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  1. Good morning. 10 various questions - all full PPR: 1. Flex: Ingram vs A. Miller 2. WR: Mike Williams v Perriman 3. WRs (pick 2): Lockett, Slayton, Diggs 4. WR desperation (pick 2): Ruggs, James Washington, Perriman (don't ask... injury riddled team). (Ruggs questionable but will likely play) 5. Flex (pick 1): J Howard, C Thompson, G Tate, B Edwards, C Herndon, Perriman, Cole 6. WR (pick 2): Kirk, Mike Williams, B Edwards, J Washington, Cole 7. Flex: Diggs vs M. Ingram 8. RB: Peterson vs Michel; Flex (1): Parker, Sutton, Herndon or leftover RB? 9. TE: Higbee vs Cook 10. Flex (1): Sutton, Higbee, Perriman
  2. Gallup or Emmanuel Sanders??

    Sanders should be targetted a lot today. More than Gallup
  3. I have three open slots (WR,WR,FLEX) in a full PPR. Choices are the following five: DJ Chark, S Diggs, E Sanders, Mike Williams, M Ingram
  4. Hey there: Here's one for week 2 for a full PPR: I have three open slots (WR,WR,FLEX). Choices are the following five: DJ Chark, S Diggs, E Sanders, Mike Williams, M Ingram
  5. yeah meant Giants. Going Green. Veteran vs inconsistency. Thanks
  6. Green tonight @ Cleveland or Miller vs Lions on Sunday? Full PPR
  7. I'm back! I hope you and family have fared well through 2020. Wracking my brain with this, and there are no other choices for me in this PPR: AJ Green @ cleveland tonight or A miller vs Lions on Sunday? Both have terrific upside but could also flop.
  8. yeah. I already have elliott in anorther as well. took Saquon thank you!
  9. 6:30 draft full PPR 10 minutes for anyone to chime in. No time for Help forum. Barkley or Elliott?
  10. exactly. We have seen what Hunt does. As a dynasty Chubb owner, Hunt makes me sad. So very very sad.
  11. apparently. but not enchilada (I did not type 'enchilada'. But I do like enchiladas. With a bottle of chianti.)
  12. Missing Tiers in The Huddle Cheat Sheets

    Tiers for Fears
  13. rookie rankings?

    button wouldn't slide over on one browser. Works on the other. Thanks. Always look forward to my individual rookie list.
  14. rookie rankings?

    that brings me to rnkings, but it won't set for rookie rankings. Every year there has been a page exclusively for rookies. Can't find it. I hesitated before rejoining theHuddle again, for what will be like way over a decade. But youcan't even find rookie rankings any more. Not to mention the humongous decline of forum activity.
  15. rookie rankings?

    Why can't I find the rookie rankings? I use them every year. Are they here? This is a pay site, correct? There are some free sites that offer more, I am sorry to say. I blame it on USA today.