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  1. Trade help for jimmy graham

    Well like me I have a hard time thinking of giving up Forte or a first rounder but you are getting Graham who was a low first or high second rounder depending on your league and if its a PPR. I think with your depth at WR and RB's the trade would be great for you and you get a pretty consistent TE. As far as the WR/RB you have a lot of option for a week to week or head to head format. You might be a little bit weaker at RB but I think that Graham will more then make up the point week to week and over the season for sure. IMO Good luck.
  2. This guy is in our league is hurting with injuries and now AP. I was going to offer him Cameron, Foster and Randle for Graham? Any thoughts? To much? Too little? My Team: 10-team PPR; 1pt 10y rush/rec; 20y pass; all TDs = 6 pts. 1QB, 1 RBs, 2 WRs, 1 TE, 1 FLX(R/W/T), 1 PK, 1DEF, 1 Def Player QB: Stafford, Palmer RB: Foster; Forte, Bernard, Woodhead WR: C Johnson; V Cruz; Welker, Hopkins, Randle TE: Cameron PK: M Bryant DEF: Cin His team: QB: Romo, Rothlisberger, E, Manning, Tannenhill RB: A.P., Lacy, Miller, Mathews WR: A. Johnson, T Smith, G. Tate TE: Graham PK: Crosby DEF: SFO
  3. Thanks for the help and insights.
  4. I just had my draft earlier today and I have gotten two trade offers already. The first one was a silly offer but the second one is interesting? I am in a 10 team league with 1 QB, 1 RB, 2 WR,1 Flex (RB, WR, TE) 1 Def, 1 K and 1 Def player. Its a PPR league with TD's being 6 PT for running, and recieving. He offered me Manningand Morris for Stafford and Bernard? Am I mising something here? This is my team: QB: Stafford Palmer RB: Forte Foster Bernard Woodhead WR: C. Johnson Cruz Welker Hopkins R. Randle K: Bryant Def: Cleveland Def: Player Dansby Any thought or ideas of what he is getting at?? Any thoughts would be helpful.
  5. WDIS on my Bye week?

    I am in a 10 team league that is PPR and have 6 players on a bye. I nned to start 3 of these 4. Shady vs Dal Turner vs NO Mathews vs TB Spiller vs. NE thanks for the help.
  6. I am in a 10 team league that is PPR. I have not been able to make a trade and my #2 RB suck but at the moment I need to choose one of them. So who should have the better day? Vick Ballard Vs Cle. or William Powell Vs Min Thanks for the help.
  7. I am in a 10 team league that is PPR. I need a better back and right now James Jones is hot butt only until Jennings comes back? Could I make a better offer with out killing my team? My Team: RGIII Vick McCoy Turner Spiller Ballard J. Nelson J. Jones H. Nicks B. Lloyd S. Rice Gates F. Davis
  8. Ok thanks I missed that some where.
  9. I have D'Qwell Jackson as my def. player and I have looked on two sites and they both have no ratings for him? Does anyone know if he is hurt, out, not playing? I know that Clev. and Cin are playing on Sunday sooooooo.... Just wondering what was up or if I missed something? Thanks
  10. Do I make this Trade?

    I am in a 10 team league that is PPR. 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 Flex (RB,WR, TE) 1 TE I have been offered: Andy Dalton, Marques Colston, Domenik Hixon for RGIII. Is this a good trade looking at the whole season? My team is currently: RGIII, Vick McCoy, Turner, Spiller, D. Brown, Andre Brown J. Nelson. G. Jennings, B. Lloyd, Andre Brown, J. Simpson Gates, Fred Davis, S. Chandler
  11. Trade offer? Is it a fair trade.

    Thats what I was thinking but what was he thinking behind those players? Is there a counter offer I can make that would be better?
  12. I have S. Holmes and Andre Brown for Brian Hartline and kyle Rodulph? My team: His team: RGIII P. Manning M. Vick Romo McCoy D. Martain D. Brown J Charles CJ Spiller C. Johnson M. Turner Ben Tate Andre Brown A Morris J. Nelson M. Austin G. Jennings D. Bryant B. LLoyd H Nicks S. Holmes Bowe D Moore Hartline Gates J. Graham F. Davis K. Rudolph Chadler
  13. WDIS tonight?

    Just an unknown and not 100% Thanks
  14. WDIS tonight?

    I am in a 10 team league and have both G Jennings and J. Nelson. Which should i start tonight. I need 20 points to win my head to head anfd the week? thanks for the help