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  1. SOS Article?

    There are alot of new articles these days on the Huddle so I want to make sure I didn't miss the usual strength of schedule article that comes out some time after the draft - you know with the Dorey Rule for the first 6 weeks of the season. Is it hiding?
  2. Preseason games

    Their bodies can't take a 16-game schedule so what do you think will happen at 18 games? We'll be starting Bootenee-Lee Farnsworth in our title games... Seriously, more head contact and trauma is going to make nothing in the current NFL better - and the quality of the games will go down further. Agree they should drop 2 preseason games but then they should stick with the 16 game season.
  3. andrew luck rumor/speculation

    Indy is trying to rival Cleveland for the most poorly run team in the NFL. Elite QB injuries have sunk recent seasons (PManning and Luck last year) for the Colts - looks like they're going for the trifecta. I don't understand what they're doing at all. Luck is still not throwing? Really?
  4. Cowboys trade for Tavon Austin

    Doesn't cost much but isn't worth too much, unfortunately. Another guy with a career kill assist from Jeff Fisher.
  5. Alvin Kamara

    I would put him in the top 5 RBs - definitely first round. I don't know what the Saints' schedule looks like this year but barring anything much tougher I don't see why he couldn't repeat his performance again this coming season. I would take Bell or Gurley before him but after that you can make an argument for Kamara. Zeke sure but David Johnson and even the wunderkind Kareemy Hunt have some question marks. If he fell into the back half of the first round or the second rounds of any redraft it would be a gift from heaven.
  6. Denver shopping the 5th pick

    Exactly right. To the outside observer Elway has steered this team straight onto the rocks other than the Peyton signing. I would think there's some idiot team that will pay more for the 5th pick than the Patriots.
  7. Brandin Cooks traded to the Rams

    C'mon, man.
  8. Dez Bryant

    It is very hard to argue with this. Once Romo left things production-wise went straight off a cliff.
  9. Gronkowski being linked to the Rams??

    I think Gronk and his family have been increasingly unhappy over the years with the team's management of his health and injuries - to the point now that he thinks of Gronk #1 and the Pats #2. Hard to blame the guy but clearly that's not Belichick's way. I side with the player on this one.
  10. Packers expected to sign Jimmy Graham

    Green Bay....where TEs go to die.
  11. Cleveland is dealing today

    yeah this is really hard to stomach. He was taken in the late 6th round in his draft, stunk it up in the NFL, and is now worth a 3rd round pick? Cleveland fans seem to be excited about all the moves but I'm not seeing the value here at all.
  12. Bucs Release Doug Martin

    I don't keep up with Tampa media anymore but it also seems weird that you get popped for PEDs and you go to rehab. I can't think of a PED, other than an amphetamine, that rehab would help for?
  13. They're baaaaackk

    Coco Bolivia! What a welcome distraction!
  14. AFC Championship Game

    This, exactly. 4th down is getting ever so slightly better but it's still like no one understands probabilities. They would be even worse poker players.
  15. Shurmur to Giants/McDaniels to Colts

    Titans have to be more appealing than Indy. McDaniels track record is bad but maybe he's matured since his last go-around.