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  1. NFL draft 2018

    The top 4 QB prospects, Darnold, Rosen, Mayfield, Allen will all be gone by pick #6, maybe 5. There are several teams who would be happy to move up to 3 or 4 or 5 depending on who gets Cousins.
  2. Anyone play the Super Bowl contest over at Draft Kings (4 offensive players + 2 IDPs)? Some weird scoring on a few things, but overall solid. I liked it. Would do this again.
  3. AFC Championship Game

    it always is when it's scripted.
  4. AFC Championship Game

    the FIX is in. Refs now controlling game. Pusssy Nantz can stop his little girl whining in the booth. Have no fear. Refs will make sure Patriots move on to Super Bowl.
  5. AFC Championship Game

    sense of humor phrase of humor 1. the ability to perceive humor or appreciate a joke.
  6. ...so says NFL.com. Can't be official until Minny and NE are done.
  7. Can't wait. Should be an intense competetion.
  8. dude, you just changed the topic to the Jets in your last post. Are you denying that? Off topic = deflection = message board pfail.
  9. changing the topic to the Jets? Why? Deflection? This was about the Pats trade of Jimmy G. And yes, I'm the first to tell you how much the Jets and its management suck balls. They are putrid. So if you are trying to get me rattled by ridiculing them, LOL, I'm right there with you. Bowles is a very bad HC. Incapable of controlling the locker room (like Rex) and very poor game planning and just horrendous in-game management. Clueless. Maccagnan has been, at best, a mediocre GM (per some jets fans) and I think he has been downright bad (I argue with other Jets fans about this). I wanted them both evicted this offseason. But the moronic ownership of the Jets gave these two cretins extensions. I've argued that Petty sucks since the day he was picked in the 4th round. And the drafting of Hackeberg in round 2 was just inexplicable. So if you want to poke fun at the Jets, you'll be here a long long time because there is so much garbage with this team, it is unbelievable. So if you want to make fun of the Jets, go right ahead. They deserve it. It doesn't bother me at all. Meanwhile, the trading of Jimmy G, I suspect, will be regretted by Pats fans down the road. We shall see. Next time stay on topic and don't try to deflect to another topic. Doing so is evidence that your side of the argument just sucks.
  10. nice. No wonder so many people despise Pats fans. You guys bring it on yourselves and it is well deserved. Again, good luck to you. Peace and out.
  11. I'll take 4 boxes per sheet please
  12. again... utterly predictable. Amateur! And yes, the Pats got zero benefit from trading Jimmy G for no more draft capital then they used to get him. He should have been the Pats QB of the future, but it seems egos got in the way a bit up there. Anyway, good luck to you.
  13. As typical... Pats fans resorting to personal insults when ppl don't agree with them. You are ever so predictable.
  14. bravo! Another validation of my post. The ol' "if you are not a pats fan, or worse, if you are the fan of another AFC East team, you can't be objective routine". You illustrate my point beautifully. Thank you a second time!
  15. thank you for so aptly demonstrating my point. You fit right in with my description. You couldn't have done a better job of validating what I wrote if you even tried.