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  1. Josh Gordon hoping for September reinstatement

    I read recently that Gordon's chances of getting reinstated are better than 50-50...whatever that means. Any other info swirling around?
  2. Josh Gordon hoping for September reinstatement

    Any new info on Gordon's reinstatement?
  3. Elliott suspended 6 games.

    Knowing the info we currently know now, is 6th overall in a 12 team league too early to gamble on Zeke?
  4. Keenan Allen

    Do you draft Keenan Allen over guys like: A Cooper B Cooks D Adams T Hill What about Dez or M Thomas?
  5. Dion Lewis or D'angelo WIlliams

    I am not trying to argue and from now on I will post similar type questions in the advice column but I was not asking "who to start" nor did I even mention a trade. I was asking for opinions on who people thought holds more value in fantasy football in the fantasy football forum. I don't see how this is any different from the below topics posted in the same forum that I originally posted in: Obviously I am unsure of the actual criteria for posting in each forum but like I said I will now post anything that slightly resembles advice in the other forum to avoid future issues
  6. Dion Lewis or D'angelo WIlliams

    Just curious...why was this in the wrong forum?
  7. Which has more value down the stretch? Obviously the true value is determined if you are a Bell or Blount owner but which do you think holds more value by himself? Thanks
  8. My roster is in my signature. I drafted Alfred Morris as a total flyer and possible trade bait to the Zeke owner. The owner of Zeke and I have been going back and forth and actually played each other this week. Once the game was over he finally offered the trade we have been discussing... Alfred Morris for Mike Thomas Would you do this trade or hold onto Alfred? Thanks
  9. Darren McFadden...

    Does he hold any value at all now that he is healthy or is Alfred Morris the clear cut back up for Zeke? Fred had been a solid back for when Zeke needs a blow but I'm just curious about DMC as a flyer...if Zeke misses any time? Thanks
  10. Hunter Henry cleared yet?

    I know he practiced but any info on if he has cleared the concussion protocol? Thanks!
  11. Antonio Gates update?

    Any word on Antonio Gates availability this week? THANKS!
  12. Red Zone Targets for WR

    Thanks. I did a google search and found that as well along with RB red zone touches. I must be mistaken but I thought The Huddle had articles on this or something similar in the past. Thanks again.
  13. Red Zone Targets for WR

    I am looking for info on RED ZONE TARGETS for WR. I know I have seen this article before but I can't seem to find it this year. Can someone post a link or point me in the right direction for this info? Thanks!
  14. hey irish. make it or break it week for many…me included. who do i start this week at rb? freeman @ tb gurley vs ari cj anderson @ sd hillman @ sd west @ oak thanks for the help…including previous weeks.
  15. one more... i need to start 2. freeman vs indy gurley @ balt west @ sd thanks in advance!