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  1. Discontent in Dallas?

    After keeping any issues interneal during the season's first six games, at least two Cowboys players have decided to break ranks, telling NFL Network's Jane Slater that the team's coaching staff is "totally unprepared." "They don't teach," the unnamed player told Slater. "They don't have any sense of adjusting on the fly." Another Cowboys played added, "They just aren't good at their jobs." not good
  2. Arizona vs Dallas (MNF)

    still fuming over the Drake garbage time long TD. Cost me a crucial contest.
  3. Titans could end up being hammered by league Posted by Mike Florio on October 7, 2020, 3:45 PM EDT Getty Images The Titans already faced a potentially significant punishment for alleged protocol breaches that fueled an outbreak of COVID-19. Given the news that the team apparently gathered to practice last week after expressly being told not to do so, the Titans could be facing a consequence the likes of which the NFL has never seen. There’s buzz in league circles of possible “historic” punishment for the Titans given the various violations. “Especially if Troy [Vincent] was the one that told them not to practice,” one league source opined. Questions also linger regarding what the Titans knew, when they knew it, and when they shared it with the league office or the Vikings, Tennessee’s Week Three opponent. Some in league circles already think the league is inclined to punish teams for outbreaks, reasoning that the league’s protocols will prevent problems if followed and that, if problems happen, protocols must not have been followed. Throw in the apparently deliberate effort to defy instructions by the league to stand down during an outbreak in order to prevent it from exacerbating, and the NFL could soon make past punishment imposed on the Patriots seem like parking tickets.
  4. Week 6 Chat

    tim patrick or chark?
  5. Week 6 Chat

    I know.
  6. Week 6 Chat

    Jax WR situation a mess for owning any of them now that Chark is active. I had cole or shenault in several lineups. Trying to pivot but I dont have much
  7. no idea how many looks he gets
  8. 3-2 team (that started 3-0) ravaged with injuries and byes. Full PPR: We start 2 RB, 2 WR, TE, 2 Flex. I need help choosing my RB2, WR2 and Flex2. RB2: (pick 1) Duke Johnson, Royce Freeman, LaMichal Perine (that's so bad it's absurd) WR2: (pick 1) AJ Green, Ward, G Tate, A Miller Flex2: (pick 1) Any leftover from above or Higbee or Schultz
  9. Graham @ Carolina or Hurst @ Minnesota?
  10. Pick 1 TE

    That's tough. I'd let Gore go. Even if Gase feeds him the ball constantly (as I expect), he won't do much.
  11. Morning Irish! Start with this beauty: 3-2 team (that started 3-0) ravaged with injuries and byes. Full PPR: We start 2 RB, 2 WR, TE, 2 Flex. I need help choosing my RB2, WR2 and Flex2. RB2: Duke Johnson, Royce Freeman, LaMichal Perine (that's so bad it's absurd) WR2: AJ Green, Ward, G Tate, A Miller Flex2: Any leftovers from above, Higbee, Schultz
  12. Lamb is a no-brainer. Julio vs Terry? Are you really going to bench your stud? Unless you think Jones is a decoy today, you have to play him. The QB situation in Washington is too shaky anyway.
  13. WHich TE would you start today

    Hurst. He will get the most targets I think.
  14. Pick 1 TE

    Schultz, Brate or Burton in that order. Definitley pick up Cook for future use
  15. Melvin Gordon out vs. New England Patriots

    Strep throat, huh? OK
  16. Falcons are shutting down their facility

    funny how that works.
  17. Falcons are shutting down their facility

    yeppers... Vikings-Falcons game is highly vulnerable now. I have Wilson as my QB and he is on a bye. Thought I was fine with Cousins in at QB this week, but now have to fish for a different scrub on the Friday Waiver Wire.
  18. Bell released';

  19. Usually there is some news before waivers. Cole sitting there on wire. Usual sources not helpful.
  20. Melvin Gordon III charged with DUI on Tuesday

    Johnson, Woody (not affiliated with Johnson & Johnson because the family wouldn't allow him to go near J & J). Currently Trump's ambassador to Great Britain. The Jets reins allegedly in the hand of his brain damaged little brother, who has never had a real job in his life incidentally (nor has Woody for that matter). Just a great situation.
  21. Melvin Gordon III charged with DUI on Tuesday

  22. Melvin Gordon III charged with DUI on Tuesday

    watch Bell land in Denver. No way they go with Lindsay/Freeman for any number of games.
  23. Bell released';

    Playing behind the Jets OL, of course. Any RB will look better, even a scrub, playing behind a competent OL. But Bell is not the same Bell. Watch closely. He has lost his quick cuts and shifts. He is a fire hydrant now compared to the old Bell. Again, watch what he has looked like and you will clearly see it is not all on the Jets. Bell is nothing more than your avrage JAG RB now. ANd that was true when the Jets signed him last year too.
  24. Bell released';

    You just haven't watched him at all. He has zero burst. His hesitation and shifting directions is in slow motion now. You are just assuming he's the same Lev Bell. Any team that picks him up will see it in a nano second. He is absolutely a mere shell of his former self. I've been following and watching anything I can since 2019. Clear as day. It's why no team wanted him last year (or this year for that matter).
  25. Bell released';

    You clearly have not watched him. He's not even close to the same Lev Bell.