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  1. Report: Lions veteran players are mad at Matt Patricia

    The team, including Stafford, just straight-up gave up in week 1. We need a few more weeks but wow was that effort pathetic. If they start winning the veterans will come around or end up on different teams. If not....
  2. Falcons / Eagles

    Sarkisian in the red zone looks to be just as bad this year as last. I won't overreact to one game but the play calling must improve.
  3. Lev Bell - Something is brewing in Burgh

    Ah ok thx - that makes sense then. No dog in this hunt but historically the Steelers really do not tolerate this kind of nonsense and I wouldn't fault them a bit for trading him for good value
  4. Lev Bell - Something is brewing in Burgh

    why isn't this just freeing up money for a new Bell contract?
  5. Player who fell the furthest in your draft?

    Mike Williams was more appealing before the zombified corpse of Antonio Gates re-signed with the Chargers.
  6. K Mack: where's he playing this year

    yeah i think the raiders did well here
  7. Royce Freeman

    I recall very well and very painfully the time share that was Thomas Jones and Jamaal Charles. If that happens so be it - getting Freeman in the 4th round is worth the risk to me. YMMV.
  8. Royce Freeman

    Yeah that's a good attitude to have. I will say, IIRC, that Forever in Debt kinda nailed the Gurley call last year - in case that sways you at all on who to listen to. Maybe it's the only time he's been right in 10yrs, I don't know, but I thought it was a bit impressive.
  9. K Mack: where's he playing this year

    of course, using this logic it would mean that Oakland should keep Mack for the exact reasons you lay out. They should pay the man and be done with it - they gave their coach "$100 million" and he literally hasn't done anything for over a decade.
  10. K Mack: where's he playing this year

    The two 1st round picks is just Gruden (or someone in the Raiders organization) being an idiot to try and increase leverage so that Mack shows back up and plays. No one is giving 2 ones and then paying Mack's salary, as tazinib already said. In general, NFL players have very little leverage in contract negotiations but they are probably less tolerant of the BS now after the kneeling controversy and, more importantly, the insane behavior of Goodell over the past few years. For the Raiders this is an unforced error - lose-lose for really no apparent reason. I would speculate there's a bug up Gruden's arse about something but who knows what it is. To answer the OP's question: I think he's playing in Oakland or nowhere this year.
  11. Royce Freeman

    Any chance we can change the "like" button here to a thumbs up or something instead of a heart? Not sure I'm ready for the "love" level of commitment when I like a post.
  12. Royce Freeman

    The problem here seems to be the coach. For me, I'm interested in the potential and am willing to wait through ~4 games to see how this plays out. Depends on the draft price, admittedly. RotoWire Staff (12 hrs ago) Head coach Vance Joseph deemphasized the importance of picking a starter between Freeman and Devontae Booker, saying hypothetically that Freeman would likely be on the field if it is a power run and Booker would be on the field if it is a quick pass, Zac Stevens of BSN Denver reports. Telegraphing your plays like this is entirely counterproductive. Hopefully this is some dis-/mis-information and not just a head coach in way over his head.
  13. Zeke downgrade with Frederick out?

    I would have great respect for Guillain-Barre syndrome - for a professional athlete at peak performance this is going to really slow him down. It may get worse before it gets better, even with treatment. If the diagnosis is correct - and they have absolutely outstanding medical care in Dallas - I would think twice about his availability to start the year. Losing a pro-bowl lineman is not going to be good - I will let the experts speak as to Dallas' O-line depth.
  14. Who is the best QB value in redrafts?

    Goff is entirely free - just play the QBBC matchups and you're all set. I think he's very unlikely to be top 5 for the year but a QB1 in spot start roles - absolutely. There's no need this year to pick one QB and play only one QB. If anyone could get ARod in the 5th round that might also be the right answer but I agree with others: there are too many fish who take these QBs in round 2.
  15. Actually, I like this thread and agree with the OP. Odell being a bit of a head case is indisputable. Thing is with Pat Shurmur in town the arrow should be pointing up for ODB.