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  1. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000793270/article/judge-dismisses-all-charges-in-darrelle-revis-criminal-case I thought the charges were complete bullsheet from the get-go. Overzealous Pittsburgh police and prosecutor. Now the REAL charges against Revis should be the fraud he perpetrated on the Jets by not giving one ounce of effort last season.
  2. they gave him a one-year prove it deal. Prosise, Rawls and Lacy. The Seattle 3-headed... no, 4-headed backfield, I forgot Wilson. It will be interesting to see if Wilson goes back to relying more on his legs. Might as well move all three of the backs into the nearly useless category for 2017. Rawls is on the last year of his rookie contract so he comes dirt cheap. Prosise still has to prove himself, but shows promise. Lacy, you have to assume would be used more like Rawls, so it makes you wonder if Seattle is looking to trade Rawls and has decided that they are done with him after the rookie contract.
  3. as a Jets fan who has heard Revis speak numerous times, I can safely tell you that the voice on the TMZ video is someone else. Probably one of his bodyguard/entourage. That doesn't exonerate Revis either. Accomplices get charged and convicted as well.
  4. Actually, this part is somewhat credible. When you are considering purchasing retail property in any neighborhood, you absolutely must examine what goes on there at night before you buy in. I've done it. That said, I call B.S. on it.
  5. I tried to post a picture. How do you do it without using the pic as an attachment?
  6. The report says he hit two guys and knocked them out for 10 minutes. That's more hits than he had all season. Also, Revis' attorney claims he tried to back away from the encounter. This, I believe. If you watch his 2016 game film, he backed way from everyone running toward him (as they eventually blew past him). From Revis Island ----------------> Rikers Island.
  7. cant find on poolhost. link?
  8. I'd much rather have Lamar Miller at this point in their careers. Tampa Bay or Giants would be good fits. If he can give them 2 years, then its a lot better than what they have now. Live in Florida instead of Minnesota. I say Tampa Bay is best fit. Doug Martin.. between suspensions, injuries and just plain sucking, will have to be a very expensive #2 RB for the Bucs.
  9. the offensive line of the Cardinals makes every attempted pass by Palmer a freaking adventure.
  10. 4 on each for me. Let us know when you open the third.
  11. Tell you all what... Send Tomlin over to the jets and you guys can have Todd Bowles instead.
  12. NFL HC is an extremely stressful job. When that stress adversely affects your health, you begin to think twice. I wish Kubiak all the best in the years ahead.
  13. how do I know if I am in? Is there a link? Payment sent via paypal BTW.
  14. The Jets' beat reporter Manish Meathead Mehta reports that Woody Johnson has decided to keep Bowles around for 2017. You see on the Jets, the HC does not report to the GM. The HC and the GM each reports to the meddlesome owner. He is an idiot and I'm not exaggerating. I expect another 2 or 3 win season out of the Jets. Bowles is probably the worst HC in the NFL. Totally in over his head, has lost all control of the clubhouse, makes stupid decisions one after another unlike any HC I've seen in my 57 years. And he's stubborn to boot. What a colossal blunder by the Jets owner. It's bad enough that this brainless owner will represent the United States in England for one Donald Trump (another colossal mistake), but to keep Bowles, the imbecile, around another season is just too much. Woody Johnson has never worked a day in his life at a meaningful job and has no clue at all how to manage anything, let alone a business or an NFL football team. Sorry Jets fans, but another year of Bowles is upon you.