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  1. Thoughts on P. Lindsay moving forward...

    Wow...this topic turned into a poopshow. Thanks to those who answered...and thanks to those who entertained. Everyone has a role!
  2. Burkhead on IR

    Is there any talk of the pats signing someone else or is it looking like Sony and White as the guys? Thanks
  3. touching QB = roughing

    It 100% affected the CLE PIT game and the GB MIN game. You obviously are not watching the games.
  4. touching QB = roughing

    How can you actually watch these games and say the new rule hasn't affected the quality of the game at all? Or do you just watch the box score?
  5. touching QB = roughing

    @michaelredd9 Do you still stand by this statement?
  6. Any thoughts on Lindsay's value moving forward? Is it Freeman's job and Lindsay is a change of pace back? Committee? Or can/will Lindsay emerge as the main man in the DEN backfield? Thanks
  7. touching QB = roughing

    2 things need to happen. 1) Make sure all protective equipment is being worn properly. Your forehead should look like Peyton Manning's when you take off your helmet. A giant red imprint of the padding on your forehead. If you can take off your helmet with one hand then you are not wearing the equipment properly and have no right to complain about head injuries. 2) When players sign their first contract just have them sign a waiver releasing any threat of future law suites. You know the risk of the game, if you still want to play sign here. No more issues. But let's make it way harder then it needs to be so we can pretend we all care about the health and safety of these guys. ex: The cheap shot on Cam Newton yesterday. You think that guy doesn't know the rule when a QB slides? ex: Can't remember the player but there was a horrible face mask this past weekend where the def player almost ripped the head off the running back. You think that guy doesn't know you can't rip a guys head off using the face mask? Once again, if the guys on the field don't care about their safety why should we?
  8. touching QB = roughing

    It's sad what the NFL is turning into.
  9. touching QB = roughing

    Another example of how the roughing the passer rule is affecting the outcome of the game. Horrible call on Clay Mathews yesterday. Extended the MIN drive. The NFL is getting close to being slightly more entertaining than the WNBA.
  10. go out and get this guy

    I think you were right in your original post. And you even said he would get off to a slow start, have a low snap count and could have a bigger role in a month. So I'm just curious why are you so quick to cut him loose after one week when this is exactly what you thought he would be this early on?
  11. touching QB = roughing

    I disagree and so do a lot of other people. Not only does it affect the quality of the game it also affects the outcome of the game. Example: the pathetic roughing the passer penalty on CLE extended the drive and allowed Conner to score his first TD.
  12. touching QB = roughing

    Why is the NFL suppose to pretend to care about player safety when the players themselves don't? Remind of the last time Rodger Goddell, Jerrah Jones, Paul Allen or Robert Kraft made a helmet to helmet hit or landed on a QB with all their weight. These players know what the rules are and they STILL continue to break them. Stop blaming the league and owners for players getting hurt while playing a violent game. Players get hurt because OTHER PLAYERS hurt them. These attempts are just pathetic attempts by the league to pretend to care. This does not mean I condone or support the NFL covering up concussion injuries in the past. They did and that is not even close to right but that isn't happening now. Now they are over-compensating and the game is suffering because of it.
  13. richard sherman tore his achillles?!

    Bad NFL football is still better to watch than most anything else on television. I am 100% aware that this sounds insensitive but I could care less how the players feel after a game and how long it takes to recover. They are paid quite well to entertain us. That is a fact. I'm not saying it doesn't hurt like hell after a game and more time to recover wouldn't help...that is obvious. I'm saying I don't care. Every team plays on Thursday. Every team has to deal with it and it's only once a year. I could be wrong but I never heard one complaint from DAL or DET players about recovery time for their Thanksgiving games which has happened since 1920. I'm a Hawks fan, not necessarily a Dicky Sherman fan but losing Sherman is a major major blow to the D and the Hawks in general. Last night was terrible regarding injuries for both teams but it's not like this every Thursday. Injuries can and do happen during every game and practice. And maybe Sherman would not have ruptured his achilles if he had more time to rest. Maybe not. It's unfortunate for sure but there is always a knee jerk reaction and the media does not help. I know this post makes me sound like an A-Hole. Probably because I am. Sorry...
  14. Fast Willie Snead...

    Whats going on with him? I realize he was suspended and nursing a hammy and the saints have not been the offense they have been in the past but ONE reception this year? What's the deal?
  15. Any News On Zeke Hearing?

    I'm a bit confused as to what Zeke is even fighting. Doesn't Roger Godell have the power to give punishments regardless of evidence? And didn't the players union agree to this? I'm not saying I agree but if that's actually in the CBA then how and why can anyone fight it?