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  1. Arrington - #3 RB?

    Anything is possible with King Denny.
  2. Williamson Ready to be a Starter?

    Terry Glenn is also available. Even he is tempting after that performance last night.
  3. Bad bye week for me coming up. Usual WR starters are R. Williams, Boldin, & Mason (lost Walker in week 1). Have Williamson & Ferguson as reserves and need to start both of them this week unless I make a move. Is Williamson ready, or do I need to scour the waiver wire this week? Pretty thin out there, here's some of the WR's I could pick up. Booker Jurevicius Engram Battle Troy Brown E. Parker Finneran C. Wilson T. Taylor Galloway 6 pt TD's/1 pt/10 yds rec/-2 fumble
  4. Calling Out Ravens Fans and Clubfoothead...

    I picked up the Titans D last week just because of Wright. He did not disappoint.
  5. Week 2 Bonehead moves.

    Normally I make at least one good bonehead move per week, but not this week. Got some good Huddler WDIS advice and went with Favre over Delhomme, Houshmanzadeh over Dunn (flex), and picked up the Titans Def off waivers and started them over the Cardinals. Took total points for the week!
  6. WDIS

    Forgot this is my flex league where I could also start Warrick Dunn at Seattle in place of Housh or Coles. Does that change anything?
  7. Free Fantasy Advice - Week 2 - TAKE 2

    6 pt TD's, 1 pt/10 yds rush/rec, 1pt/25 yds pass, 1 pt/rec. Favre vs. Cleveland or Delhomme vs. Patriots Brett killed me last week. And now there is no Javon. Cleveland stinks. Jake did not have an outstanding week, but he could have had 10 TD's if he could have hit Smith in bounds. I am leaning towards Delhomme until Favre shows me something. Coles vs Dolphins or Houshmanzadeh vs. Vikings Looks like a toss up here. I like the Cincy offense against the Vikes, so I am leaning towards Housh. You are the man, Hugh!
  8. Willie Parker in 2005 is Equal

    This is the old "it doesn't matter who runs behind that line" that Denver & KC have used in the past few years. Those holes last week were big enough for the Bus, but Willie is much quicker and faster, so he made them look that much bigger. The Steelers run, run, run, and it does not matter if it is Bus, Duce, or Fast Willie back there. I hope they run that guy until he proves them wrong, I would love to see what he can do week in and week out.
  9. Meadowlands

    It is a disgrace that this game is being held in NY. I am by no means a NFC East fan, but this is an unfair advantage for the Giants. Haslett said it, no matter what, this is a home game for the Giants. Last year, Arizona hosted a neutral site game between SD & MIA (I think).....the same should take place this week. I am not being insensitive to the bigger picture, I just do not think it would have been this hard to have this game in KC, Indy, Tennessee, Pittsburgh, who cares where, just not in NY.
  10. LIONS @ Bears

    Kevin Jones going in one league, Roy Williams in another. Benson on my bench, I am hoping to see some more carries this week so he turns up the trade bait for me!
  11. Atlanta player fined!

    Here, here!
  12. Miami Bandwagon

    Nothing like listening to Bills and Dolphins fans argue about who is better and why. Gotta love how division rivalry and hatred can cloud the football mind. And I thought the Ravens fans were boring
  13. The "Get Pumped for Willie Parker" Thread

    I love all this Fast Willie talk. Last year it was, "Is Big Ben that good?".....this year it is "Who the hell is Fast Willie Parker". Gotta love the attention given to the Steeler starters as they come outta nowhere.
  14. Maddox to start?

    Still no word, they are dealing with the dreaded 50/50 chance. I really think that if Ben is even slightly sore, they may sit him this week. I hate to even think that they are looking ahead to the Patriots game next week, but I know they want to have him in for that one. I would not be surprised if you see TD Tommy Sunday just as a precautionary measure. Watch for those updates!
  15. Steeler #39 jersey on its way

    darn, I thought I was the only one. I have been wearing my "I was not hired for my disposition" Greg Lloyd jersey since 1994. That darn thing cost me $50 worth of beer money when I was on the college budget, and I have stuck with it to this day. That and my Terrible Towel that I bought the same year will not be retired until we win that big game (not the Patriots game next week, but the one in February in Detroit). I was visiting my parents in Pittsburgh last weekend and we went to the Steeler Store (the Mecca for Steeler Fans) in Monroeville Mall. They did have Parker spamshirts, but I am sure they are all gone by now.