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  1. what the small one said

  2. Arrington - #3 RB?

  3. Editing

  4. A n00b question

    blah :doah:
  5. Help-

    what i ve been here 2 many years and have never deen that
  6. Greetings

  7. Cardinals interested in trade for Vikings' Bennett

    a used puck bag with no pucks would work
  8. WR Nightmare!

    me 2
  9. Who else is 0-2?

    2 0f 6 1-1 in the onther 4 1 Palmer, Carson CIN Vick, Michael ATL QB Bennett, Michael MIN RB Dillon, Corey NEP RB James, Edgerrin IND RB Moore, Mewelde MIN RB Rhodes, Dominic IND RB (Q) Bruce, Isaac STL WR Ferguson, Robert GBP WR Givens, David NEP WR Jackson, Darrell SEA WR Moss, Santana WAS WR Randle El, Antwaan PIT WR Williamson, Troy MIN WR Vanderjagt, Mike IND PK Bengals, Cincinnati CIN Def Vikings, Minnesota MIN Def played wrong guys in both weeks 2 Manning, Peyton IND QB Volek, Billy TEN QB - Bennett, Michael MIN RB Benson, Cedric CHI RB Betts, Ladell WAS RB Jones, Julius DAL RB Portis, Clinton WAS RB Williams, Ricky MIA RB - Bennett, Drew TEN WR Chambers, Chris MIA WR Mason, Derrick BAL WR McCardell, Keenan SDC WR Moss, Santana WAS WR Witten, Jason DAL TE Elam, Jason DEN PK Lindell, Rian BUF PK Bears, Chicago CHI Def Buccaneers, Tampa Bay TBB Def played wrong wr's i n week one manning killed me week 2
  10. Michele Tafoya's Replacement

    god dam speling nazi's u have made a hugh mistake
  11. What a joke

  12. Texans Fire Offensive Coordinator

    is he going to the vikes
  13. So, do you think....

  14. The Fourth Annual Edmund Fitzgerald Contest

    not that our team is doing much better
  15. Moss!

    the queens dont miss him they miss the SOD and the ivy league center
  16. Anyone sit Cadillac?

    im in the same boat in 2 leagues
  17. Question about Grits

    no he is not an employee but he is a texan
  18. The unthinkable has happened ...

    true but it is suprising how many have not heard of it
  19. The unthinkable has happened ...

  20. WDIS QB pick 2 of 4

    ah no he hates the packers
  21. Leave him in...

    gotta have game to be hated :doah:
  22. Tatum Bell

    its not nice to ripe off youre students like that
  23. WDIS flex # 3

    i would like to help u on youre quest