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  1. Site Issue

    it worked, but I have t say that I do not like the new rankings pages at all. the old ones were easy on the eyes. these are not. too busy much prefer the older format
  2. Site Issue

    same here. there was a thread on it. no change. they just have to keep the link to the older version on that page.
  3. I have an opportunity to trade for one of the following last year's RB rookies. I would get to keep this RB Dynasty-league style, indefinitely. (Each team can keep any one rookie RB it drafted for as many years as it wants or trade it for other players or picks. Once dropped, the player loses that "indefinite" status and returns to the ordinary pool of players. But the maximum you can keep is one.) The only rookie RB I drafted on my roster is Penny. I want better. Here are what the potential trade partner has: Guice, Michel, Kerryon Johnson, Hines. (you may ask why he drafted so many rookie RBs. It's because he ranked them high atop his board and couldn't make the draft so they were all auto-picked.) Right now his carry-over rookie RB is Gurley (yes he drafted Gurley as a rookie years ago). So let's assume he plans to keep Gurley, which means the others are all trade bait. So I'm willing to trade for one of Michel, Guice or K. Johnson. Asking prices have not yet beeen stated, but it's safe to assume that Michel and K. Johnson would cost me a 4th or 5th and that Guice could be had for a 10th. So please rank: Guice, Kerryon Johnson and Michel for me (along with Penny who would cost me nothing) and what draft round you think I should offer? Traditionally, mediocre backes will go for a 10th-12th and more promising ones for anywhere between a 3rd - 6th. Or should I just wait out Seattle to see if and how they plan to use Penny? I don't trust Pete Carroll to shift the load to Penny next year. I want whichever one can give me shortterm and longterm opportunity.
  4. Adam Schefter ✔@AdamSchefter Denver reached agreement with Bears’ DC Vic Fangio to become the Broncos’ next head coach, sources tell me and @DanGrazianoESPN. It will be a four-year deal plus a team option for a fifth, per source. 1,720 12:02 PM - Jan 9, 2019
  5. Divisional Game Thread

    Brady would have had that roughing call. Rivers *should* be pissed
  6. Bowles, Gase, Joseph, Marvin Lewis gone too (Hell must have froze over) Wilks just told his staff in Arizona that he's not returning (not officially fired yet, but it is imminent) rumor is Rex Ryan to Dolphins. LOL.
  7. He also recommended Nationwide to them. And he sang a few bars ...with Adam Gase you may save face....
  8. yup. Not my preferred choice. I had McCarthy as my #1, Monken #2 (despite not wanting yet another 1st-time NFL Head Coach, I like Monken's track record. You know until Gase, the Jets had not hired an experienced NFL Head Coach since Bill Parcells? And that was under the ownership of Leon Hess! Woody (now Chris) Johnson, in his near 20 year tenure as Jets owner, has NEVER hired an experienced NFL HC until Gase. I find that remarkable.) Gase #3. The Gase hire was an absolute compromise between ownership, who wanted an experienced HC for once, and GM Mike Maccagnan who camapaigned as hard as possible NOT to hire McCarthy due to McCarthy's demand to have Personnel control. Maccagnan wanted Rhule, believe it or not or Monken. So to appease everyone they hired Gase, who checks the following boxes: Experienced NFL HC, Offensive minded, can get the most of his QBs (allegedly). I worry that Gase has zero interpersonal skills and that the players will despise him.
  9. Chris Mortensen ✔@mortreport Freddie Kitchens will be named new Browns head coach later today, per sources. 3,564 11:56 AM - Jan 9, 2019
  10. The reason why the McCarthy interview was nixed in Cleveland: Daryl Ruiter‏Verified account @RuiterWrongFAN FollowFollow @RuiterWrongFAN More .@LesLevine just reported on @923TheFan #Browns wanted to hire Mike McCarthy as head coach with stipulation Freddie Kitchens remain with team as OC, McCarthy declined. 10:44 AM - 9 Jan 2019
  11. Also, Browns will be cutting Gregg Williams loose. He'll land a DC job elsewhere pretty easily. Dan Graziano ✔@DanGrazianoESPN The Browns have relieved defensive coordinator Gregg Williams of his duties and he is no longer with the team, sources tell @PatMcManamon and me. 275 12:07 PM - Jan 9, 2019
  12. Packers' new head coach is Matt LaFleur

    like who? The only experienced NFL HCs are Caldwell and Gase. Monken OC in Tampa. All the others are college guys with little to no NFL coaching experience. Maybe they should have hired Rex Ryan?
  13. Wild Card Officiating

    Probably just getting ready for the OL holding festival sure to take place next week in New England. No flags allowed. Ever.
  14. I'm in for 4 on each sheet please.
  15. McCarthy visit to Cleveland is postponed: Rob Demovsky ✔@RobDemovsky With the Browns now interviewing Vikings offensive coordinator Kevin Stefanski today, Mike McCarthy's interview in Cleveland will take place next week. The former Packers coach also has the Jets on his interview list. That could end up being the place... http://www.espn.com/espn/now?nowId=21-41051743-4 … 56 10:43 AM - Jan 3, 2019
  16. Word out that Jets have requested permission to interview KC's OC Eric Bieniemy.
  17. Jets fans feel the exact same way about Woody Johnson and his mini-me surrogate, Chris Johnson. Not liked. Not at all.
  18. Could Hue Jackson be the next Bengals HC?
  19. I hope the Jets can find some way to do the same to Trumaine Johnson. In fact, trade Trumaine straight up for Fournette. LOL.
  20. way to exaggerate. Bridgewater was very good in preseason and the majority of Jets fans were in favor of keeping hm around in case Darnold was not ready to start. He is going to get his chance and it might just be the Dolphins, so be ready for it just in case!
  21. He played very well in Jets training camp and pre season. He will get his chance next season. Lets see how he "game manages" this week. LOL.
  22. Well what about Tannenbaum then? I am just sorry to see you guys let Mike Tannenbaum go. I mean he did such a great job all those years on the Jets, right? So of course he was going to be great for the Dolphins too! So sorry it didn't work out.