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  1. RIP Kobe

    5 of the deaths: Kobe, his daughter Gianna, another father and daughter from the same team, and the pilot.
  2. RIP Kobe

    I think Kobe was coaching his daughter's team. May God bless both of these families.
  3. RIP Kobe

    ESPN now saying wife and kids NOT onboard. Praying they were not. 4 oe 5 on board. Foggy as pea soup in the canyon today per my sister-n-law
  4. RIP Kobe

    Just horrible news. Horrible. Horrible. Horrible. Flashbacks to how I felt when Thurmon Munson crashed and even worse Stevie Ray Vaughn passed. mods: merge with Irish's thread. did not see it.
  5. Victory Pants 2020

    Victory Pants? Are those the same as "boner-pants"?
  6. SPIT SB Lineup

    Look at this awful mish-mosh: Garoppolo D. Williams Breida D. Samuel Hill Bourne Hardman Kelce Gould Chiefs My only option is to flip in D Robinson for either Hardman or Bourne. Hopefully Coleman will sit and that will allow Breida to get a few points
  7. Super Bowl gambling thread

    staying away from the point spread and the money line. I like the Over. I will probably load up on player prop bets. Struck gold with them in the Championship games.
  8. Super Bowl gambling thread

    oh no... take the over on this. It's going to be a 70+ point game. Just a strong hunch
  9. Would Brady play for Las Vegas?

    Now that Rivers is out, it's a pretty good bet that it's Brady to LA Chargers.
  10. Brady and Marc Davis in the building together at the McGregor fight . I think he could end up a Raiduh. There aren't many cities Giselle would be willing to move to and Vegs would be ok most likely
  11. agreed that WR position is the easiest one to miss out because of the level of greatness through the decades. Plain old "great" just won't make it. Guys like AJ Green can pretty much forget it. But there are omissions at every position.
  12. Garrett done

    about time for a little spice around here. You know... for all us rooting for loser teams.
  13. So we've been told that this won't happen again any time soon. For the NFL Centennial, they are inducting a special pool of players who had missed out. I think most teams will be getting some inductees. For my team, the NY Jets, Jets fans were hoping that #73, Joe Klecko, would finally be inducted. But no. I guess his legal issues after the NFL threw a monkey wrench into that. Instead, they chose Winston Hill, OT. Hill was a Jet from the early 60's to the 70's. Joe Namath's Left Tackle. A freak for his day and age... large (for that time period standards) but extraordinarily athletic. Sort of a precursor to the modern day LTs in the NFL. He was the prototypical elite, athletic LT before it was a thing. Highly worthy. It's just sad that he died 3 years ago before he could see this. How about your team? Who is getting in that you always wanted to get in?