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  1. Is Reshad Jones injured?, retired? I don't see his name on the DB list of IDP players. Isn't he the best or one of the best Defensive Back? I'm losing trust in Huddle IDP advice. Please correct me if I am wrong.
  2. Thanks, good list. I just thought Huddle might have known something I didn't by listing Lee and Jack on top. I still don't understand why they did that. I'd still like to know how that happened.
  3. I agree. I feel let down. I trusted the names even though I did not know them. I thought I was out of touch. It turns out Jack and Lee really aren't the top 2 LBs? What is the explanation for this. This is like the ridiculous Yahoo pre-draft rankings. I surely did not think the Huddle put up bogus info.
  4. What happened this year. I admit to ignorance about who is expected to get lots of tackles etc. I blindly used good draft rounds to get the best LBs and went for Jack and Lee. After spending good draft picks on them I find out they have no track record. I depend on you, and I feel let down. What is the explanation? Really, I'd like to know what happened.