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  1. How did I? AJ and Melvin. The FF gods really hate me. Last year I lost 3 starting RB's in back to back to back weeks.
  2. Owner Dying, but hasn't paid fee for the year

    SteveGrab, I used to work with the nephew years and years ago. I've asked several times over the years for updated addresses and phone numbers and usually get zip for responses. So, I took it if they want it, they'll come get it. If the owner wins, they usually come over to my house for $$. As far as the negative comments. I just want to know what others have done in the same situation. Sheesh.
  3. I was just wondering about opinions about a subject I don't see too often. I am a commish of a league that's been around for 17 years. I have a guy who has been a member for most of those years. He usually sends check for his league fee, since he lives so far away, but this year he never did. So I found out he has cancer and he is probably dying; at least that's what it appears to be happening when I view his Facebook account. So is it crass to request him to pay, since his season is now done? Am I overthinking this? I've tried to contact him and his nephew, who is also in the league, several times over this season and last and neither is getting back to me. I let it go a while back after I found out he has the Big C. On a side note, the nephew never collected his winnings from last year. I don't have a phone number or address and like I said before, he never responds to my emails. Do I take the league fee owed out of that? I want to be sympathetic to his situation, but I also have an obligation to 11 other owners. Thanks.
  4. Denver's Defense

    Thanks for the input.
  5. Denver's Defense

    I've been going with Denver all year. No matter who they played. Now I'm starting to re-think that position since I've been devastated by injuries to my best players these past few weeks (AJ and Melvin). I figure I may need to swing for the fences at a couple positions and one of them is team defense. In my league, your defense can score as much as any other player (or more) given the right circumstances. So, it's no afterthought. That said, what do you think about GB def vs. Chicago, Oakland Def vs SD or Miami defense vs NYJ instead of Denver? I'm usually a 'go with what got you there' kind of person, but I'm going to have to swing for some fences given the state of my team. And considering it's New England's offense. Although I see Denver owned them pretty much last January. Advice?
  6. Last Minute Gurley Advice

    I'm in the same boat Red, but I'm going with the fact that: A) Seattle is at home They have one of the best run defenses in the league C) They have got to be p.o'd about last week's performance D) They now have a week without Thomas and can make better adjustments E) LA has a wet-behind-the-ear QB and he stinks on top of it F) LA's line is god awful. So, I'm nervous as well. No one wants to bench their first rounder in the playoffs. Then on top of that what if he goes off? I keep asking myself who else do they have, so he'll be the focus of the offense. Well, he'll also be the focus of the defense. But the dude's had what, like 3-4 decent weeks all year? So, I'm chancing it and going with Farrow and praying to the fantasy gods. I certainly need it...
  7. Kenneth Farrow

    The Huddle has said they might be looking at a platoon, but it's not like Hillman is some world beater. Change of pace, I would think. I'm debating between him and Gurley. Has it really come to that, Todd?
  8. Montgomery?

    GB has been easing Michaels in. With the weather being what it will be, RB's will get more touches. But I'm not sure they'll just pound Monty. You're probably looking at a boom/bust type situation like every week with him. Besides, it's not like Starks was getting a ton of work. He's tapped. I'd be shocked if he was on the team next year. Monty may be able to get a score. I forsee a lot of short passes in that weather with a few tators sprinkled in. Just like he has been doing these past few weeks(Why they didn't start doing this earlier this season is beyond me. I've been screaming at my tv for MM to do this). I guess I should be a HC in the NFL.
  9. our next president

    Because apparently only rednecks vote Conservative?
  10. My take on Dak vs. Romo

    One of my best friends is a Cowboys fan. I asked him how he felt about the situation. He told me, 'Yea, dak's good. But their offense is so boring.' I said 'Really?'. You're winning all of your games, most handily, and you complain the offense is too vanilla?
  11. Gurley for Hopkins?

    I'd pass. Your team looks great.
  12. Moral Dilemma - traded Decker last night

    I believe because you are posting this, you are having guilty thoughts. There was always a chance this could have happened. He took a gamble and lost. I guess if you don't want to have hard feelings, you could rescind the trade. Personally, I'd say 'screw him'. All is fair in love and FF!
  13. I keep hearing about Lockett, but I haven't seen any of his video this pre-season. I believe Hurns is the Jags #2. He's got a second year QB throwing to him and an all-pro at TE (when he comes back) to contend with. Thanks!
  14. In-person Drafting and Wi-Fi

    He was living in a different state at the time. He had a charity outing he was in.
  15. In-person Drafting and Wi-Fi

    I've had two smartphones, a desktop, a lap top and an ipad all online at once and no issues. I can add one more smartphone to this and see if it is still ok. I'd like to test with the yahoo draft room going. But I'll have to create a bunch of dummy accounts to accomplish this. I'm hoping everyone arrives early enough to make sure we can all get on. We can always have people use their phone service to draft as well. But that sucks up their data plan. But if they're like me, they hardly use it since we can use wi-fi so much.