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  1. Which TE do you like rest of season????

    I'll throw my hat in the ring for Burton as well.
  2. No way . . . . you gotta hold on the starting RB in Aaron Rodgers' offense. Plus, Jamaal is a great pass-protector, so even when Aaron Jones is back in the mix, he's still going to be on the field a lot.
  3. Hmmmmm it seems good, but I'm still a bit hesitant to pull the trigger . . . Kupp had 9 targets and 2 runs this past week, and I feel like I want to see 1 more game of how the Denver backfield plays before I do this . . .
  4. I get: Devonta Freeman I give up: Royce Freeman and Cooper Kupp Pick up Dede Westbrook 0.5 PPR 12 teams I also own Tevin Coleman, and would be replacing Kupp with Robby Anderson as my flex starter. Should I do this trade? Need to make a decision fairly quickly . . .
  5. Flex help 3 opts

    Those are all bad options for week 1, but maybe Miller, just based on talent? How deep is this league? I'm almost positive you could find better options on the waiver wire.
  6. David Johnson Trade

    So . . I actually have more depth at RB beyond Lewis. I have Mark Ingram, and Matt Breida as well. This is what I meant when I said I drafted a TON of depth. Nearly everyone except a couple of people spent all their cash on the studs and a couple of us cleaned up with a lot of value picks in the middle and end of the auction. Does that change the calculus at all?
  7. Garcon in full PPR, Williams in all other formats
  8. 12 team 0.5 PPR league, passing TDs are 6 points. I get David Johnson and Donte Moncrief (who I'm probably going to drop for Dede Westbrook) He gets: Davante Adams, Russell Wilson, and Dion Lewis. Is this a good trade for me or am I giving up too much? This was an auction draft where I passed up on all of the top guys and ended up with a bunch of depth but no high end RBs. I also have Cam Newton, so losing Russell isn't a big deal. Losing Davante hurts big time, but I really wanted a surefire RB1. My top 3 RBs right now are Royce Freeman, Mark Ingram, and Dion Lewis. My remaining best WRs are Allen Robinson, Robby Anderson, and Emmanuel Sanders.
  9. Cole or Ridley ppr

    Cole has a shot to be the #1 target for his team, and flashed top 20 potential late last season. Even though Jacksonville is going to be a run-first offense, I would value a potential #1 receiver over a guy who can only be the #2 at best.
  10. If your league mates are good players, you're not gonna get any of those guys for what you are offering, even if you threw in both of those RBs. Peterson is essentially a late round flier, and Mack is currently injured and is projected to split work with Wilkins and possibly Hines. Adams and Allen are both firmly WR1s, and many people believe Cooper is a low end WR1. All 3 of those guys are the #1 receivers for their teams, and are guaranteed tons of targets. IMO, you would need to give up a lot more.
  11. Free agents

    I'd rank them like this: Bilal Powell, Doug Martin, Austin Ekeler, Chris Ivory. The Bills are probably the worst offense in the league, so IMO, it's not worth handcuffing McCoy at all. Powell looks like he's going to be either the starting RB or in a significant timeshare with Crowell, so he's easily the best of those 4.
  12. 12 team 0.5 PPR I took Matthew Stafford in the 11th round for the value, after selecting Drew Brees in the 8th round. Unfortunately they have the same bye week (6). Should I pull the trigger on this trade? It would be purely for depth, but I could see Cole being a useful trade chip or even a starter down the line if he performs like he did towards the end of last year.
  13. Title. Westbrook is on the road in a favorable match up against the 49ers, while Goodwin is at home (obviously) in a horrible matchup against the best defense in football. Tough decision . . .
  14. Cole or Westbrook?

    It's a bit of a toss up . . . I lean towards Westbrook this week.