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  1. If I were the Ravens I'd be thinking about giving SF a call for Hyde.
  2. Low class and unnecessary.
  3. The DC media is really giving Bruce Allen the business - and IMO he richly deserves it. You can't build a winning tradition by alienating your franchise QB. Yeah the QB market is overheated (see Mike Glennon) but these are the facts so deal with it. Chainsaw Dan Snyder has ruined this once proud franchise.
  4. I do. I know it's off topic but NFL contracts suck for players - teams have all the leverage and can cut them any time. Agree there was a ton of guaranteed money here. On topic, I don't think he's coming back this season.
  5. Hopefully this is a contract thing and not a why-the-hell-did-we-draft-McCaffrey issue.
  6. This guy is starting to seem like a bit of an idiot.
  7. As importantly, who was he?
  8. See - this concerns me. I had zero shares of Rams players last year and didn't see any of their games. Was he bad because Fisher was just a d-bag sucking the life out of the offense or was he bad like Trent Richardson went bad?
  9. He will be better this year than last I agree - but if his ADP creeps into the 2nd round the value is gone. You're basically then assuming he repeats 2015. I'm optimistic on Gurley but there are alot of moving parts here that give me pause. The biggest question mark is Goff - a RB can't run when you're down in virtually every game (see Crowell). Then he has to play Seattle and Arizona twice a year. The coach and the scheme are new. Lots of potential but the uncertainty this year caps his value for me.
  10. I think we need a definition of that the "Ty Montgomery Strategy" actually is. Is it: 1. Put a WR in the backfield and use him as a RB? 2. Line a WR up in the backfield as an RB, then motion him out? 3. Both? 4. Puddy If it's just put a WR in the backfield that's not very creative. Motioning a WR out from the RB positions seems like something defenses can adjust to rather quickly, which I think they did with Ty last year. He was pretty good weeks 6, 7, 9 and then - other than the Chicago game as others mentioned - basically turtled the rest of the year.
  11. Do. not. go. there. This is one of the last places a man can go for some relaxation...
  12. Interesting angle - hopefully we get the story at some point.
  13. Someone in this backfield is going to run, but hell if anyone can figure this out until we get to September. In standard leagues Prosise and Rawls are total bench fodder that you'll have to wait a few months to accurately gauge value. I voted Lacy because he's the only one of the three you'd consider starting during the first 4 weeks of the season. Doesn't excite me at all, granted, but if you make me pick one for a standard league I'm going Lacy. Having said that, Lacy in the 6th-7th round doesn't sound like value to me.