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  1. Imagine you drafted this team

    The only players on that team I had/have any shares of were Murray and Graham. Traded Murray for Cooks earlier in the year and never looked back. Not the type of roster construction I would have gone for.
  2. Best fantasy player so far

    Probably Hunt so far but I'd give an honorable mention to Todd Gurley - and I own him in zero leagues.
  3. Cooper

    If he keeps pushing defenders to the ground he should break out no problem
  4. Austin Seferian-Jenkins

    Great post. My feelings exactly, although I'm not totally sure if the problem is instant replay or their complete inability to define a catch. It's so simple and yet they can't seem to figure it out. Calvin, Dez, ASJ, the list goes on and on with players and plays that everyday fans would consider catches. It really detracts from the joy of the game.
  5. What do you need for the W?

    I need Demarco and Delanie to go for less than 25 in a standard league. My combo of Jameis and CJ Anderson just ruined me this week.
  6. Adrian Peterson trade to ARI

    Yep. Totally saw that coming.
  7. Aaron Jones - RB - Packers

    I picked up Jones in my main league because of his opportunity but I think this question is spot on - Montgomery was getting a ton of work for a reason. I think it'll take more than a week for Montgomery to heal up enough to where he can take hits on his ribs but once that happens I don't see how this doesn't become another RBBC. Thrown in a Jones fumble or two and that would change everything. I know McCarthy likes to have his one RB guy but this team is going to need all the talent help it can get.
  8. Adrian Peterson trade to ARI

    DMD I'd like a unicorn for my son and a few "ladies" for my NFL game day experience this Sunday. Thanks in advance.
  9. Bears Vikings thread

    Hey a real game broke out!!!
  10. Bears Vikings thread

  11. Bears Vikings thread

    They need to take out the walking corpse of Bradford and put Keenum in.
  12. Bears Vikings thread

    This is the worst game of the year, so far....
  13. The TE struggle is real !!

    I've also started drafting 2 TEs - only problem in my main league is they're Graham and Henry. Neither one has been doing poop but there were at least some signs of life this week. Getting 8-10 from the TE position would be a dream.
  14. Every Giants starting WR is out.

    AP is still rostered somewhere?
  15. Rob Gronkowski...Week 5...uh oh

    Funny how Gronk goes from no injury to going through a walk-through and then suddenly his thigh is hurt and he can't play. Bizarre.