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  1. Jets fire GM Mike Maccagnan

    By the way. the real reason Chris Johnson got rid of Mac? It's not Gase. It's the many years of TERRIBLE UFA management and, of course, Maccagnan's comical chronology of bad drafting. Most of the commentary is not mine. My commentary in [brackets]: 12 hours ago, Jetsfan80 said: 2015 1.6: Leonard Williams -- Likely to be let go as UFA after 2019 [has not lived up to expectations. Let's see what Greg Williams can get out of him before kicking him to the curb] 2.37: Devin Smith -- Out of NFL after 2016 [horrible when covered even modestly, very bad hands and injury prone] 3.82: Lorenzo Mauldin -- Out of NFL after 2016 [great kid but way too slow] 4.103: Bryce Petty -- Out of NFL after 2017 [S-S-S-ucked! with a capital "S"] 5.152: G Jarvis Harrison -- Out of NFL after 2015 7.223: NT Deon Simon -- Out of NFL after 2016 2016 1.20: Darron Lee -- Traded for 6th round pick in 2019 offseason [A mental case for starters. One that is too small and too soft to be an NFL starting LB. Was called "plush" on the air by Bart Scott.] 2.51: Christian Hackenberg -- Worst draft pick in Jets history; Out of NFL after 2016 ['nuff said] 3.83: Jordan Jenkins [decent but slow - would be better OLB in a 4-3] 4.118: CB Juston Burris -- Cut by Jets in 2017, cut by Bucs in '18; currently buried deep on Browns depth chart 5.158: OT Brandon Shell -- # 56 OT in 2018 per PFF [not only does he suck, but Mac gave away a future 4th to move up to get him - aaargh!] 7.235: P Lac Edwards 7.241: WR/ST Charone Peake 2017 1.6: Jamal Adams -- Box Safety taken ahead of Watson/Mahomes [LOL at comment] 2.39: Marcus Maye -- Why? [completely unnecessary pick. 2 safeties back-to-back when the team has a rag-tag Oline? You kiddin' me? This is the moment Mac should have been fired. Right there.] 3.79: ArDarius Stewart -- Out of NFL after 2017 [horrible at everything. Mac has zero talent evaluation skills. ZERO] 4.141: Chad Hansen -- Out of NFL after 2017 5.150: Jordan Leggett -- Fat, lazy; Cut by Jets in 2019 [his Clemson nickname was "Lazy" and he lived up to it] 5.181: Dylan Donahue -- Drove wrong way thru Lincoln Tunnel [blood alcohol level of .15, struck a minibus and injured 4 occupants - holy sh!t]; Out of NFL after 2017 6.188: Elijah McGuire 6.197: DB Jeremy Clark -- Currently # 9 Safety on depth chart 6.204: CB Derrick Jones 2018 1.3: Sam Darnold -- Savior; Credit for selection to Heimerdinger [orchestrated the trade terms with Indi], Dave Gettleman [for gifting Darnold to the Jets by choosing Barkley] 3.72: Nathan Shepherd -- 32 year old project DT at crowded position [he's 26 or 27. Kind of an old draft pick from a tiny tiny program. Just a DUMB PICK] 4.107: Chris Herndon -- Macc's best draft pick [ An EXCELLENT pick. Very talented and should be an NFL star. Was arrested for DWI with a .0.14 blood alcohol after an accident just before dawn on Rte I-80. Final adjudication and NFL suspension is pending.] 6.178: Parry Nickerson [I like this kid!!!!] 6.180: Folorunso Fatukaski -- 5th DT drafted by Macc in 4-year period [useless and redundant. fat and slow] 6.204: Trenton Cannon [ just terrible. A special teams turnover machine as well. he should be cut pronto] 2019 1.3: Quinnen Williams -- 6th DT drafted by Macc in 5-year period 3.68: Jachai Polite [risky pick with huge upside. The one time Mac grew a pair of balls and used them. I am happy with this pick] 3.92: Chuma Edoga -- Only OL taken in first 4 rounds in Macc era; only OL who will be on roster by 2021. 4.121: Trevon Wesco 5.157: Blake Cashman -- Darron Lee replacement [probably way better than Pinky Lee, but almost anyone would, but comes with a bad injury history] 6.196: Blessuan Austin -- Multiple bad knees [another wasted pick. Mac loves the injury prone for some reason.]
  2. Jets fire GM Mike Maccagnan

