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  1. Now that it is pretty clear that McCoy is out and likely that Ivory is either out or very limited, what do we think about starting Murphy? WOould you start Murphy over a guy like Westbrook in a half-point ppr?
  2. We play 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 FLEX in a 1/2 ppr. Current lineup: QB: Cousins (Carr available as a FA) RB: L. Miller RB: E. McGuire WR: M. Thomas WR: D. Hopkins WR: J. Landry TE: Brate FLEX: Stills Bench: RB: A. Peterson, C. Thompson, J. Richard WR: A. Miller, D. Westbrook TE: Engram Brate or Engam at the TE spot? Play Peterson at RB2 instead of McGuire? Peterson in Flex? Play Stills in Flex? Or Engram/Brate or Westbrook?
  3. Along with your advice, you might want to send your priest because it may be last rights for this one. Lost hunt, Kerryon Johnson, Crowell. Went from powerhouse team to desperate at RB. In a half-ppr, I need one RB2 and one FLEX: RB2: Richard, Gore, Patterson, Zenner FLEX: leftovers from above, Westbrook, Zay Jones, Gabriel available on waiver wire: Montgomery, Bernard, Sproles
  4. I have Samuels glued into my Yahoo TE spot and he isn't coming out because Conner may see some carries.
  5. The eggs in the same basket approach

    Just looked at my half ppr leauge's points for them in weeks 1-5 and you are right... they were both about the same: Johnson: 72.7 Hunt: 76.7 I guess it's the whole "Cardinals offense" vs "Chiefs offense" that would make it seem unbalanced. Optical illusion.
  6. Preparing for a butt-whipping?

    On one team, the butt is already firmly whipped: 75-0 Him: Mahomes 22, M. Williams 33, J. Jackson 16, Butker: 4 Me: K. Allen 0
  7. The eggs in the same basket approach

    I'm shocked your league didnt complain that the Hunt-DJ week 5 trade was too one-sided in your trade partner's favor. DJ and anything Arizona just looked toxic at that point of the season. No whining?
  8. The eggs in the same basket approach

    good stacks can be the best. I had Romo-Dez on one Champion team. More recently, Rodgers-Adams for a couple of years now with Aaron Jones mixed in.
  9. Odell Beckham OUT

    high stakes league. semi finals/finals week 13 & 14. No more add/drops after week 12.
  10. 1/2 point ppr Dalvin Cook @ Seattle or Jeff Wilson, Jr. vs Broncos?
  11. and in another league (0.5 ppr), pick one of these: Dalvin Cook @ Seattle or Jeff Wilson Jr. vs Broncos?
  12. James Conner ruled out for week 14

    100%. Not a shred of guilt. And a great big thanks to the idiots at Yahoo.
  13. Odell Beckham OUT

    This destroys me. Championship on the line and no add/drops. I have to replace Beckham with Royce Freeman in my Flex. Good Lord.
  14. Start Lindsay or Mixon?