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  1. Start/Bench feedback

    Sorry to be negative but some of these calls are just silly.
  2. Top this...

    Jjoique and Brees in my title3 game...total of ZERO points at half. Should have started Barry Sanders and Troy Aikman :-(
  3. 49ers Justice!

    So he entire 49ers coaching staff hates Frank Gore, right?? The absolute stubborn reluctance to even TRY and run the ball is bafeling. So game on the line, at the halfyard line and you don't even let him run it ONCE??? And the justice, Keap keeps it and fumbles! Niners lose! Yaaayyyyyy Welcome to the dumpster Frank!
  4. Michael Floyd?

    I know this has already been mentioned in the Milk Carton thread but what the hell?? How is it that NODODY, not on twitter not on the board no experts fans or FF junkie, have ANY idea why he got shut out?? I already won my game thanks to A Brown and Forte, but how the hell do we ever trust Floyd again when he an just disappear like this?? Very frustrating.
  5. Tampa QB Situation

    Anyone have the scoop on who is the starting QB once McCown gets healthy? Is the thought that Glennon will stay the starter, or will McCown resume the role? Also, when is McCown expected to be back? Holding McCown because I have cutler as my starter and I will need a sub next week. If the starter situation is sketchy next week, amy need to pick up someone else. thanks!
  6. VJax trade?

    So I know there is a lot of speculation around VJax getting traded within the next week. Two questions- For homers, how likely is this? Thoughts on Louis Murphy going forward? I just doped A Holmes for him, thinking that if VJax gets traded, Murphy might put up WR2 numbers going forward.
  7. San Fran is done tonight

    Frank Gore...YUK. Can't believe I counted on this POS for 13 freaking points and will get ZERO. Droppable in all leagues. Fool me once...
  8. Steelers

    So they have no interest in winning this game, eh.
  9. L Smith

    He did less with more in Chicago, he was incompetent at best.
  10. My whole WR corps, Keenan, Mike Floyd, Roddy, Antonio Brown, EEK!
  11. Paging Michael Floyd, please get out on the field and play some football!
  12. Forte

    Not blaming anyone, relatively happy w him (vs. McCoy and J Chas). Just frustrated at the crappy O Line.
  13. Forte

    Think he'll score 1 freaking TD this year?? I seriously doubt it, today was his best chance. What a pile of crap that Bears team is.
  14. Keenan Allen?

    Keenan, step this way, got a nice warm spot on my bench for you. Get comfortable, you'll probably be there a while. Benched Hawkins and Mike Floyd for him. Maybe he could introduce himself to Mr. Rivers sometime soon.
  15. This is the end...

    The controversy, the bloodbath of injuries, the onslaught of flags,..by far the most dismal and depressing week of football I can remember (and I'm in my 40's). Just YUK!!