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  1. Bears vs Rams (SNF)

    92% of players lose money on DFS - this was revealed in a lawsuit in NY. Why you knuckleheads want to keep playing daily is beyond me.
  2. Bears vs Rams (SNF)

    The NFL should be paying us to watch this. Please tell me they can start flexing games soon.
  3. So here's the question - and I agree with you entirely that it was obvious defensive PI: what would the NFL have done if this was a playoff game? Wasn't this the type of egregious no-call that the new rule was designed to address? If this was a playoff game and the league does nothing then what in the wide wide world of sports has really changed after the Saints game?
  4. Reset Password?

    The password reset makes no sense. The loss of the news feed makes no sense. The fact that I have to sign in to the website multiple times a day makes no sense. Customer support has not been helpful this year. I would never in a million years have thought this would happen to The Huddle. It makes me sad but here we are. I always appreciate the DMD content, to be sure, but it's like you handed site management to a 7-year old.
  5. Off topic but on this point - read that story of the 3 drunk judges getting in a fight with 2 randos outside a White Castle. Judges were doing alright until the guy getting beat on pulled out a gun. You better be absolutely damn sure it's worth it before you start the fisticuffs these days.
  6. Colin trying out for NFL teams?

    I'm actually amazed at the arc of my thinking on Kaep. When he first knelt, I thought he was a Grade A disrespectful chalupa. But since then, virtually everything the NFL has done with this saga has rubbed me the wrong way. Kaep has been blackballed for what 3 years now? Then the NFL goes with this charade workout and, as the workout nears, starts making these demands that no person/player in their right mind would agree to. Anyway, if the NFL really is all about being a business, then if this guy still has skills he'll get a shot. If the NFL wants to be in control well....we'll get what we had today.
  7. Colin trying out for NFL teams?

    Actually - entirely my bad: it's always, always, always about the money. In this case, Goodell and Jay Z
  8. Fantasy Drama week 10 MNF

    In the OP's example, Ty Montgomery should be roster locked since he had already played Sunday. He should not be droppable for another player. Dropping a player who was also going to play on Monday night would be allowed.
  9. Colin trying out for NFL teams?

    The other possibility is that some team really does want to sign him and so the league puts together this contrived poop-show to cover the team's ass a bit. Seattle? Maybe they saw Bridgewater back up Brees and decided they need to up their QB insurance plan.
  10. News Feed?

    Has the news feed that was on the left side of the main Huddle website dropped off for anyone else? Now it's only on the "News" tab? I liked having the player news items visible on the main page. Hopefully just a glitch?
  11. David Montgomery

    What I can tell you is that Montgomery's usage up until his last good game was entirely uninspiring - too few touches and did very little with them. His value would occasionally be buttressed by a short TD run. Nagy's public comments recently give me zero faith he's going to use his RBs effectively or consistently. I traded away my shares of Montgomery.
  12. Andy Dalton benched

    I dunno - Andy Dalton doesn't seem like the main problem in Cincy. Welcome to the Bucs 2020!!!
  13. KC vs Broncos (TNF)

    For the love of God can a man beg for some Shady clock killing garbage time?
  14. Jalen Ramsey traded to the Rams

    Once again you have crystallized my thoughts. I don't see how this makes sense - you need draft picks to rebuild the o-line, which is a major problem. Steelers did it because they think Big Ben is coming back and they can make a run in the short term with a defense that includes Minkah. I don't agree but that's the logic. What's the Rams' logic - when it should be pretty clear their QB is realllllly suffering right now?