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  1. Best 3 word combo

    two beers please
  2. an economic index where we're still #1

    keep them stupid and drunk.... it has worked for thousands of years
  3. an economic index where we're still #1

    alcohol built america!!
  4. I was so drunk

  5. The American Meteorological Society

    well duh god has his hand in it also!
  6. What is the most boring sport to watch ?

  7. Mudjacking

  8. Lemme ask this...

    i hope he does not change things i just dug up all my guns because i was told by the tea party that the mooslim would take them.
  9. The US economic policy debate is a sham

    lots of jobs here, in st croix county!
  10. How savvy is the Huddle ad targeting?

    what adds?
  11. How do we fix this?

    They need to put the trades back into high schools. they have been cut repeatedly since the 80's, to the point were it is a joke. but i know someone will say that to much money is going into the schools already so it is a waist of time.
  12. First Pearl Harbor, then 911, and now this

    you do know that eagles kill babies right? just think if we still could use DDT the evil eagles would be gone and we would only have to worry about the evil cougars and wolves that snatch babies in the night.
  13. First Pearl Harbor, then 911, and now this

  14. Any health insurance gurus out there?

    correct but why does most of the research etc go to the ones that are not really needed.... because they make the most money. its funny they will cover a pill to help some old man get a peace of ass but they will not cover a person with cancer because it is a pre- existing condition.
  15. The NY soda law

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