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  1. Gronk possible trade?

    FWIW (I don't know whoo Kurkjian is or how reliable his info is): Adam Kurkjianā€¸Verified account @AdamKurkjian FollowFollow @AdamKurkjian More From multiple sources, here's what I have re: the Gronk rumors. Told Belichick wanted to trade him. Offers on the table w both the Titans and 49ers. He and Robert Kraft had a closed-door meeting to discuss. Tom Brady threatened to retire if the deal went through. Kraft nixed it. 2:13 PM - 8 Jun 2018 4,057 Retweets 6,801 Likes 460 replies4,057 retweets6,801 likes Reply 460 Retweet 4.1K Like 6.8K Adam Kurkjianā€¸Verified account @AdamKurkjian 15h15 hours ago More Statement from Pats PR head Stacey James: "I would say with the utmost confidence that none of that is true. None of it." 55 replies410 retweets987 likes Reply 55 Retweet 410 Like 987
  2. Hyde-Chubb-Duke: Browns backfield

    Yes, I saw that this morning. Makes my decision about whether to keep Hyde harder. If the future of Cleveland's backfield is going to be a Chubb-Duke J. duo, then Hyde's stay in Cleveland might just be a one-year stop-over. Cleveland can cut him before the third league day of the 2019 season (sometime in March, 2019) with only a $2.333 million dead cap hit.
  3. are you allowed to trade any of them for picks? That would make a big difference in whom you decie to keep.
  4. C.J. Anderson released

    Last year, McCaffery had 117 rushing attempts and Stewart had 198. That was a 37%-63% split on rushing attempts. I expect around the same this year, perhaps a little closer to to 50-50, with CJ getting the majority of carries. McCaffery's value is as a pass catcher with 80 receptions in 113 targets. None of this should change all that much by adding C.J. Even though Anderson is a far bettewr pass catcher thann Stewart, it's still going to be McCaffery catching theballs again this year and in the future.
  5. C.J. Anderson released

    McCaffery was never going to be a bell-cow, 3-down back. He's not built for that roile. CJ may actuaklly prove to be a nice compliment, nbut I do not expect McCaffery's production to be any less than if they kept Stewart on board. We all knew that they had to add something to that backfield. It had no depth worth a piss until now. McAffery owners need to calm down. He's still the man and will be a good fantasy producer in PPR leagues;
  6. When Hyde landed with the Browns, we Keeper/Dynasty Hyde owners were happy. And when Giants took Barkley, a sigh of relief could be heard around the world for all Keeper/Dynasty Hyde owners. But then at pick 2.3, the Browns surprise by selecting the Bulldog, Nick Chubb, causing Hyde owners to weep. Any idea how Hyde/Chubb/Duke will divide carries + 3rd down responsibilities? Chubb is a between-the-tackles bruiser, and I figure him to get more carries than the others, especially in the Red Zone. He's their improved version of Crowell. As for long-term... I expect one of Hyde or Duke to get released after the 2018 season. After the season is over, if Cleveland is happy with Chubb, they could release or trade Hyde with a $2.3 million dead money cap hit or they can let Duke go to free agency perhaps landing a comp pick for him. I think Hyde owners would be happy down the road with a Chubb-Hyde backfield. But the prescence of Duke Johnson this season I fear is going to limit Hyde's production.
  7. C.J. Anderson released

    1-year deal
  8. 2018 NFL draft FF player winners

    Jones was inconsistent and nicked up a bit. He also is atrocious in pass protection. He can be a liability out there when you need your RB to pick up the blitz.
  9. The 2018 NFL Draft

    I can't understand Josh Jackson not being selected in round 1.
  10. The 2018 NFL Draft

    Browns: by not taking darnold, they helped the jets. by not taking barkley they helped the giants. by not taking chubb they helped the broncos.
  11. The 2018 NFL Draft

    Yes they did. An amazing botch job that I cannot fathom happening to any other team. First, Dorsey got punked by all the misinformation funnelling out of Florham Park about how the Jets were a lock to take Mayfield at 3. How can Dorsey be that stupid or ignorant of the way Mike Maccagnan does things? Since his very first day as GM of the Jets, Mike Maccagnan has been "a vault", NEVER revealing anything important to the press. (The anti-"Rex Ryan", if you will.) Cleveland was so sure the Jets would take Mayfield at 3, that they probably ditched the plan to go Barkley at 1 followed by Mayfield at 4. I have no doubt whatsoever that the Jets draft board was 1. Darnold, 2. Rosen, 3. Mayfield. By planting the "mayfield at all costs" misinformation, the idea was to force a team like the Browns or any team that was interested in trading to #2 for Mayfield to move up... making it a sure thing that the Jets would get Darnold or Rosen. Cleveland got punked. Badly. By the Jets no less. How utterly embarrasing for Browns fans. My condolences. The Browns ownership and front office are idiots. And I think the pick at #4 was moronic. They could have moved down and gotten picks and still got Ward because Nelson and Chubb were sure to go off the board before Ward.
  12. Jets are not too shabby: CB: Trumaine Johnson, Morris Claiborne FS: Marcus Maye SS: Jamal Adams
  13. Dez Bryant cut

    Nobody said he was 'done'. But it is true that he is not as good as he once was. That's undeniable. But you can't rank him with the elite any more. At least not at the moment. Maybe his play this coming season will change all this. But this is how I think it is for the moment. He'll get a solid contract, maybe with mucho incentives. Put him on a win-now team rather than one rebuilding for the future like the Bills or Jets.
  14. Dez Bryant cut

    I don't think so. Watch his play in 2017 and you will see a drastic reduction in his ability to separate. He's not the same player he was.
  15. Dez Bryant cut

    OBJ + Dez + Saquon Barkley + Evan Engram. Give Eli his last hurrah for the next 2 years. Never happen, I know, but from an on the field point of view, ity would be genius.