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  1. Reuben Foster claimed by Washington

    Washington is not thinking at all - so I agree with you. They are one of several zombie franchises in the NFL. Snyder is death.
  2. Jets fire GM Mike Maccagnan

    It is difficult for me to wrap my head around how Gase got another head coaching gig, let alone an interim GM title. The big loser here has got to be Sam Darnold.
  3. Todd Gurley - 2019 draft ranking

    The last half of last season wasn't a smokescreen - if you're trying to win a Super Bowl the only reason Gurley isn't out there is because he's really hurt. Since we don't know what was wrong with him (more degenerative problems or something new, like a ligament that will heal), it's really hard to say. Agree that if he heals up man what a steal. We won't know until we know...
  4. Todd Gurley - 2019 draft ranking

    This is a question best answered after the 3rd preseason game, or as late as humanly possible before your draft. I want as much information as possible on Gurley before I make an educated guess on this. And it will still be a guess because the Rams were misters on information about him all of last year. ETA: "misters" for a$$hats - I love it
  5. Will you draft Kyler Murray?

    Josh Allen and Sam Darnold were very impressive come FFL playoffs time last year - guys that make you vomit were worth playing. The fact that Murray runs makes me more interested but Lamar Jackson was fool's gold. I'm thinking the 12th round or later is a possibility. There are just so many startable QBs this year I can't see the value of holding on to this guy for weeks before he starts to get it. OK Cam Newton was insane from the get-go so if you think he's the next Cam then great. I don't think Cam was drafted his rookie year by many either though (I got him off the WW).
  6. Tyreek Hill again...

    Off topic but Carruth was convicted of conspiracy to commit murder, aka murder for hire - he killed Cherica Adams, plain and simple, and served almost 20 years. Carruth defintiely killed someone.
  7. Tyreek Hill again...

    As more info comes out it gets worse and worse. Only good part of this is the kid gets taken away from an abusive situation so he can have a shot at a more normal childhood. Absolutely nothing justifies hurting a kid. If the NFL can't draw a line here then what's the point?
  8. 2019 Vegas Win Total Over/Under

    If you get a bet with 80/20 odds in your favor you make it every single time. Yes, you're gonna lose 20% of the time but you will not care. Back to the Browns....I think a 10-20% shot at 12 wins seems reasonable to me. I personally don't think it'll happen but much, much crazier things have happened in the NFL. If they win 6 games, also wouldn't shock me. Not a likely outcome but certainly in the realm of the possible.
  9. 2019 Vegas Win Total Over/Under

    +1. 2nd half schedule is tougher and no Gronk but still....this is the Hoodie.
  10. Tyreek Hill again...

    For the state to remove a child from both parents, I agree something very bad is happening.
  11. If the Raiders don't beat Denver on that opening Monday night they could very easily start the season 0-7. Maximum schadenfreude.
  12. hey Dolphins fans

    yeah if any team is worrying about the shape Fitz is in, probably best to just fast-forward to 2020
  13. Antonio Brown just won't shut up!

    Getting rid of AB is looking better and better for the Steelers every day. The answer has got to be AB/Gruden - Baker will bitch slap OBJ if/when he brings the crazy, whereas no way Carr or Gruden does the same with Antonio.
  14. What round will you draft Josh Gordon?

    I'm gonna repost this wisdom on every page this thread goes. Y'all be crazy thinking of taking this guy as anything other than a lottery ticket.
  15. NFL owners vote to make PI reviewable

    I'm interested in the rant, actually. Hell, it's the offseason.