  3. Leveon Bell Trade?

    Clayton was surmising. A polite way of saying he's talking out of his assholio. Gase was opposed to Maccagnan's giving $125 million Guaranteed money to the following positions: ILB, RB. Are these premium positions? Then the doofus media, particularly the Jets London-tabloid style beat writers, extend that to "Gase doesn't like Bell". And then,even more remarkably, Clayton distorts that into "I can absolutely see the Jets trading Bell". Wow. Maybe Clayton should do something about all that heavy metal rattling around in his head. It's definitely affecting his brain. (p.s. never mind Bell's guaranteed signing bonus that would escalate against the jets cap, John... duh... think John... think beofre you say stupid things.) Lets wait and see how much Gase doesn't like Bell when Darnold has to throw the ball to him 50 times on check downs because idiot Maccagnan has never addressed the OL and let it go to sh!t. Great way to help your shiny new franchise QB. Maccagnan was a moron. I'll take Joe Douglas please. Emperor Gase likes him.
  4. Jets fire GM Mike Maccagnan

    yes, and his choices must have changed the owners' mind. Both Gase and Greg Williams had been bitching to Chris Johnson (the acting owner while Woody Johnson is a Trumpbassador in Great Britain).
  5. Jets fire GM Mike Maccagnan

    Funny thing is Darnold absolutely loves Gase. Gushes over him at every sound bite. If Gase is a a true QB whisperer, then fine. Color me unimpressed with Tanehll. Got a little something from Cutler and even Tebow. So we'll see. Maccagnan was abysmal. 4 years of total neglect for the oline. Was going to get Sam killed. Bye. F-ck you, you sucked. I hated Mac from day 1. Terrible GM. Personally endorsed hackenberg. He's an idiot and terribke talent evaluator.
  6. I see I got the compensation right. Lee was terrible and is a headcase with a drug suspension.
  7. Jets-to-Jaguars: Darron Lee is available for a six pack and a bag of chips.
  8. Report post #1 Posted just now JOSH ROSENQB, ARIZONA CARDINALS ProFootballTalk on NBC Sports reports the Dolphins are "close" to acquiring QB Josh Rosen from the Cardinals. With the Giants and Redskins both out of the running, the Dolphins quickly became the front-runners for Rosen, who became expendable when Arizona drafted Kliff Kingsbury favorite Kyler Murray first overall on Thursday night. Assuming the deal comes to fruition, the Cardinals will receive Miami's second-rounder (48th overall) in exchange for Rosen. With little leverage and an unhappy Rosen threatening to become a locker-room distraction (he unfollowed the team on social media Friday), the Cardinals did well to get back a second-rounder for the former UCLA standout. Meanwhile the rebuilding Fins appear to have finally turned the page on the ill-fated Ryan Tannehill Era by installing Rosen as their new franchise signal-caller. The 22-year-old labored through a difficult rookie campaign in Arizona but was poorly coached and had minimal weapons at his disposal. Ultimately we think he'll benefit from a change of scenery.
  9. If that was the case, they were just sniped by New England for Harry one pick before theirs. Ouch.
  10. You are more than welcome to join in at any time. We have teams to spare. theHuddle 2019 Mock Draft rules: Duration: We will be doing a 2-round mock NFL draft. If we are fortunate to get through both rounds we will continue with round 3 until late afternoon Thursday, April 25th. Trades: Trades will be allowed, but avoid doing absurd, unrealistic ones. Post or send a PM of an impending trade and I will change the spreadsheet. Trades have to be reasonably close (say within + or - 20%) to the traditional draft value chart (Jimmah Johnson chart) or they will be rejected. Trading future picks is not permitted because those get abused. Trading active players is allowed, but they must be active players fairly well known to be on the trade block or in the last year of their contracts or have been replaced through free agency (players such as Gerald McCoy, Darron Lee, Josh Rosen, etc) and the price must be realistic. Do not try to trade anyone that would cause a tremendous 2019 cap hit to your team, making the trade unrealistic. Check for dead cap on Spotrac or Over-the-Cap sites. https://overthecap.com/salary-cap-space/ When examining your trade of an active player, I will check for those things. Send all trades to me or post in order to be finalized and so I can amend the spreadsheet. And please, no trades are permitted among your own teams (So no trading within your own division). Draft clock: No clock, but let's be responsible and diligent and try to check in and view PMs and the spreadsheet to see when you are OTC. Otherwise it sucks the fun out of it. Notifications: Be sure to tag the next GM up (i.e. @Dcat) or send a PM. Please