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  1. yes and yes
  2. thank you. I was offered an 8th round pick for Lockett and a 10th for Shepherd. Since one of them was going to be dumped back into the pool of regular players for the draft, I traded Lockett and took the 8th rounder and will keep Shepherd.
  3. I have to select one of these two WRs to be kept in round 21 in a standard league (league also gives points to players for for return yards and return TDs): Sterling Shepherd or Tyler Lockett Both are #3 targets on their respective teams. Lockett once handled punt and KO returns but I'm not sure if he is doing so again. If he is, then he seems to be the better choice for this year. But whichever one is kept can also be kept for future years. Shepherd has a bright future once Brandon Marshall gets injured or retires after this season (both are likely).
  4. last year got the whole thing (Sunday Tick. Max) for a grand total of $50 plus other significant discounts on my other programming. This year I can't squeak a fart out of them and I have canceled Sunday Ticket. I'll try again after week 1 (when it's free for everyone).
  5. not to mention that without Maclin, Hill will draw more attention and often from superior CBs. ALso, he didn't do much in weeks 15 + 16 with zero receptions and 8 targets. With Hill, you'll be relying on return TDs and the occasional running play. Defenses will be prepared for it. He's being overdrafted IMO. Some of my leagues get 1 pt/25 return yards, so that adds value as long as they have him returning on ST.
  6. How much will Charles eat into Anderson's carries? I guess it depends on how fresh he looks in camp, but I just have this nagging suspicion that if he still shows some flash, he'll get closer to half of the carries. Is that crazy or realistic?
  7. geez. Sung to the tune of Radar Love: "One more keeper RB gone....." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zf53Pg2AkdY
  8. julio
  9. Hey Gang Green... Glad to see you back. Checking in with you on tricky choices is a must! Thanks for all your time last year. It's very therapeutic, you know. And I'm sure you do. Ive always associted Gang Green with the Jets. Is it a common nickname for Philly?
  10. Just the opposite. The trades were made in good faith based on a sole desire to gather potential keepers. That was the plan and expectation. If there was a chance of abandoning the future keeper plan, the guy wouldn't have made the trades. He has to get his picks back. If you abandon a plan after GMs already acted on the promise of it, then the only fair thing is a complete do over for everyone. People make important draft pick decisions in year 1 of a new Keeper league. Since you decided to change the plan for 2017 after a GM made future draft pick decisions based on it, he either gets his picks back or you should let him have those keepers. Look, it seems that the league realized its own negligence in not working out keeper rules in advance and that led to a decision to start the keeper process over from scratch. That means a clean slate, including all picks. Either give him his picks back or let him keep the players he traded with the intention of keeping. You cant fk him over like that. He should quit if you do.
  11. You're welcome. Why in the world would anyone waste their time validating credentials for you? I told you what is likely correct absent any specific language in the CBA or Johnson's contract. I was responding to your original post. If you don't trust it or want to challenge it, be my guest. LOL. You are weird.
  12. that's not going to happen. I've been in this league a long time. All 4 RBs will go before any of the 2017 WRs. Non PPR and teams are always RB hungry.
  13. Nope. Telling you like it is, absent any info on specific CBA provisons or Calvin's contract which would deviate from common law principles. Duh.
  14. LOL. Exaggeration much? noun 1. the act or an instance of stalking, or harassing another in anaggressive, often threatening and illegal manner: Stalking is now a crime in many states. adjective 2. of or relating to the act of pursuing or harassing: Stalking laws have alleviated some problems for famous people.
  15. I think my original post says "standard scoring - non PPR"