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  1. I'm rolling with Anderson this week over Allen even if he plays. I'd slot Jeffery as the 2nd. Not as much upside as Allen Golladay give you but a much higher floor.
  2. Week 1 Waiver Wire

    Oh yeah I wouldnt say change, just thought it may be a setting is off. Weekly score or season record makes the most sense to me but I've learned to play the game the way it's set up.
  3. Week 1 Waiver Wire

    My CBS league is based on draft order to start not weekly finish. So as last pick I have first priority even though I had 5th highest score. So this week I won't waste a waiver and I will still have #1 priority next week. Could be yours is setup the same way.
  4. When everyone devalues QBs

    So its kind of trendy because in a 10-12 team league there are plenty of QBs. In one league this year I took Rivers late and no other QBs while stacking other positions. But in an auction league tonight QBs were basically going for free and that seems wrong. I spent high on a couple receivers and Gronk. Scrapped at RB without getting a top one but got Watson for $11, and big Ben and Stafford for $1 each. I was pinched for cash but figured a roster spot for a startable QB for a buck should at least make some other owners uncomfortable. Not sure they will be trade bait or anything but at that price having nice choices each week seems better than no QB at all. Im sure one of the low cost QBs is gonna make a huge difference this year, the problem is they are all pretty low cost. An auction is kinda one place where you can try to not let people get away with it though. It just takes some roster spots for those other sleepers at RB or WR you wanted. I'm pretty sure I had a point when I started this thread but it is eluding me now. Something like, if everyone else is doing one thing, do something different, and maybe it works out?
  5. DirecTV / NFL Sunday Ticket offers

    I just called and got a retention person (just kept saying retentions at each menu). She seemed like she was just reading off a menu of what was available in the system she could offer. No discounts for Sunday Ticket at all. I did get $40 off my bill per month for 12 months(to go with the $40/month I'm already getting for re-signing with directv last year after cancelling for a year) Also got $5 off HBO for 6 months. I'll try again between now and week 2 (since week 1 is free) to see if there is a lower price on Sunday Ticket Max. I really only watch the redzone channel and even though I net positive from the $40/month credit I still can't mentally justify $400 for one channel for 8 hours a week in football season. Maybe I will change my mind when the season starts
  6. Best WW RB to add this week?

    Looking like some combo of these guys available in most of my leagues: Jerick McKinnon Aaron Jones Elijah McGuire Marlon Mack Alex Collins Matt Breida In one non PPR league I have lost Dalvin Cook and Odell over the last 2 weeks but hold the #1 WW priority. Anyone think any of this week's lot could be a make or break pickup for the year?
  7. Players you aren't targeting but keep getting this year..

    So, Robinson didn't work out. At least it didn't cost us a lot to lose him for the season.
  8. There a few guys I have targeted and managed to get in a few leagues (C. McCaffrey, D. Henry, Tyrell Williams) but there are also a few that I seem to keep ending up with (both auction and snake) that I wasn't really targeting but keep ending up with based on the value they present at a certain point: DeAndre Hopkins HOU WR Allen Robinson JAC WR Ameer Abdullah DET RB I guess I haven't been burned by overpaying for them in the past enough to have them on my totally avoid list. Was wondering if anyone else had similar experience with these guys or others.
  9. Audible/Audio Books

    Hands down the best audio book I've listened to is A Short History of Nearly Everything written and narrated by Bill Bryson. Pretty great history of the the universe and his narration is on point. If you like Brandon Sanderson his Mistborn Trilogy is also a great listen.
  10. Players you aren't targeting but keep getting this year..

    Just ended up with Hopkins again in my last draft of the year. 5th round this time so really good value. Also got my first share of CJ Anderson in the 6th..
  11. Players you aren't targeting but keep getting this year..

