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  1. Earl Thomas Held At Gunpoint By Wife

    the ultimate Karen
  2. Mock draft, anyone?

    Thanks to everyone who is migrating over to the other site for the mock. The owner there should be approving the new memberships soon and I hope to get started this evening. I haven't set up the threads yet. Anyone else who wants in... shoot me a PM. It will be real nice to be able to attach pics without having to download them first and retrieve remotely, circa 2001.

    several forums run them. One of the best is at jetsnation.com and the others are at footballsfuture.com. Mock draft are alive and thriving on active message boards. Also, Football's future has a message board for draft, a separate one for each NFL team, one for fantasy. It is very good. It's painful to migrate, but it is pretty clear that this site is on its last days. If there is no NFL this year, this site will be a ghost town more than it already is. I doubt theHuddle is worth the annual fee any more. I've tried for several years to justify it. Shame. It was very good. But placing all the blame on other social media is faulty. I participate today in some of the most active message boards ever. It is how the boards are promoted and word of mouth as much as it is other social media. TheHuddle does next to nothing to promote itself (at least it seems) and along with the main board's drastic decline, the message boards go right down the tubes.
  4. Mock draft, anyone?

    looking at that list over in the 2009 Huddler mock: @irish @electricrelish @BeeR @Randall @tazinib1 @MTSuper7 @theprofessor @loyalboyd @piratesownninjas @peepinmofo @Wolverines Fan @policyvote [Detroit] Hope you are all well. And yes, I know @irish just wrapped up the box pool and post season fantasy. But some of those above I haven't seen here in eons. Would love to know all is well.
  5. Mock draft, anyone?

    Hey @Gopher Your settings don't let you get PMs. I just sent a PM to everyone who was interested. THis mock is happening. But not on theHuddle forums. So if you want in, send send me a PM and I'll send you the info. If anyone else wants in... PM me. It will likely be 2 teams per GM. But if you only want one we'll make it happen.
  6. Mock draft, anyone?

  7. Mock draft, anyone?

    awesome. Can youmanage 2? what team?

    this was in 2009, one year before I joined the site. The thread had over 21,000 views. Some of the names on that list were here not too long ago and some long gone.
  9. Mock draft, anyone?

    uh huh. I need more people.
  10. Mock draft, anyone?

    If we do what we did last year, we need 8 GMs, one for each division. Almost there. No trading within the division. Im sending each of you a PM to confirm. I will need you to reply w/email + mobile # for texts.
  11. Mock draft, anyone?

    I have about 6 people including myself at this point. Need a few more and we can get it going.
  12. like there will be a hungry market for them. I doubt that. At least not here in the NY area. We are devastated. Let the teams sell them. Thats their job. If no one buys them from them, well then it was stupid to plan on "full" stadiums. LOL. When the death toll in the US nears 100,000 before the start of summer, maybe reality will set in for them. Not everything is about revenue.
  13. Nonsense. I'm a season ticket holder. I've already informed the team I'm not coming in 2020, no matter what the NFL decides. I can't sit amidst tens of thousands of people this fall. Maybe in 2021. I am over 60 and without the best pair of lungs. No way. The Jets are allowing me to retain my STH rights and refunded the 1st 3 monthly payments. I'm glad they are doing the right thing. If I don't pay them and they try to revoke my STH rights, it will be posted in every newspaper, magazine, website etc. so far, they are doing the right thing here.