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  1. Title. Westbrook is on the road in a favorable match up against the 49ers, while Goodwin is at home (obviously) in a horrible matchup against the best defense in football. Tough decision . . .
  2. Cole or Westbrook?

    It's a bit of a toss up . . . I lean towards Westbrook this week.
  3. Wow, I think I agree with you guys. But I don't feel good about it. If I end up losing the championship because of Blake Bortles, I'll probably have to quit fantasy football haha
  4. Picked up Bortles to deny my opponent in the championship a good QB (he's the former Wentz owner who is now left with only Jameis Winston). But now I don't know who to start . . . Dak has been really up and down, also scared they just hand the ball to Zeke 35+ times and give him all the TDs. They are playing the Seahawks, and that is exactly what just happened to Jared Goff last week against Seattle. Keenum is playing in a super cold weather game, and might even get benched if the Vikings put this one away early. Bortles . . . can I really trust him in my championship?? I really have no idea who to go with.
  5. FLEX: L. Miller, J. White, or Crowder

    For me, it's Miller, and it's not close. He's still the #1 guy for his team at his position, which is definitely not the case with the other 2.
  6. Hopkins or Westbrook?

    Wow . . it's crazy that this is even a question. I don't vehemently disagree with other posters here, and I don't have Hopkins in any leagues, but he does seem to be ranked in the top 10 by just about all the "experts," despite the tough match up and injury concerns. I'm a Westbrook believer, but Hopkins does seem to be on a different level. Monitor Hopkins' injury, but if he suits up, I'd maybe still go with Hopkins. I do have Westbrook in both of my leagues, and I've been struggling to figure out who to start him over as well. How would you guys rank these receivers for this week? Dede Westbrook, Jamison Crowder, Stefon Diggs, Chris Hogan, Marquise Goodwin. I've never had such a hard time deciding who to start . . .
  7. Dede Westbrook?

    For some reason, Westbrook is ranked pretty low by all the so-called "experts," even though he's basically become the #1 option for a resurgent Bortles against one of the worst passing defenses in the league (Houston, ranked 27th against WRs). I have Westbrook in both of my 0.5 PPR leagues, and I want to start him, even though he's ranked way below some of my other options. In one league, I'm thinking about putting him in over Jamison Crowder, who had 1 blow up game and has been terrible the entire rest of the season (yet he's ranked in the top 20 by just about everyone). I also have Chris Hogan in this league, but after his poor game vs. the Dolphins, I'm also hesitant to start him. In my other league, it's a much closer call. It's between Westbrook and Stefon Diggs. Diggs actually got 10 targets last game, but he's up against the Bengals and their #3 ranked passing D against WRs. Do I go with my gut or do what the "experts" recommend?
  8. Any News On Zeke Hearing?

    So are people holding Zeke for now or is he basically safe to drop at this point?
  9. Pick 2 RBs

    I'd go with Bell and Hunt. Those guys are both 3 down backs and don't have any competition for carries. Bell is going to break out at some point. You'll be sad if he's got 50 fantasy points on your bench.
  10. Time to drop Crowder?

    Too early. Kirk Cousins has always started slow. Just try to ride it out for now. You should never have 3 QBs on your roster. I wouldn't mind dropping Cam for Siemian though.
  11. These were my thoughts almost exactly . . . if Bradford misses more time, that could really hurt Cook's value. The only reason I'm even hesitating is because of Bell's 2 straight duds . . .
  12. A. Cooper & Agholor for Keenan Allen?

    I'm also in favor of the cooper side. He'll start putting up numbers. That offense looks awesome.
  13. Just got offered this trade from a team desperate for a receiver. I'm not that strong at receiver either, having lost Allen Robinson. My next best receivers are Stefon Diggs and Martavis Bryant. After that it gets really sketchy with Marvin Jones and John Brown. Still, I feel like this trade offers amazing value for me, as it seems that I'm buying low on both Cooper and Bell. SHould I pull the trigger? My RBs on the team right now are Cook, Kareem Hunt, David Johnson (in IR slot . . . RIP), and Doug Martin (suspended until week 5). You can start 3 RBs in this league, and it's a 12 team half PPR. Would appreciate any advice, since I need to decide quickly. Thanks!!