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  1. Sazerac

    It's Peychaud's Bitters, Chris. Apparently quite important to the authenticity of the drink.
  2. This forum

  3. Sazerac

    The official drink of New Orleans and possibly the first American cocktail. Had never had one before last weekend and I have to say - Daddy likes. Tried them from a couple different uptown bars. Very subtle differences (one added a sugar cube, the other simple syrup) but with one overwhelming characteristic in common - they'll get you f*cked up like a soup sandwich. I highly recommend anyone in the Big Easy knock back a couple.
  4. Best 3 word combo

    No f'n way
  5. Ryder Cup - The thread

    Applauded a good shot by his opponent. What a dick.
  6. Google, now sponsored by the NFL

    Yeah, I actually scanned the forum to see if it'd been posted. Shocking that the title didn't give it away.
  7. Up and down from anywhere!

    While it may not be as exciting as your house or your heart attacks or whatever it is you babble on about, it's all I've got. Dickhead.
  8. Up and down from anywhere!

    Second round of a tournament at our club last Sunday. I hit three greens in regulation, had four birdies and shot 75. I'm a scrambling motherforker.
  9. One song

    Up For the Down Stroke - Parliament
  10. One song

    - Green River Ordinance
  11. One song

    Please Read the Letter - Robert Plant and Allison Krauss
  12. Why do people "pass"?

    I understand what "passed" means. Just wondering why people shy away from "died."
  13. Why do people "pass"?

    Noticed buddhaj's thread about Michael Clark Duncan (RIP) and was wondering why so many people choose to use the word "pass" instead of "die". I know it's big in the South, but didn't know if it was common vernacular in other parts of the country. Did "die" somehow become a dirty word?
  14. Here comes Issac.

    This sucks, fellas. Batten down the hatches and be safe.