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  1. I'm voting maybe not. It took 2 years to wash out the Spanish flu after 1918 and this will be no different. Fill a stadium with people who've already had Covid - then no problem. Going to a game with tens of thousands of other people if you haven't had it already - not a chance.
  2. Deshaun Watson discussion

    The Texans owner and by proxy O'Brien have destroyed that organization. Watson will most likely leave but it will be a bidding frenzy if and when he does and I doubt the Pats will pay the top $$ that'll be required to get him.
  3. How long until Bill O'Brien is fired?

    This. If they fired him today it would take 3 years minimum to recover. Too many draft picks gone and too little in return. Oh and by the time they recover, it'll be time to pay Watson.
  4. How long until Bill O'Brien is fired?

    Well, there's one of you.
  5. Tom Brady No Longer A Patriot

    Yeah I thought that the Chargers O-line wasn't very good either last year - do I have that wrong? The main advantage I would think the Bucs would have is that their head coach wants to ride off into the sunset probably in a couple years as well so maybe hands the keys to Brady and says make it happen. Thing is Brady doesn't really have a long ball now and that's a big part of an Arians offense. Hopefully if Brady does go to the Bucs he gets to call the shots and they resurrect the corpse of OJ Howard's career.
  6. Quinnen Williams Arrested

    .....aaaaaaaand here we go!
  7. So the Jets killed Carl

    100% pure genius - my God. Thanks for sharing!
  8. Teams in need of new owners

    Yeah is the NFL picking the owner? Who's deciding?
  9. Playoff Expansion

    Expanded playoffs dilutes the product, as does a 17-game season. The owners will kill the goose and her golden eggs soon enough. In the face of rising and unrelenting pressure from the realities of head trauma in football, the solution is unlikely to be "play more games."
  10. Wanted to start a thread about franchises that need new ownership to have a realistic chance of competing in the near term (2-3 years): Bears, Bengals, Browns, Chargers, Redskins would be the minimum in need of a reboot. I would take a random Huddler over any of the owners of these teams. Browns and Redskins are probably in the worst situation on this list. Texans as well but they're gonna wait until O'Brien drives that franchise completely into the ground. Objectively we should at least discuss the Cowboys: invested owner, recent good/great drafts but too much meddling where it's not needed and is absent in areas where his leadership could be helpful - the head coaching decisions. It's been a wasteland since Parcells, honestly. Squandering the level of talent they have now is near criminal - they could legit be as good as the Aikman-led teams. Instead: perpetual mediocrity or underperformance. Not sure what retaining Gettleman says about the Giants ownership but it probably isn't very good.
  11. Deal for Dak?

    Hey others may not like it but this is the truth. After Zeke's ridiculous hold-out last year got paid out, you'd better believe Dak is going to rake them for every last cent. They franchise him and the bridge is burned. I still enjoy Jerrah setting himself up for immense failure. You sign the RB first and forget the QB and WR? Let me spell a.n.a.l.y.t.i.c.s. for you Jerrah. A$$hat.
  12. Greg Olsen and the Panthers part ways

    Hellloooooo Patriots
  13. Jason Garrett to NY

    So let me unpack this a bit. We watched Garrett's offense, with Garrett's playcalling for 9 years in Dallas when he was head coach, and the team never made consistent progress to excellence. The Cowboys O-line is insanely talented, their QB Dak Prescott is a potential star, and they have more than enough RB and WR talent. The defense is salvageable. The NY Giants, on the other hand, are a dumpster fire of a franchise with a star RB, a TE with potential, and really very little else. What magical thinking leads you to believe that Garrett's performance as an OC more than a decade ago, with 9 seasons after that to evaluate as a head coach, has any bearing on what he's going to do in 2020? Who are these "plenty of guys" that coached a team for 9 years, got fired, and then became a successful OC of another team? Maybe Josh McDaniels but he only lasted 2 years and then went right back into the system he came from. Child, please!
  14. Superbowl: 49ers @ KCC

    SF is the better team with the better coach. KC is the better QB and sometimes that can make a BIG difference. So, basically what Bobby Brown just said. A KC win would surprise no one. In a close game though, Andy Reid's legendary clock management could be in yeah I'm going SF.
  15. Jason Garrett to NY

    Pretty sure we had nine inexplicable years of Garrett as a head coach to know he sucks. If the Giants improve, he will not be the reason.