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  1. What do you think i could get for Gronk at this point? Would someone give me a WR2? Is he worth a RB2?
  2. Ertz trade thoughts

    haha, accepted it right away and roster should be processed by 4 today...
  3. Ertz trade thoughts

    Being offered Zach ertz and Michael Crabtree for Latavius Murray and Larry Fitzgerald. I have tyler boyd, juj and,Landry starting at wr and dalvin cook, james Conner, fournette and Yeldon as rb Need te ove njoku You accepting this trade?
  4. OJ Howard for Larry Fitz?

    Other WR's are Juju, Landry and Tyler Boyd
  5. OJ Howard for Larry Fitz?

  6. OJ Howard for Larry Fitz?

    bump. need to win out and looking ahead to next week where njoku is on a bye. trying to do a leveon bell and njoku to a top team in the league for kelce but not too likely.
  7. Equitable? I'd be giving Fitz and have Njoku at TE currently - is Howard that much of an upgrade?
  8. Ertz, D Hop trade

    Lol for who
  9. Ertz, D Hop trade

    Team 1 gets D Hop and Z Ertz Team 2 gets Leveon Bell, Dalvin Cook and Larry Fitz Team 2 has strong record and grabbing leveon for playoffs could pay off. Is a eagle homer big time however and this is taking his boy and best WR... Team 1 needs to win out to make playoffs and is strong at RB with Fournette, Cook, Bell, Conner, Yeldon and Murray...feels need to improve TE position with a bue for Njoku next week. Should the offer be made (at all) and would it be accepted of so?
  10. Gronk...Cook?

    Feel more comfortable with starting Gronk or Cook this week? Gronk ailing (shocker) and Cook vs SF.
  11. Yeldon or Murray

  12. Yeldon or Murray

    Who do you guys like better this week. TJ who is now splitting (some) carries with Hyde vs Philly in London this week or Latavius vs a stingy NO D that isn't giving much up against opposing RB's.
  13. Goff or Winston

    same dilema...leaning goff
  14. Need 2 WR to go with TY Hilton