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  1. (Help) Shipping a beverage

    A growler? I know I'm late to the party, but I hope you didn't do it. Growlers are meant to be kept refrigerated. I'm not sure what a 1-2+ day trek across the country did it. At best it probably came flat. ETA: Though at this time of year, it might have stayed cold enough, but that's chancing it.
  2. 2014 Huddlers' NFL Mock Draft - Commentary

    The Bucs actually have filled a lot more needs in FA than people realize. Could still use help at CB, WR (especially if the character concerns about Mike Williams put him on the outs) and with the pass rush too, but guard is as much of a need as anywhere, and they land the second-rated one. Especially if Carl Nicks isn't back completely healthy, a pro-ready guard like Su'a-Filo would be helpful. Guy seems to be a natural at the position.
  3. 2014 Huddlers' NFL Mock Draft - Selections

    Buccaneers select Xavier Su'a-Filo G UCLA
  4. 2014 Huddlers' NFL Mock Draft - Commentary

    Morgan Moses is a popular pick on the Falcons boards, and with good reason. He checks off everything on our wishlist: he's played both tackle positions, he's big, strong, has long arms, and has upside while probably not being any worse than what's at RT now. Biggest knocks seem to be technique and conditioning. Also, I can pretty much guarantee the Falcons take a tackle with the top two picks (assuming they stay put and don't trade down or up). Only way they wouldn't is if Clinton-Dix or Pryor somehow fell at safety. Would be really stoked to get out of the first two rounds with Mack and Moses. Would fill the two biggest needs remaining.
  5. 2014 Huddlers' NFL Mock Draft - Selections

    Falcons select Morgan Moses OT Virginia
  6. 2014 Huddlers' NFL Mock Draft - Commentary

    Shouldn't the jags be picking before the falcons?
  7. Roddy White fails to come through on bet

    Well, I take back part of what I said above, and it does change my opinion a little after seeing that the guy did accept and think it was a real offer: @roddywhiteTV I'll take that offer! But ya can't take it back if it does happen! Wouldn't mind seeing the games live! #Riseup I was under the impression that he didn't really expect it to be a real offer (though he does say that after the fact, that he realizes now that he wasn't serious). But after the confusion thinking he was a Bears fan, and him offering that instead, the guy is more than fine with the results. Doesn't a person have to feel welched for the other party to be a welcher? They settled up with Bears tickets for a guy doing nothing but predicting an upset by his homer team on twitter. BFD if it isn't a big deal to them. That's what I still have issue with, that people are acting like it's their place to not be satisfied with how they chose to resolve it, when it has nothing to do with them. BTW, the guy did get his season tickets from some website looking to capitalize on the faux-contreversy, so no one's being slighted anymore. Congrats, now maybe Roddy will learn a lesson, and everyone else can learn a lesson to not take seriously everything that's said on Twitter.
  8. 2014 Huddlers' NFL Mock Draft - Commentary

    Lewan is a great pick. I have him pegged as one of the guys I'd love to grab if the Falcons trade down. Landing him at 17 is awesome, Matthews falling to #13 was just absurd. Not surprising OL gets overlooked in a mock draft for more fun picks, but no way that happens in real life. Lewan probably gone by Ravens pick too, unless GMs really love this deep OT class that much.
  9. Roddy White fails to come through on bet

    The point is that, if someone says something on twitter, it might be wise to confirm if they're serious before declaring in hindsight that he was as you make demands about it. (ETA: Yes, it would have also been wise of Roddy to not make statements like this unless he was serious, but being guilty of hyperbole is far different than the welcher accusations being levied here.)
  10. Roddy White fails to come through on bet

    But, but, he said it on the internet, he must be super serial!! Twitter is serious business!!
  11. Roddy White fails to come through on bet

    That was in response to a guy saying Mercer was going to beat them, it's not like he just up and offered some tickets. This is why I think it was just hyperbole. Not much different than one guy saying, "I think the unthinkable is going to happen", and the response, "No way, I'd bet a million dollars it won't". The difference here is Roddy does have the resources to make good on it, but it was such an extorbitant statement, that one should not expect he's being serious without even getting confirmation. In no other situation would you not confirm a " bet" of that magnitude, and then demand later they make good on something they said that you didn't even confirm was serious.... But hey it's in writing on twitter and has the money, so let's stick it to him on any hyperbole he might say. But okay let's say you're right and just becasue he's rich he's forced to pay up on any stupid thing he says to strangers on twitter, but I don't understand why people continue to say he's welching. They settled the bet in a way that satisfied both of them (and if you were in Roddy's shoes thinking you were handing over thousands of dollars of Falcons tickets to a Bears fan who wasn't going to use them, you'd probably opt to just offer him Bears tickets too). If the circumstsances were different and the guy was pissed and rejected that offer, then maybe the right thing to do is to give him season tickets, but this DEMAND that he MUST make good by people who aren't even involved, it sounds more like celebrity hate going on here than Falcons homerism.
  12. Roddy White fails to come through on bet

    Are the celebrity haters really equating Roddy running his mouth on twitter with actual mutual bets, and comparing it to a parent offering their kids motivation? I can equate those becuase they're all clear hyperbole, meaning "that's not gonna happen"... All the counter-examples are nothing but massive leaps in logic.
  13. Roddy White fails to come through on bet

    I'll take those goggles over those that seem to have such resentment about these guys being paid handsomely for their marketable talents, that they feel it's their duty to demand they pay up for any hyperbolic statement they make on twitter, even when the person involved isn't even asking for it.
  14. Roddy White fails to come through on bet

    That one was an even lamer contreversy. He said, "I'd put my next year's salary on it", he didn't say he actually was. Plus it would also imply that he was expecting the same amount back should he be right. I'm quite sure the fan wouldn't have made good on it, not even a dime if it turned out the other way. He would have said the same thing. No wonder everything has to be spelled out with pages of fine print nowadays, when the lawyers and jackals come pouncing if you're even guilty of hyperbole on twitter.