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  1. It's really unbelievable how many teams are completely unprepared to start the season at the QB position. There are the usual suspects like Cleveland, NYJets, SF, and Jacksonville but now we're adding in playoff contenders like Denver and Houston. Denver knew Siemian was a placeholder last year. I guess they'll power through this season and come up with a better plan next year.
  2. Smallwood as a lead back wow. If they cut Blount the Pats will just pick him up cheap and screw the league yet again.
  3. On this we agree 100%. My main league is with a bunch of Chicago homers and I'm very confident they will fall on this sword for me.
  4. This thread hurts me. All these RBs have question marks - you don't need to hit the moon with the 1st rnd pick, just get someone who will actually end up top 10 at their position. If you do that you're well set to strike from your other draft positions. I would take Johnson at #1. Yeah, the wheels could fall off the AZ offense but then all they have is Johnson and I agree they'll ride him hard.
  5. I might be misinterpreting you here but that's WR2 territory for sure, at least in standard leagues. Last year 1,000yds and 6 TDs would have been around WR20-23. Last year was a bit rough for WR so let's be conservative and say it's low-WR2/WR3 territory. If you play in a 3WR or 3WR+flex then those stats definitely have value.
  6. I'm right there with you. I'm still smarting from Abdullah last year so when I hear "foot injury" I start to twitch. Could be nothing but at his cost I'd rather dial down the risk.
  7. OK setting aside the math here...... My concern with the speed angle is the issue of separation - is he still going to be able to separate from the CB? Allen definitely has potential here but the risk for me isn't worth it in the 4th - I'll take my risk shots elsewhere. Now - if I can get him as a WR3 then I am definitely interested.
  8. Going back to what I said July 1, my thinking hasn't changed much. In redraft, I'm more inclined not to buy this year (there's no value now at all), wait for him to prove it, and then potentially have to pay a 1st round price next year. IMO there are a ton of equally good questions about other RBs around his ADP range - so if that means I head towards a more solid WR then so be it.
  9. Good calls. The Lions had a chance to upgrade in the draft and didn't so barring injury I think they're unlikely. Indy has a young back so unlikely there too. Ravens maybe. Giants would seem to benefit the most - their backfield is in really bad shape this close to the start of the season.
  10. He was slow before and is likely to be slower now - I won't be drafting him with his ceiling already baked into the purchase price. Tyrell Williams is the better value for me.
  11. please tell me you're following this up with your team defense article...
  12. That's a lot of draft capital - if we get a read that the suspension will be reduced then I'd agree with you. Otherwise, in a reasonable league I don't want to start so far behind the 8-ball from the get-go. Your strategy sounds better in a standard league than PPR.
  13. EJ Gaines was really bad last year - this is a trade for the draft pick (for the Bills). Blowing it up in Buffalo, selling what they can for scraps, and will aim to build off the defense and running game.
  14. Sounds like the legal minds from Deflategate think the Brady v NFL precedent means Zeke is more than likely hosed.
  15. OK - here's my take as someone who doesn't really like the Cowboys: this is baloney. 1. I have absolutely ZERO confidence that the NFL can conduct an investigation with more veracity than a Police Department. Why on earth would we think this? 2. If the NFL can suspend players for basically anything they want (which may be in the CBA, I have no idea) when no charges are filed, then get ready for a player's strike when the CBA is next re-negotiated. 3. If I were Zeke I would fight this in court a la Brady. Zeke is a lower profile player and I can see this dragging out beyond the season. In this scenario Zeke would play this year. Dallas, welcome to New England's world. How do you like God-dell now????