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  1. Wayyy too early rankings for 2019

    If Cam sits for a year I have concerns about their offense - understood that CMC will still get a ton of work but I'd need to see the backup plan before I take him in the top half of the 1st round.
  2. Dolphins expected to hire Flores as HC

    Tom Flores is back?!?!?!?!?!
  3. Report: Antonio Brown was benched for the Bengals game

    This seems right to me. If AB understands what a jackwagon he was then there's a pathway to reconciliation. Otherwise, peace out. Can't blame the Steelers one bit - just a big hit to the team but doesn't seem like they can live with him under these circumstances.
  4. Schefter: Broncos hire Fangio

    This hire seems weird to me - like they want a Vance Joseph do-over. The problem in Denver really isn't the defense, when compared to the moribund offense. How does this improve the chances of the Broncos competing?
  5. Report: Antonio Brown was benched for the Bengals game

    Lol that's pretty rich. The Steelers QB - Ben Roethlisberger - is literally a rapist. If you've been complaining about him the whole time, through the SB titles, then fine. Otherwise, this is a curious time to get all high and mighty.
  6. Report: Antonio Brown was benched for the Bengals game

    I agree the drama needs to end but I don't see how the Steelers compete at a consistent playoff level without their #1 RB and their #1 WR, both of which were top 5 at their respective positions. That is a ton of talent to lose. Steelers need to be careful here or they can quickly become irrelevant for the next ~3 years. Managing character flaws is part of the NFL. I agree with other posters about leadership - they need alot more of it about now.
  7. Chiefs/Bolts

    +1. The reviews that go back to the "home office" or NY or wherever they go add no value. Can anyone on this site honestly tell me they know what a catch is in the NFL? Offensive PI and defensive PI calls are now totally subjective depending on the crew and the specific ref. To me the defensive holding penalties are killing the game. You want to make it 5yds fine but the auto-1st down is insane. The Chargers DST got ruined on at least one drive for totally phantom holding calls. I had no players going in this game and don't favor one of these teams over the other.
  8. Wentz out this week

    Josh Allen for me. Someone hold me.
  9. Tre'Quan Status?

    +1. I've owned him for awhile and managed to play him one week when he hit, then had him in again this week when he missed. Taking a zero in the playoffs is death and should be avoided at all costs. I dropped him for some other bench WRs.
  10. Who do you need today

    I need Adam Thielen to take the night off.
  11. McCarthy Out in Green Bay

    +1. I don't get this at all.
  12. Breida

    Paging the streaming Broncos DST to the white courtesy phone....
  13. McCarthy Out in Green Bay

    Can you imagine Rivera to the Packers? He gets rid of the primadonna headache of Cam and can turn the Packers' defense around. Carolina could not possibly be that stupid. McCarthy stayed a year too long at least. The main problem was their roster construction - an O-line riddled with injuries and a depleted stable of WRs. If I was Arians I would go to Browns: zero expectations and it will make him look that much better.
  14. Greg Olsen probably done for the season

    ok so he has a ruptured plantar fascia, which is different than plantar fasciitis and not in a good way.
  15. Gonna Nix A Deal, But Need Dues Paid

    If you aren't Jewish I'm not seeing the humor here at all. If you are I'm not seeing the humor here at all.