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  1. Nonsense. I'm a season ticket holder. I've already informed the team I'm not coming in 2020, no matter what the NFL decides. I can't sit amidst tens of thousands of people this fall. Maybe in 2021. I am over 60 and without the best pair of lungs. No way. The Jets are allowing me to retain my STH rights and refunded the 1st 3 monthly payments. I'm glad they are doing the right thing. If I don't pay them and they try to revoke my STH rights, it will be posted in every newspaper, magazine, website etc. so far, they are doing the right thing here.
  2. Mock draft, anyone?

    Do you want to join one on another board? I'm looking for one starting up. If I find one, I'll post the link here.
  3. Panthers cut Cam Newton & sign Robby Anderson

    Yes they did, but it is unknown just how much was guaranteed. It might be the same guaranteed money of $12 million, so a 2 year deal lets Robby hit FA a second time a lot earlier. He is betting on himself. I think Robby or his agent believes he will outperform his contract and land a much better deal in 2 years.
  4. Mock draft, anyone?

    Not happening. I remember when this site was popular and the board active. Thanks for nothing USA today. Well if anyone is interested in tracking a couple of mocks I'm in, here are the links to the spreadsheets. THe first one just began round 2 and the second is finishing round 3: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/15n6rRLjnZ5zMyuz3qPIsOfGwJhOM1pc9Cju-zsr_CM4/edit?usp=sharing https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Wwnf7gYyC96sZR-BTkr7YVdUSeNeauxKMowyTAlPFDc/edit?usp=sharing Each one has active Selection and Discussion threads on the boards. (RSR Ravens Message Board and JetNation board)
  5. Panthers cut Cam Newton & sign Robby Anderson

    yep. It's actually a 1 year 12 million if they cut him after year 1. Robby is a deep threat A one-trick pony, and is NOT particularly good at jump-balls. In fact, he is under 50-50 on those 50-50's. Carolina already has Moore, who is fast and Samuel plus Teddy Dink-and-Dunk only. I just don't get it. I know Robby and Rhule go way back together to Temple days. Good luck to them.
  6. How's everyone doing? This Shelter-at-Home stuff will increase two things: December-January record # of newborns and an unprecedented increase in divorce filings. And how about if you have a wife that has gone full Hudson at least once or twice every day? I wanted to get something in Costco and she said not to come home if I go in there in a tone of voice that I haven't heard in 3 decades.
  7. Mock draft, anyone?

    1. @Dcat 2. @darin3 3. @Big John @millworkguy are you in? We need between 8-16 people or it's a no-go.
  8. Fowler a Falcon

    Fowler tweets he is headed to Atlanta
  9. Official QB domino thread

    Could Cam Newton possibly end up in NE?
  10. yeah... How reliable is Michael Irvin? I don't follow him at all. I can't stand his voice.
  11. The real fatality % is likely to be lower due to the fact that there are so many untested people who are infected. But I think people are missing the point that the fatality rate is going to skyrocket beyond fathomable limits when the hospitals are overwhelmed. Timing is everything. It's all about flattening that curve because the hospitals can only do so much to get ready and we will not have the needed number of beds, ventilators, gowns, masks etc. The possibility that many healthcare workers will be infected and unavailable as well. Social Distancing is the ONLY current plan that offers hope of keeping that fatality number down.
  12. dude, what you posted was PATENTLY false. Just the kind of thing the kids are saying and it's wrong. Right now in France, Chile, and elsewhere,there are many younger patients experinceing terrible symptoms and it is partially being attributed to the use of ibuprofen. so much that WHO now recommends avoiding any ibuprofens to alleviate symptoms. I'm not a panic monger. These are facts. Your statement was wrong and misinformative. Iam following this extensively and looking at only the best possible sources.
  13. False. Patently false. It is about as severe for some people (not necessarily the elderly) as the WORST of influenza with repeated high fevers and incredible amounts of fluid in the lungs for everyone. It's that the elderly can't manage it. My friend's 42 year old son (an ex-athlete in the best of shape) is in recovery and he said it was the worst sickness he has ever experienced. Thought his heart would burst from the extreme, non-stop coughing for days on end. Although there are SOME with relatively mild symptoms, don't interpret that as only the elderly are at risk. Lots of people below 60 are hospitalized in ICU with ventilators, including 2 young ER doctors from a certain hospital..
  14. if true, WOW! RedditCFB ✔@RedditCFB “Bill O’Brien told Deandre Hopkins he didn’t like that he he had multiple baby mamas, and then compared him to Aaron Hernandez.” Michael Irvin just now on ESPN’s Get Up Absolute bombshell if true 973 9:43 AM - Mar 18, 2020
  15. yeah well when some of the spring breakers return home from the beaches to infect mommy, daddy, grandma and grandpa, they are risking that there will be a hospital bed ready for their older loved ones so that life can go on. If not, then life won't go on for them. See Italy. For the most part, this 18-29 year old generation doesn't give a sh!t about anything except their own pleasures.