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  1. Arizona vs Dallas (MNF)

    All those people talking about how Dalton was better than Dak need to show back up here, own it, and start eating the crow pie. That's a 4-win team if they're lucky. Mike McCarthy + Andy Dalton is not going to go well for anyone. Plus no o-line and underperforming defense and I'm not sure the Cowboys are watchable anymore.
  2. Falcons are shutting down their facility

    The NFL seems to have ALOT of false positives, which means their testing platform/company - whatever it is - is not very good. The conspiracy angle doesn't have as much traction with me because ignoring positive tests would just lead to even more positive tests, and that we're not seeing.
  3. Tennessee to get "historic" punishment ?

    If historic punishment means the league bends over backwards to accommodate them then OK. This game shuffle strategy can't last - hopefully the NFL has a plan for that.
  4. Valdes-Scantling

    I think Adams being out hurts MVS, but with the Falcons secondary maybe it doesn't really matter
  5. Saints/Lions, Saints player tests positive for COVID-19

    i have no idea how this plays out, BUT.....if kamara was uninfected and sits next to someone with COVID who infects him, it'll take DAYS for his test to turn positive. If Kamara and Burton were exposed to a common source - which is where Burton got it from - then totally different story. If Kamara's original test was negative that's a good thing.
  6. +COVID test - game delay (very possible)

    +1. The league should plan for hard stops in 2 week blocks. I'm not sure now is the time but weeks 5 and 6 would be a great idea. Cool this all off and then come back. They may have to repeat it and add on a bunch of weeks but so what - the stadiums are empty and no one else is doing poop in them.
  7. We took a different tack. The NFL says they're rescheduling but there is no official announcement of how that will work. IF there is no announcement by Sunday, then the Titans and Steelers players can go on COVID IR on Sunday and be replaced. IF there is an official rescheduling before Sunday, then it's treated as a bye week, which is what most leagues are doing. What people speculate the NFL may do and what the NFL actually ends up doing are two different things. I think that the reason they're waiting to make a formal announcement on a Titans-Steelers reschedule is to 1) figure out if Titans will have to miss more than one game and 2) see what happens with the Vikings and get a sense of how large this problem may ultimately end up being. Remember, based on incubation period, if Vikings are going to turn positive it will be Friday through Sunday. If you treat this week as a bye, and the NFL ultimately does not (for whatever reason), then the Titans and/or Steelers players may be out more than all the other players. So we hedged with the above plan. ETA: This is moot now - NFL made official announcement.
  8. +COVID test - game delay (very possible)

    If these are confirmed we need an update on what's happening with the Falcons and their testing from last week - those positives, if there was transmission, should start popping Wed, Thur, and Friday of this week. Hopefully they all dodge a bullet here.
  9. MNF what do you need to win this week?

    I need Kelce to run literally 1 yard and not fumble.
  10. Week 3 chat

    +1. Defense is apparently optional, for many teams. Good win for the Pack. FFL is a complete lottery this year - so many injuries and the complete dominance of top tier QBs. Remind me to spend far less time on draft prep next year.
  11. End A Fight In 3-5 Seconds ads here look like vrbo, Amway, and the occasional transvestite hooker solicitation. NTTAWWT,,, But no GOP fight club.
  12. How bout them Cowboys!

    Cowboys should be 0-2. The fact that I'm even entertaining the possibility now that Jason Garrett wasn't the whole problem is a LARGE indictment of Mike McCarthy. What precisely did he learn in his year off, other than absurd approaches to try and convert 4th downs and how to lose by going for 2 too early? The Cowboys offensive skill position players are some of the best in the NFL. Stop misusing them.
  13. Blank apparently not happy with Quinn

    Dan Quinn was a very promising coach and took them to a Super Bowl. What's happened during that game and since suggests it's time for some changes. At a minimum, some coach needs to own up for that play. NFL players have a similar mentality: they'll do exactly what you tell them. No way all three of those guys did the exact same thing unless someone told them to do that.
  14. And thats why I drafted Zeke!

    Seriously. FFL Gods - we do NOT know this OP and he does NOT speak for us. <hangs 40 evil eyes in the lockerroom>
  15. Zero QB revisited

    In the early going of the season, the late round QB approach is KILLING ME. Yeah, you can start Tannehill and get similar production but you have to have balls of steel to do it and guess lucky virtually every week. It takes zero brains to pick one of these top-flight QBs and watch them light it up week in and week out. I pay enough attention that I can outdraft my league-mates on value in later rounds. Who cares that I get an extra RB or WR in round 4, 5, or 6 when they just get injured? Just frustrated thinking ahead to the weekly grind at QB.....sigh.
  16. Zero QB revisited

    yeah that's fair. Allen went early in some leagues - like 8th round - so he's not really late-round for me. Minshew fits into the Tannehill category for me. But who knows, maybe I need to just play those kinds of guys. ETA: I think you're gonna end up being right - but I am hard tilting after going trubisky over tannehill in my main and having it cost me the W. #teamnosex
  17. Kittle out

    I stand very corrected!
  18. Kittle out

    This. He is Mr. Glass of the brain.
  19. Bengals vs Browns (TNF)

    that was a good win for Cleveland and an eye opener for the rest of us on Joe Burrow in the NFL - the kid is the real deal.
  20. How did Chiefs pick fans to attend?

    Excellent plan, my good man - glad you made it out the other side. Now the mask will help you avoid getting it a 2nd time.......
  21. Allen Robinson has asked for a trade

    ODB is a PITA. Allen Robinson is actually really good, pretty much regardless of team or craptastic QB throwing him the ball.
  22. Todd Gurley on the wire

    You want the CHOP podcast - Paul Charchian product. Guillotine league-specific waiver wire recommendations. Plus I think he started guillotine leagues in the first place.
  23. How did Chiefs pick fans to attend?

    It's 6 feet OR a mask, so you're right there. The reason we're all still socially distant is because so many donkeys do neither. The virus couldn't give a hoot about your or my politics. Sad.
  24. Marlon Mack: fear the RB tore Achilles

    Jonathan Taylor in the 3rd round of FFL drafts was fairly outrageous in my opinion (overvalued).....until this happened to poor Mack. Hines is money too. The larger issue is how the hell did this team lose to the Jags? They have alot to work through here.
  25. Saints fan rant

    For many years now there has been some NFL beef with New Orleans. I don't think their screw job with calls is random and I am not generally a conspiracy guy. Maybe it's Brees being an active advocate for players - who knows. I couldn't figure out if it was because there was more than met the eye with bountygate or with the prescription drug story with Sean Payton - and I don't think we're going to know either way for years, if ever. So I stopped trying to sort that out entirely. At the end of the day, don't let the entertainment aspect interfere with your love of the ACTUAL game. I agree that the NFL is more and more and more about the stupid entertainment and less about the product on the field. This is inevitable as the NFL tries to take more market share and make more money and take more market share and..... The NFL is facing its inevitable decline because of the head trauma issue and NO amount of spin or entertainment is going to make that go away. So, I guess I would say enjoy your team and the experience they give YOU and don't let the bastards get you down. This is most likely Brees' swan song so don't lose out on the final chapter(s) of an otherwise amazing period in Saints history. Oh - and please lose the next Saints-Bucs game. Thank you very much in advance.