    Yep he's been there several times for me as well but I generally had a need somewhere else or had to take someone I was targeting there (like Henry maybe). Might be a mistake on my part. Also, I was all in on him a couple of years ago and that burned me severely so I am still holding a grudge.
  12. Just curious as I found myself in several drafts where a few players drafted early at or around their ADP and/or projections didn't "feel" right. I would certainly take them if a glaring oversight took place and there was clear value, just something tells me they may not live up to expectations. Here are a few of mine, who are some of yours? David Johnson - Didn't really have the chance to draft him in many leagues as my slot was later but also couldn't justify paying what it would take to get him in my auction either. Just seems to me with Johnson and Ellington healthy he either won't get the same amount of work he did to finish off last year or if he does he could break down over the season and yield more to those two. Julio Jones - I'm a homer and a huge Falcons fan and I hope I'm wrong about him this year. I liked him better in drafts last year being undervalued but I don't know if he can hold up the whole year with the same workload. Hopefully not a huge disappointment but not quite the same expectations as last year. Doug Martin - I've owned him in one dynasty league for years. Too frustrating hoping for consistent production. You may get a few big games if you start him but give me another tier 1 or 2 WR around his ADP any day. Carlos Hyde - I just can't buy it. What in the world has he ever done to make you think he can stay healthy OR produce in a Chip Kelly offense that hasn't exactly lit up the RB position over the last few years? Plus a terrible team. Anyone Else?
  13. Do you diversify?

    Depending on league rules I would take Antonio Brown if he is available, in all of them. Brown is safe because even if he disappoints, short of an injury he won't kill you. After that in ppr I would be tempted to take Beckham or Julio over Gurley in one or more. I think Gurley is a clear #2 but chances of injury for a RB seem higher so being all in on him or any RB could be really bad if they get hurt.
  14. Your gut instinct said no to which players?

    Freeman actually went late enough (late 2nd roundish) that I think that's about the right value for most leagues, especially ppr. He just seems to have a better nose for the hole than Coleman but I know Shannahan wants to get Coleman more involved so he may screw up his fantasy value like he did Ryan's (while elevating Julio regardless of injury). Either way I only ended up with him in 32 Homers so I don't have a lot of skin in that game anyway.
  15. Do you diversify?

    I have finally accepted the fact that you can't control overlapping matchups. Across multiple teams I have a stake in tons of players. Some overlap and some don't and there is quite a bit of overalp of players I don't have. So when I see a player from one or more of my teams score I am happy. I just hope the other players on my teams can offset the matchups where I happen to be playing against them. I do pull against players I don't own in any league for one reason or another (I'm talking to you David Johnson and Cam Newton!). I also don't spend much time if any at all looking at who I am playing against from league to league. That makes it easier to just cheer for all my guys then hope for the best when I look at the damage at the end of the day!
  16. Food and Bev Thread - Hoboken BBQ

    I've been to Hoboken but it was about 15 years ago and I don't remember anywhere I went! I do remember that the shower in my friend's apartment was completely black with mildew except for two foot sized areas on the floor.
  17. Julio Jones fumble recovery. CBS League

    I have the same situation in one CBS league where he still isn't getting credit. In looking at the scoring rules there is nothing specifically spelled out for an offensive fumble recovery TD. There are, however 2 line items for 2 point conversions... Fum2PK Fumble Recovery Two-point Conversion, Kicking formation 2 points Fum2PT Fumble Recovery Two-point Conversion, Two-point formation 2 points Odd that there is no mention of offensive FR TD.
  18. Help from experienced players.

    Best Side pot I have been in is whoever wants to participate puts in an extra $10 per week for weekly high score (So $140 for the season). Winner each week comes from only those who participate. Win a few of those and you can actually make more money than winning the league.
  19. Do you think someone actually started Eli?

    I started him in one league with Peyton on bye. Sometimes its nice to have luck on your side!
  20. Adrian Peterson indicted for child abuse

    Guess my grandmother should have been arrested...
  21. Wow... has it really been that long?

  22. The "When to draft a QB" debate

    I find that taking a consistent WR earlier is much more valuable than a consistent QB. I too suck at matchups but if I have 2-3 no brainer WRs I am far more comfortable choosing between 2 QBs. My strategy when I wait is generally to take 2 QBs of the same tier back to back and one of them usually pans out better than expected. Romo this year for example.
  23. My mother died

    This thread pisses me off and I can't even tell you who I'm mad at.
  24. Commish Ruling Advice

    I can't imagine demanding that a trade I proposed stand when an owner tells me they were confusing it with another league and read it wrong.