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  1. Foles or Bortles

  2. Foles or Bortles

    PPR Obviously all points matter. Who do you like? Weather concerns in Philly, Foles playing entire game concerns...can Bortles keep it up concern, will it be a low scoring game in SF concern...torn and could go either way at this point. Of course at in laws today - WITHOUT LIVE GAME VIEWING ACCESS (oh the humanity) so need to set lineup soon.
  3. Foles, Winston or Bortles in title game??

    weather. ug. another consideration, albeit a valid one. bortles is the horse that i rode to the title game on...
  4. PPR Who you got? If the Packers beat the Vikes then Foles will most likely sit out but how about if the Vikes wins - will they simply start Foles for the first half THEN sit him? Is there more upside in this Fantasy Title bout to start Foles over Winston or Bortles given that uncertainty? Torn a bit, especially as a Raiders fan but projections pointing towards Foles...given these three choices at QB i need to make the right call as every point valuable in a title game. Little help...?
  5. Title Game Questions

    thx gang
  6. Title Game Questions

  7. Flex help

    I like Bryant with renewed energy
  8. Title Game Questions

    Bortles over Winston even with his strong performance last week...?
  9. Title Game Questions

    PPR league Championship Game Needing your feedback at QB between Jameis Winston, Blake Bortles and Nick FOles Needing your feedback at RB between Orleans Darkwa, Wayne Gallman, Duke Johnson or possibly Matt Forte if avalable on Wire - ugly for sure Gurley is starter on roster I am assuming DeSean Jackson is out this week and will likely be going with Dede Westbrook here with Dez and Tyreek. FInished season 10-4 somehow and won last week (thanks Gurley - let's do that again this week!)...but clearly underdog going in to matchup and every point will be needed so appreciate your thoughts. Gallman likely to catch balls out of backfield so leaning towards either he or Duke Johnson.
  10. Need 1 of these 3 RB's

  11. Need 1 of these 3 RB's

    really...dang...i don't like em either its my reality however (and am in first place still) - gallman seemed to be more favored than darkwa and smith seems like i'd get one more week out of him...with a more favorable match up too boot...no? am i off here? anyone else have any thoughts? please?
  12. Need 1 of these 3 RB's

  13. Need 1 of these 3 RB's

    although a minor question points at this time of year are critical - bumping it back up...leaning smith but hoping for input...
  14. Need 1 of these 3 RB's

    12 PPR Rod Smith vs the Raiders Orleans Darkwa OR Wayne Gallman vs the Eagles Who is giving me the most points?