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  1. Anyone else smell a Gronk return

    I don't think he will either. But if I were desperate for a TE for weeks 13 and forward and if I had the roster space, I would roster him. He'll be a receiver lined up as TE. Probably 2 TE set w/Watson sometimes.
  2. Anyone else smell a Gronk return

    Newton. Book it.
  3. Barring injury to Haskins, no more Keenum. Sorry McLaurin owners. At least Haskins is familiar with him from college. edit: Jets defense looks like a good week 11 pickup. I doubt Haskins will just hand the ball to Jamaal Adams upon request the way that Daniel Jones did, but Jets defense should chew the Redskins up next week. p.s. The Giants might want to teach Barkley how to pass protect just a little. Adams ran over him getting to Jones like he was a pin cushion.
  4. Trade ethics?

    It's a done deal the moment he accepted the offer. The wait period for protests is completely irrelevant to that. Trade goes through notwithstanding Freeman stubbed his toe during the game.
  5. Anyone else smell a Gronk return

    So Jim Bowden is lying to everyone when he tells us on the air that there has been much talk down in Florida about it and he never said it was definite? Please. Dude, it is more than a mere unsubstantiated rumor. The buzz is coming from people who are in the know. I find it hysterical that this topic bothers some people. The Pats and Gronk are considering it. Bowden corroborates that. That is all. If I need a TE who will get some endzone looks in week 15 or 16, I would consider rostering him. So he is now skinny. He won't be asked to do much blocking, so those of you looking at his skinny ass can calm down.
  6. Anyone else smell a Gronk return

    Hey... last thing I need to see is Gronk back in uniform, pushing off as always without getting called. I just think that this is Brady's last run with the Pats and everyone knows it so they want Gronk back for redzone targets because they want that ring for the last time.
  7. Anyone else smell a Gronk return

    first there was Jim Bowden saying it and now this. Gronk will be suiting up by early December folks. https://nesn.com/2019/11/nfl-rumors-robert-kraft-wants-rob-gronkowski-to-return-for-stretch-run/
  8. Anyone else smell a Gronk return

    its a stash just in case your TE for the playoffs breaks his leg or something. Weeks 14-17. If he comes back, he awon't be a yardage monster, but will be targeted constantly in the Red Zone. Worth a stash if your light at TE>
  9. Anyone else smell a Gronk return

    Jim Bowden (former MLB GM & Serius Fantasy Alarm host) lives in Miami area (where Gronk is) and he said on the air that sources in the know down there say that Gronk and the Pats are getting ready for his return to NE for the stretch run, probably after Thanksgiving. For what it's worth, he's usually accurate and doesn't spread rumors unless he is somewhat confident. He said nothing is 100%, but if you have any stash room on your roster, you might want him there if your TE situation for December looks bad.
  10. Adams or tate???
  11. D. Adams is active

    How much can we trust him today? play him or golden tate? I know wrong place but a new dilemma.
  12. good morning! (full PPR) 1. G. Tate or D. Parker? (I'm also starting Engram at TE) 2. (Pick 2) R. Anderson, G. Tate, Singletary. 3. R. Anderson or G. Tate? 4. Brate or Goedert? 5. (Pick 3) J. Landry, D. Parker, R. Anderson, Diontae Johnson, Jamaal Williams 6. Stills or Jeffery? (0.5 PPR) 7. Stills or McCoy? 8. (pick 1) Fells (9:30), Graham, Witten, or Griffin? 9. McCoy or Singletary? 10. Goedert or Griffin?
  13. Flex PPR Decision

    DJ, Walton
  14. 1st rule of the day: remove all defenses from any major trade. It just muddles things for no reason, but If he must have a defense, fine. Don't scare him off, just give him a defense. Make sure you are left with one that has excellent week 15 & 16 match ups (also week 14 if playoffs). Only the bold is relevant: New starting lineup: Wilson, McCaffery, Elliott, Carson, M. Thomas, Edelman bench: Rivers, McCoy, R. Anderson vs Wilson, McCaffery, Carson, Coleman, Thomas, Edelman bench: Prescott, McCoy, Robinson, R. Anderson What are you waiting for? You strengthen your starting lineup a lot but weaken your depth. Play like a champ. Take the better lineup.
  15. Yeah... that's what I thought but was doubting myself. Thanks again.
  16. Garoppolo is in Arizona tonight and Cousins plays at KC on Sunday. I have to get this one right.
  17. Irish, I need to get this one right (1st place by a hair). Garoppolo tonight @ Arizona or Cousins @ Kansas City?
  18. Joe Flacco is Out 5-6 weeks, put on IR

    holy crap. The house is not in order there. As a Jets fan, I can spot it a mile away. I've seen it every day since childhood.
  19. Joe Flacco is Out 5-6 weeks, put on IR

    Flacco out 5-6 weeks. Mods: change thread title, please.
  20. Le'Veon Bell won't be tagged

    Yes indeed. Every Jets fan is screaming the same thing. I thught Gase was supposed to be some kind of QB whisperer. From what I can see he suxx at everything from game planning to adjustments (wut adjustments?) but worst of all, what hes doing to Darnold. A stubborn game plan that pretends they have any semblance of an OL. It is awful and Gase is awful so far. Holy sh*t. Remove sharp objects hurry.
  21. Ertz officially safe to drop

    What kind of sacrifice do the Statistical Gods require of us Ertz owners, if I may ask? Please? I have Jobu ready to go.
  22. Ertz officially safe to drop

    Getting rid of Watkins is addition by subtraction. That's how much that guy has burned me in the past
  23. wow. Never seen this before!

    Yeah, I was referring to high stakes leagues (i.e. the ones on RTS). They all do it. Of course I don't do it in my friends-leagues. Everyone except Thursday players are free agents from Thursday to Sunday kickoffs in those.