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  1. Cam Newton's 2018 season is over

    This. I'm not so sure why people are thinking this is a big downgrade for CMC at all? If the average fan can see there is something seriously wrong with Cams arm I'm sure defenses were aware as well. It's been an issue for long enough that I'd assume defenses were already focusing on CMC first and foremost....I mean they really don't have anyone else that I would have been too worried about. I don't know much about Heinicke but after watching Cam on MNF this last week I can't imagine him being considerably less effective? Guess we'll find out.
  2. Todd Gurley hurt...

    Makes me wonder how much of the reporting is accurate this time of year. Almost as bad as the NHL with LBI (lower body injury) classifications. I understand why they do it but don't make it any less frustrating!
  3. Todd Gurley hurt...

    I'd rest him this week. Bottom line, the Rams are playing Arizona....if they can't beat the Cards without Gurley then they have much bigger problems to worry about.
  4. The eggs in the same basket approach

    I really don't care where my points come from as long as I get them. Generally speaking I prefer to have players on explosive offenses than mediocre ones. Yes, DJ for Hunt worked out but I'd say only due to the completely unexpected issues with Hunt....otherwise that was a downgrade imo. I think Hill being banged up and playing through injury had more to do with his bad game than anything else. Trying to predict injuries or suspensions is hopeless. If you win this week than you could say it worked out but I don't think the success or failure had anything to do with diversifying.
  5. It will be Baker Mayfield due to two reasons: QB's in general tend to be the favorites for these types of awards and secondly the Browns had exactly 1 win over the course of 2 seasons before Baker showed up. Even at their current 4-7-1 that is a huge improvement for the team....and the QB generally is the one credited or blamed for a teams success or failure. Saquan I think will be the runner up if for no other reason than east coast market garners way more publicity and hype. Personally I would go Baker, Saquon, Lindsay if I had to vote today.

    My understanding is that the Police have had the video for quite sometime but would not release it. They have the video from the hallway as well as the body cam videos of the on scene interviews with all involved parties. They determined not to make any arrests and obviously the DA has decided there isn't enough there for a case. I've watched these videos numerous times as well as the interviews and police statements. This is being so blown out of proportion it's absurd. Total sensationalism at it's finest. Hunt kicked these two girls out of his room when he returned from a night out and found them there...both were 19. There story is they were told to leave because they wouldn't agree to sleep with one of his friends. Of course if that were true why did they spend the next thirty minutes outside the room banging on the door to be let back in? No, there story doesn't make sense at all. Probably what the cops on scene thought as well. The "victim" is the one who hit Hunt in the face, and allegedly used racial slurs and spat on him. This provoked a shove which I don't find to be unreasonable if someone did that to me. At this point the "victim" decides to still go back and further antagonize him. Hunt then pushes a male friend who falls into drunk girl knocking her over. Then comes the "kick" which is almost laughable to call it that. Yea, where Hunt screwed the pooch is by exiting his room to confront her instead of calling hotel security. He was stupid for even getting into this type of situation. However, people acting like he is a woman beater and should never be allowed to play football again are being absurd. Tyreek Hill beat and choked his pregnant girlfriend but Chiefs signed him anyways. Mixon knocked the hell out of a young woman with a devastating punch. Rice flat out uppercut his girlfriend knocking her out cold and then dragged her across the floor.....comparing what Hunt did to any of these is asinine.
  7. Kareem Hunt Altercation

    Yea....that wasn't an allegation they had statements and photo evidence of abuse. Hunt on the other hand there is zero risk of jail was already investigated by law enforcement and no charges were filed. She will undoubtedly try to money grub from him but that's about as far as it will go. This was simply an overreaction by the Chiefs who took a PR hit when they drafted Tyreek Hill....yea the guy everyone loves but punched his pregnant girlfriend.

    If you ask me Zeke was worse. She had numerous bruises all over her in the police report. I've watched the Kareem video numerous times and while it isn't pretty I don't see anything that really would be considered assault. Actually, I do see assault but that would probably be when she hit him in the face and spat on him. Yea, he shoved her away after that but she came right back...he then ends up pushing one of the guys in the video who falls into her knocking her over. That "kick" is overblown as well. Was it bad? Yes, undeniably, but the police didn't see enough to press charges either. I'd have zero problems with my team picking him up....compared to what guys like Hill, Big Ben, Mixon, and many more have done this was nothing.
  9. Most points in a fantasy loss?

    I have absolutely no idea why anyone who plays in a serious league wouldn't use VP's.
  10. Panthers release C.J. Anderson

    One reason why I don't see him going to Philly: Philly Cheese Steaks. CJ looked like he put on a few more pounds in Carolina and having him anywhere near some good Cheese Steak is just asking for trouble
  11. Record vs. points scored disparty

    The best part of VP system is you can manipulate how much of an emphasis you want to place on H2H versus points scored. Traditionally VP scoring awards 2 points for a win and 2 points for big in the top third for scoring each week, 1 point for being middle four, zero for being bottom four. Therefore if you win and finish as a top 4 scorer for the week you get 4 VP's...if you had lost but still top 4 in scoring you get 2. Again, if you would like to place a slight emphasis on top 4 scoring you can adjust points awarded from 2 to say 2.5. Last season I had the highest point total not only in the division but across the league. However, my H2H record was 7-6. The team with the best record in my division was 9-4 but had around 150 fewer points total. Without a VP system I would have barely been in playoff contention even though my team put up great points....just had some bad beats. It really is the best of both worlds in my opinion. My recommendation: Go back and check the weekly score results from the year and apply the VP scoring to them and see how the league standings would look if you used them. Keep in mind we only use VP scoring for the regular season and to seed for the playoffs. Once, the playoffs start we just go off H2H.
  12. Record vs. points scored disparty

    MFL does....that is what we have been using for years.
  13. Record vs. points scored disparty

    Yea VP system is the way to go. Been running it for a very long time now and the merits over pure H2H are considerable. For the past few years we tweaked it a bit to award the top 4 scoring teams 2.5 VP's just to put slightly more emphasis on the top weekly performances. VP's really help to take out the fluke of pure H2H while still keeping the fun part H2H offers. I simply cannot recommend trying Victory Point system out strongly enough!
  14. my condolences to Seahawk fans

    I'm not sure what more they want out of Carson. I know it has only been two games but against Denver and Chicago (both road games) he is averaging 5.7 ypc and has 3 receptions for 28 yards. They simply are not getting him the ball enough in my opinion. Meanwhile, Penny has looked like garbage and done nothing other than take opportunity away from Carson. Yea the o-line isnt that good....looks even worse when you don't work harder at establishing a ground game. All I know is if you had a back who had that kind of average after facing those two defenses on the road, well I'd be looking to up his touches a whole hell of a lot more.
  15. Buffalo Homers

    Any Buffalo homers out there to give a little more insight on the weather for this Sunday? I know its looking like snow but are we talking blizzard or snow showers here?