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  1. Packers expected to sign Jimmy Graham

    Green Bay....where TEs go to die.
  2. Cleveland is dealing today

    yeah this is really hard to stomach. He was taken in the late 6th round in his draft, stunk it up in the NFL, and is now worth a 3rd round pick? Cleveland fans seem to be excited about all the moves but I'm not seeing the value here at all.
  3. Bucs Release Doug Martin

    I don't keep up with Tampa media anymore but it also seems weird that you get popped for PEDs and you go to rehab. I can't think of a PED, other than an amphetamine, that rehab would help for?
  4. They're baaaaackk

    Coco Bolivia! What a welcome distraction!
  5. AFC Championship Game

    This, exactly. 4th down is getting ever so slightly better but it's still like no one understands probabilities. They would be even worse poker players.
  6. Shurmur to Giants/McDaniels to Colts

    Titans have to be more appealing than Indy. McDaniels track record is bad but maybe he's matured since his last go-around.
  7. Gruden the new Raiders coach

    I think you could be very right about that. It amazes me though that people hear a name, in this case "Gruden," and get caught up in the idea of Gruden rather than who he actually was as a coach. Remember - this guy got fired from the Bucs, not exactly a tier 1 NFL franchise, for underperformance. Sitting on his ass in a booth for 10 years has suddenly made this guy better? There's no chance. The hiring of Jack del Rio in the first place was a bad call and it seems like whomever made that bad call is probably making this one. I agree about the buzz though for a Vegas move - that makes sense to me. Even though a "Sean McVay" would actually be way better for the franchise long-term, the psychology of a known name is bound to sell more.
  8. My take is that it doesn't make sense to get rid of all your backup QBs when your QB, although legendary, is really getting up there in years. All this TB12 healthy living is really crap - he's going to fall off a performance cliff no matter what his diet/exercise/Giselle face-planting regimen is. OK so getting rid of Brissette who cares (he's not very good) but then to get rid of the QB you took in the 2nd round? The "Patriot Way" with Belichick has always been to get rid of guys BEFORE their skills start to decline, not after. Yes Brady is a legend in New England but is he bigger than the team, or the success of the team? People on local sports radio were talking about how Belichick wanted to leave the Pats in good stead with Garroppolo but I think there's a more likely answer: Bill wanted to prove that in the chicken-and-egg conversation about whether Brady is key to Belichick's success or vice-versa, that Belichick is the top dog. If the Patriots go on to continue mowing down the league with Garroppolo at the helm then the answer for history is that Belichick's system was in fact the key.
  9. Gruden the new Raiders coach

    Beyond ridiculous. Let's see if it's like the NFL players' contracts where 20-30 million is guaranteed and the rest is made up nonsense. I mean there's no way someone's going to guarantee a 10-year coach's contract. Not even The Dark Hoodie could get that, and he might deserve it.
  10. Black Monday Tomorrow

    This is my wish list, minus Arians. So many bad/badly managed teams and yet fans keep ponying up with tickets. Imagine if at the Browns season opener there were literally no fans in the stadium. How long would Hue last then?
  11. Pagano, Del Rio get the ax

    Raiders will richly deserve the misery they have coming to them.
  12. CLE, ind, chi fans... Fear the Fisher

    This story just keeps giving - Fisher now wants some credit for the Rams' success this year. Some people don't get it.
  13. CLE, ind, chi fans... Fear the Fisher

    I can't say enough good things about this post. I forgot he was on IR that season. Fisher used to seem like a great guy but he his career has not aged well, which is really too bad. Sometimes you just gotta know when to ride off into the sunset.
  14. I am so sick of NFL catch rules...

    It's not just the NFL my friend...
  15. CLE, ind, chi fans... Fear the Fisher

    How can this story possibly be true? Even if you were a Fisher apologist, the complete 180 degree turnaround of the LA Rams just by changing the head coach should send any NFL owners screaming for the exits when this guy shows up.