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  1. Been riding the Mariota train for about 6 weeks total and can't be unhappy except for one game, however, with him going to NY Jets and Cutler playing the Washington at home...? and I have Alshon, I was thinking of going with JAy......Who say Hey.....? Let me know if I should to with Cutler or Marcus....Thanks....
  2. Rotating QBs....Week 14...

    Well, I drafted Matt Stafford at the beginning of the year and ended up dropping him when he was benched for Mariota. He has surprisingly panned out for me.....a lot....However, I am a little bit reluctant to start him this week on the road against the NY Jets....Does anyone use this strategy and........ Barring the traditional QB s starting this week........ First ?: Who do you feel will "lay a proverbial egg" this week and cause their team a chance into the semis.....and Second? Which of these would possibly bring you home a championship..... Cutler Alex Smith Tyrod Taylor Cutler Gabbert?.....
  3. Luck...Week 14....?

    Well, with their playoff lives hanging in the balance after the swift whipping from the Steelers, anyone think that LUCK would come back this week...?
  4. Shhhhhhhhhhh........

    Offensive line could be their demise, however, they d have to catch Wilson and that presents the problem.....Not that I am a Seahawks fan but I do believe they could get back to the Superbowl, if the Cowboys don 't make it..... LOL! Let s hear it Cowboy fans.....
  5. Frank Gore touches to be limited

    Yeah, hanging onto Bradshaw for another week....Hope it pans out for me with him...
  6. He s been dropped in a number of leagues I am in.....according to the reports the coaching staff demoted Diggs to 4th behind Johnson.......Thoughts?
  7. More NFL Dumbassery

    Outbid or not, the other networks just do not need the money to televise a terribly played game probably.....CBS, NBC, etc.....Im surprised Yahoo wanted to televise these two teams..... and Im a Bills fan...
  8. 1 pt ppr, not too sure really bc of Steward not really catching but one or 2 a game, however, hank was kinda out played last week by Roddy.....
  9. Traded for Cam the other day, drafted Olsen in the 4th, and have Stewart now off waivers......Pretty easy schedule, bye week done already.....Who's with me?
  10. Now that the Strength of Schedule is out from The Huddle.....How many use the chart to offer trades, make deals etc......, or do you go about business as usual....? For me, I tend to work with the policy that RB that have an easier schedule would benefit more than any other position..... So, according to my strength of schedule scoring the Tampa Bay, Carolina, Tennessee, St Louis and Jets RB s have the easiest schedule......So I picked up Sims for ppr and will grab Jonathan Stewart to add and bolster my team....
  11. AB tradeable for TY?

    I have Antonio, and as much I believe his better days are ahead, i was offered TY Hilton straight up for him.....Do I pull the trigger?
  12. Pray for me...

    I believe you will loose, being from the Pitts area, according to sources, Vick worked a lot with Brown over the past 10 days to get more acclimated with his speed and whereabouts on the routs..... But, fantasy is all over the place almost every week so good luck.....
  13. I 've been terribly unlucky with QBs in the last 3 years.....I've never valued them as much as other positions and repeatedly get beat bc of it..... At the moment, I see Stafford's schedule being easier, but that does not mean he will be better....I also have Mariota who put up a stinker and Stafford got beat.... I have a trade offer for Cam out there or am I just losing another player to supplement for a position that will not be an upgrade? Is Cam that much of an improvement over Stafford, Mariota..?
  14. Is Cooks Droppable?

    My Wrs are Hankerson, Antonio Brown, Matthews, Cooks, Garcon..... Also, I was just offered Gurley for Olsen.......
  15. Is Cooks Droppable?

    I can go on FA and get Hurns right now.....or should I stick with this guy?