
  3. What happened this year. I admit to ignorance about who is expected to get lots of tackles etc. I blindly used good draft rounds to get the best LBs and went for Jack and Lee. After spending good draft picks on them I find out they have no track record. I depend on you, and I feel let down. What is the explanation? Really, I'd like to know what happened.