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  1. now that bradford is out, play Jeffery.
  2. Hooper or Rudolph?

    wow I just posted the same EXACT question.
  3. Case Keenum is the Minnesota QB today. \tick with Rudolph at TE or switch to Hooper?
  4. Case Keenum is the Minny QB today. Stick with Rudolph at TE or switch to Hooper?
  5. Bryant for Mixon?

    no. Brees > than the difference between the 2 Bryants.
  6. yeah, I agree with that.
  7. Bryant for Mixon?

    run, don't walk to make that trade in any Dynasty. Hurry before someone tells the guy getting M. Bryant how mentally defective he is.
  8. Yeah, I've had Cobb penciled in here for a while. Not happy with that either, but its a deep league and not much else I can do.
  9. Diggs and Tate for Gordon

    Do it before the dude changes his mind. RBs like Gordon are harder to find/replace than #2 WRs, which is basically what Diggs and Tate are.
  10. thanks so much for all this. Very appreciated. One last question, for a standard non-ppr flex spot: Abdullah @ NY Giants or Cobb @ Atlanta?
  11. No doubt that Brown is a really nice upgrade over Dez. Huge, in fact. But the downside is also potentially huge. Hunt is still a bit of an unknown and we don't know if he can be consistent. This is a very risky trade for you. Not sure it's worth it.
  12. standard (non PPR) choose two: Cobb @ Atlanta Thielen @ Pittsburgh Maclin vs Browns also, which TE? Hooper vs Packers Hunter Henry vs Dolphins
  13. full PPR - Flex (pick 1): J. Matthews @ Carolina C. Coleman @ Baltimore Mike Wallace vs Browns