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  1. Made the right play last week by starting Winston over them both however this week i am feeling Goff bunces back...y'all like that play or think he has flashed in the pan already and his mediocre performances are what to expect the rest of the way?
  2. If S. Ware doesn't go...

    Sure on ware not going?
  3. Gus Edwards, James Conner or Spencer Ware

    Hmmm, split across board...
  4. Is Conner going to play? Will Ware produce? Can Gus keep going? Ware goes Thursday
  5. Spencer Ware

    Good point, Ware it is.
  6. Spencer Ware

    Hmmm so its Ware or Edwards...just curious the reps he has seen, has he been backup and active all year?
  7. Spencer Ware

    Start him over Gus Edwards or TJ Yeldon?
  8. QB and WR Questions - Must Win Week

    is the way i am leaning so thanks...
  9. Winston vs Carolina (could be a shoot out but do you trust Winston?) Goff vs Detroit (could be a blow out where Rams run Gurley hard especially after not doing that last week - rely on screen TD's?) Tribisky vs NYG (NYG tend to surprise and play tough at times, is this one of those times - is Tribisky dinged up just enough they 'rest' him in 2nd half?) Gus Edwards vs a seemingly pourous line at Atlanta TJ Yeldon vs hot Indy team Leaning towards Goff (girl that brung me) and Edwards as TJ is splitting with Hyde and Indy is hot at moment Your thoughts?
  10. Oh Fournette...why oh why?

    I already have Yeldon rostered and with Hyde lurking thought grabbing Edwards would be better than either of those two sharing touches...
  11. Am i crazy to be considering a start either Tribisky or Winston over Goff this week?
  12. So playoff push here and i need to win out...was looking good with fournette back, james conner and dalvin cook in flex. I need now to replace fournette for the week - i have yeldon already but is he enough with hyde in the mix there. Option i am leaning towards is dropping john brown and picking up gus edwards in baltimore...other wire possibilities are j richard, n hines and p barber...who you got of that bunch that is better than yeldon?
  13. Tribisky not playing go with Winston
  14. Who to start at WR

    Need 1 of these guys (PPR): Tyler Boyd Tre'Quan Smith Jarvis Landry John Brown Currently its Boyd but Smith is tempting...thoughts?