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  1. Buy Low on Rob Gronkowski

    +1. Watching Burton block all night long got old yesterday. I wonder if Gronk can make FFL stretch run. It is very difficult to pry a Kelce or an Ertz loose. A Gronk - much easier. As long as you're not giving away a starter then why not?
  2. I agree with this but DMD's point is also spot on - just be transparent about your thinking. If Bell had explained his reasoning and done some better PR he would've come out of this looking much better. Compare an NBA contract to an NFL contract - fans get it that the NFL contracts are crap. The NFL players trashing Bell aren't too bright. When they want to get paid, what precedent have they set?
  3. Devil's Lettuce Somehow haven't heard that before. I really should smoke more.
  4. Bengals Hire Jackson

    Cincinnati deserves so so much better. How is Marvin Lewis employed?
  5. Letter to Jerry Jones...from a 7YO

    You want the Cowboys to stop sucking? Stop giving them money.
  6. get on the Lamar Jackson train!?

    This resonated with me. I thought squeezing the last bit of production out of Peyton was a nice touch by Elway but since then, there has been absolutely no attempt to systematically rebuild. It's been a patch here or there with obvious roster weaknesses that don't seem to be getting any better with time. Head coaching choices have been uninspiring in an era that has de-emphasized defenses and let offenses go hog wild. I think Keenum was coached up very nicely last year and now is reverting to his mean without the mentoring and structure.
  7. Panthers/Steelers TNF

    yeah it's amazing how 1) dumb that Cam INT was and 2) how it completely derailed their game. I think the Panthers were in trouble no matter what but that TD made the whole game unravel much faster.
  8. Panthers/Steelers TNF

    the NFL still has ZERO consistency on what a catch is. Idiots.
  9. go out and get this guy

    He's in for me with Tyler Boyd on bye
  10. Thoughts on J Adams moving forward

    Hard to disagree with this. I took a flyer on Adams but have very low expectations. Unless he takes over a la Michel in NE it will be next to near impossible to decide when to play this guy - and we'll probably guess wrong. I have had zero interest in clement or smallwood this season but I'm looking for that matchlight RB....JUMBOtron style....
  11. Golden Taint to Philly

    How many slot receivers does one team need? Tate, Agholor, and Matthews. Agholor gets the short straw I think.
  12. Daily Fantasy question

    92% of people who play DFS lose money. This was included in the NY AG lawsuit back in the day. There is a zero percent chance that people aren't gaming the system unfairly. I don't think people who win consistently have access to insider information - I think they are just outright cheating by one or various mechanisms.
  13. Fitzmagic is in

    I have Carson Wentz on a bye and there's no way I'm falling for this. If he goes off for 4 TDs good for him - I'm not taking the 10% chance it happens.
  14. Hue Jackson OUT in Cleveland

    Interesting idea - it is usually wrong to judge someone by what you see in the media but I do wonder about a Peyton Manning and a Baker Mayfield being oil-and-water. Having said that, Mayfield could really use some mentoring, tutoring and direction. Doubt he gets that with the way the Browns are currently structured.
  15. Hue Jackson OUT in Cleveland

    Long overdue on Jackson but in typical Browns fashion are now rudderless for ~1/2 the season. Bad situation with a new franchise QB. Who's running the asylum now? I have zero clue why this didn't happen last offseason.