turn on your notifications on so that when you are tagged you get a notification. Mock Draft Spreadsheet: Link to spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-UhKjbmeMTpFvr5wOtCo1u5wIGert-BMmmvdGW1ZDyU/edit?usp=sharing You can not make edits... but you can sort columns and change tabs at will. I will make edits as needed. Send me a PM if you see one needed. Navigate through the spreadsheet via the tabs at the bottom: Draft tab: this is the main tab that shows you all the picks for all the rounds in one page. You can quickly see who is on-the-clock and how far away you are from your next pick. GM Lineup tab: This is what attaches your team and selections to you on the main draft page. Remind me to change these if there are any changes in GMs. All Players tab: List of draft prospects with averaged rankings from multiple sources. The rankings are several weeks old so they are NOT up to date. Also they are entirely subjective so use them at your own risk. Use the rankings with caution. There will be no opportunity to update the rankings and there are frequent changes. Available Player Tab: Very helpful tab.This page gives you a quick look at who is still available. If you see a number next to the player, then he has been selected already and we just haven't gotten around to filtering him off the page. Positional rankings tabs: self explanatory. Warning: Rankings are over 2 months old and have changed significantly since then. These are only for reference and some are flat out crazy. Rankings are from several popular draft sites. You can sort by source if you like. Again, these may not up-to-date. Besides, its pretty subjective stuff anyway.
  11. It's looking like miami for a 2nd rounder. 11 picks below the Giants 2nd. If it does happen, then not too far off the mark: 2 5 530 Arizona Cardinals darin3 Deebo Samuel South Carolina WR from NY Giants (Josh Rosen)
  12. Welcome to theHuddle 2019 Mock Draft You are more than welcome to join in at any time. We have teams to spare. There are only 7 of us. Please use this thread for Selections only. All discussion of picks, trades, mock rules or anything else should take place in the Discussion thread. Please read the official rules for the Mock Draft in the Discussion thread. Here is the link to theHuddle 2019Mock Draft Spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-UhKjbmeMTpFvr5wOtCo1u5wIGert-BMmmvdGW1ZDyU/edit?usp=sharing Instructions for using this resource can be found in the first post of the Discussion thread. The Arizona Cardinals @darin3 are On-the-Clock (OTC). 49ers @darin3 are on deck.
  13. @GREENBEAN you can make 2 picks one for cincinnati and one for Baltimore.
  14. \Pratt was taken way back at pick #65 @GREENBEAN
  15. You got it! Jacksonville needs a big TE to go with its shiny new QB. He's a sleeper, but remember the name. With its 4th round pick, the Jaguars select Donald Parham, TE, Stetson I probably would have waited another round or two for him but this is Jacksonvilles last pick of this mock, its traditional to go with your favorite sleepers. you are up @GREENBEAN
  16. With the 106th pick of this mock, Oakland selects Tre Lamar, LB, Clemson @GREENBEAN Tampa @Wpob on deck for Giants
  17. With the 3rd pick of round 4, the New York Jets select Max Scharping, OT, Northern Illinois Position of need. Small school prospect with size and strength. Could have nice upside, even if moved to guard eventually.
  18. with the 104th pick, the 49ers select no, outright steal, Oshane Ximines, EDGE, Old Dominion. This guy has some really good moves. Small school prospect that coould turn out well.
  19. @darin3 sent me his picks for Arizona and San Francisco. With the 103rd pick, the Arizona Cardinals select Chris Slayton DT, Syracuse
  20. With the 101st pick of the draft, the NE Patrtiots select Jaquan Johnson, S, Miami Ravens OTC @GREENBEAN
  21. With pick #100, the Carolina Panthers select Kahale Warring, TE, San Diego State
  22. We are 8 picks away from completion of round 3. I expect us to get to that by later today or early tomorrow. Here's the plan... for the remainder of Wednesday into Thursday, if you want to continue into rd 4 I plan on keeping this open and updating the spreadsheet. If you don't want to do anything beyond rd 3, post it to let us know and those who will be playing along on Wednesday & Thursday can make the picks just like we have done for AFC East. There are 254 picks in the draft and 4.25, Philadelphia Eagles is exactly the halfway point. It would be amazing to get to that. Anyway, that's 33 picks away, so lets keep going in rd 3 today.
  23. whoops... just realized that @darin3 sent me his upcoming pick yesterday: With the 94th pick of the mock draft, the L.A. Rams select Vosean Joseph, LB, Florida. @Wpob up for Giants, then Redskins. Followed by anyone for New England.