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  1. Start Diggs?

    I think McCaffery is going to eat the Jets alive. Love Diggs but Thielin is the king. I think the Jets put Claiborne on Funchess most of the time, enough to neutralize him often. McCaffery is the pick.
  2. Flex Help on Turkey Day

    Its down to Perine or Murray. My choice is Perine.
  3. Ajayi or Perine? non-PPR

    Perine is all they gotz. Barner, Blount, Smallwood, Ajayi,..... No brainer.
  4. Robbie Anderson vs Panthers or Davante Adams @ Pittsburgh?
  5. Vernon Davis this Thanksgiving

    and the Jets absolutely suck defending the TE (but not as bad as the Giants). Its going to be a TE turkey fest against the NY teams this week.
  6. Happiest of Thanksgiving GGL! Help me choose six spots: 2 RB, 2 WR and 2 FLEX in a PPR. RB: Howard, Ajayi, L. Miller, Booker WR: Hopkins, Landry, Smith-Schuster, Funchess, Watkins I normally wouldn't consider Watkins here but with Woods out and Lattimore probably out, it's a good situation for him. But still.. it's Watkins.
  7. I hate you. My poor running back starved team fighting to stay alive and you post this! I'd get Ekeler to protect Gordon. Bell, San Diego LA's RBs, Perine, Hyde and Kamara give you 5 top RB options every week. You are only using three of them at most, so go get ekeler. You are never going to use McKinnon. Too late for trades? Get something you can use for one of them.
  8. Need 1 QB

    I like them all this week. They are all playing at home. Carr and Goff have pretty high ceilings. Raiders score through the air but it is still a good Denver pass defense. New Orleans is on a massive win streak. Teams like this saints team can really pour it on and it wouldnt surprise me if that Saints defense plays like its playing for a championship. Frankly, without Woods, all they have to do is cover Watkins well, and all Goff has left is Gurley and Austin. Goff is the biggest risk of the 3. I'd probably go with the least flashy choice Dalton, who is playing a terrible, uninspired Browns team. Cinci run game blows and Dalton might throw a lot. The only thing I worry about here is a 10 - 3 unproductive Cinci win. But I just can't resist this particular match up.
  9. I think Chiefs are the best choice here with Chargers as my 2d choice. I think the Bills have mentally finished their season. The Bills defense is a train wreck and has just about given up so you can expect a huge KC lead. That will force Taylor into taking big risks and I think the Choefs will capitalize. Not so with the Jets who happen to be playing hard even though they have no chance to make playoffs. I see a big effort from them and don't be surprised if they put up some points while holding Cam down.
  10. Was this a good last minute deal?

    very good trade for you. No guaranty that JuJu produces week after week. Even though Evans has the very weak armed and inaccurate Fitzpatrick, he will be just fine.
  11. Hi GGL, thanks for the advice last week in picking a QB #2 from the waiver-wire dregs in a 2-QB league. You advised Gabbert over a bunch of other scrubs (Kizer, Peterman, et al.) and Gabbert not only out-produced the other scrubs, but gave me enough to give me an easy victory. thanks Now for this week's question in a full PPR; 2 starting positions: WR2, and Flex2 Here are my 5 choices for those 2 open spots: JuJu Smith-Schuster vs Packers Golden Tate vs Vikings CJ Anderson @ Oakland Kenny Stills @ New England Robbie Anderson vs Panthers
  12. need 1wr

    ick. Doctson gets more targets probably, so he would be my choice. mine: http://forums.thehuddle.com/topic/496308-which-two-rbs/
  13. Lineup help

    1st replacement: J. Williams 2d replacement: Martin I do not trust Arizona and Peterson. mine: http://forums.thehuddle.com/topic/496308-which-two-rbs/
  14. Howard/Ajayi for me. No hesitation. mine: http://forums.thehuddle.com/topic/496308-which-two-rbs/
  15. Battle of the White Running Backs

    wait on Woodhead. Go Burkhead. mine: http://forums.thehuddle.com/topic/496308-which-two-rbs/