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  1. Sam Darnold out with mono

    Literally >95% of humans. The thing is most people get it as kids or young adults. Getting it as an NFL starting QB - no bueno. The issue is that mono makes your spleen big and contact sports are an absolute no-no until it goes back to normal size. He could come back faster than the timeline but who knows.
  2. Who has better year? Hockenson or Waller

    Perfect in a Matt Patricia-led team unfortunately isn't what it means for an offense with a real coach. But I agree that Hock has alot of potential there.
  3. How is week 1 treating you?

    Yeah I don't know why you caught flak at your draft - seems like a totally reasonable team to me and that's before it went nuts in week 1. This week is likely a win for me in my main league but only because of Lamar Jackson. The rest of the team is steaming dung, made worse by investing in the very clear RBBCs in Detroit and Chicago.
  4. Antonio Brown has frostbitten feet

    Hope you're feeling better now...
  5. Antonio Brown has frostbitten feet

    There is a reason the Steelers are a perennial powerhouse and the Raiders are on the garbage heap. This post is the most important part of this story.
  6. Antonio Brown has frostbitten feet

    It's only Friday - we have almost 3 more days of this circus before the answer is known. Either way, rejoice! You have years and years more of the Jon Gruden clown show to enjoy.
  7. Start Bench tool not up yet?

    Well this one is even more straightforward, but maybe not the way we wanted? I emailed them on this issue of having to log in a zillion times and they said: We are sorry you are having this login issue with the site. This is a known issue for some of our members and the engineering team is currently working on a solution and we hope they have it resolved soon. We understand that this is a huge annoyance, but we ask for your patience as we know they are working diligently to get this fixed ASAP.
  8. Week 1 Milk Carton 2019!!!!!

    I saw it last year, I knew this was going to happen, and I still couldn't resist overdrafting Montgomery. It's a sickness, no doubt. I'm hoping they wise up over the next 4-6 weeks.
  9. Tyreek Hill again...

    They don't have any idea what they're doing: react react react instead of thinking what might actually be logically consistent. Oh wait my bad there was video on Kareem. Nevermind - carry on.
  10. Slimy waiver claim

    Not that you need it but as an outside observer this sounds unfortunate but very reasonable. Usually these things don't end up with the nuclear option but with a past track record of questionable behaviors and such rapid escalation it sounds like you'll only feel better about this decision over time. It's good you had clear rules - too bad not every owner wanted to follow them.
  11. Rumor: Ezekiel Elliott planning a training camp holdout

    Is this still happening? Momma doesn't like being made to wait!!!
  12. K Stills and L Tunsil traded to Houston

    Two words: Bill. O'Brien. Should've been fired 2 years ago and Deshaun Watson's athleticism and skill saved his job. The Texans will pay dearly for O'Brien's mistake over the last 2 days for the next 5 years.
  13. RB McCoy released

    He's done - won't stop the Texans from signing him but sad commentary on Houston, taking the Bills leftovers.
  14. How to add an 11th to a 10 team Yahoo league?

    Nominated for Spinal Tap Thread of the Year - and the season hasn't even started yet!