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  1. DirecTV / NFL Sunday Ticket (2019)

    Royally. After 20+ years of good customer service followed by 3 that have been horrendous, I'm just about done. And like, @darin3 we have been pretty fixed in our ways, but enough is enough. AT&T sucks to worst extreme.
  2. Best pick for Draft position

    I've done some 5th / 6th mocks and always get bell, Johnson or Zeke. If Zeke holdout gets resolved he'll be out of that mix.
  3. Best pick for Draft position

    Zeke, Bell, D. Johnson, or Hopkins.
  4. Damien Williams thoughts?

    hmmmm Reid has traditionally favored a workhorse-RB his entire coaching career, in fact used Williams that way. Even guys like Staley.
  5. Duke Johnson traded to Texans

    a little dose of cold, cold reality. I see a lot of shrinkage among Chubb owners. "I was in the pool!"
  6. Sorry... can't seem to find them in Rankings/Projections or Cheat Sheets. There has been a rookie ranking page forever (not the current rookie analysis article). Can't find it with the new format. Older format was better. More intuitive.
  7. Osemele is a beast

    Jets got him in a trade with the Raiders in the off season. Oh boy! He's a beast. Watch #70 single handedly protect Sam Darnold in the collapsing pocket. And Darnold's ability to improvise on the fly, even with poorly placed feet, could be special. Exciting times for Jets fans
  8. I have a keeper decision coming up in 2 weeks. Leonard Fournette. Injuries, behavioral issues and missed time. Does anyone think he will begin to live up to the last 2 years' unsatisfied expectations with a new system in place in Jax? This keeper league is thin on RBs. If he is dumped into the pool, he will be drafted very early.
  9. Cheat sheet tiers?

    No tiers -------> many tears https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0iux9_Yl1OM
  10. Cheat sheet tiers?

    Tiers for Fears
  11. Cheat sheet tiers?

    Bring back the tiers.
  12. Over/Under 9 wins for your team

    Jets under. 8-8
  13. This has F-A-I-L written all over it.
  14. Somebody did grab the spot. We don't use or need League Safe because the elagues has been around for 17 years and the payments are sent to me and I send all the payouts. Unfortunately, we are using Yahoo. I'll let you know of any other openings. Thanks for asking.
  15. Coach's analysis of Darnold

    Could be a lot better because there is no established #1 WR, but at least it is a bonafide 3 WR set: Robby Anderson, Quincy Enunwa and Jamison Crowder. There are plenty of teams that can't say that. They have Lev Bell, of course, who will be targeted and also is the safety valve and Herndon (after 2 game suspension) at TE, who was productive and had several excellent games. Better than before and the difference Bell makes should be tremendous.