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  1. Chris Godwin

    Actually, nobody said anything like that Steve. You went ahead and assumed that to be the case because people were complaining about the lack of quality reporting on injuries throughout the week. Dcat is right in both threads. If you hear broke, broke, broke and then last minute oh looks like he's gonna play its enough to probably question if starting said player in a late game is a smart decision. The reporting on injuries is all over the place and I believe half the time no information would be better than bullmanure information that is fabricated or totally conjecture. He didn't even look one bit slowed from that telling me zero reporters could get a better handle on this throughout the week? Dynasty Analysis Purely maddening. Godwin was benched in most lineups due to a hip injury lingering from week three and seemed to be on the doubtful side of questionable on Sunday. Instead, fantasy owners had to watch as he exploded, catching everything in sight and capitalizing on a defense trying to take away fellow receiver Mike Evans. Heading to New Orleans in week five, dynasty owners will want to continue monitoring Godwin's injury status but all indications are that he needs to remain in your starting lineup. Chris Godwin sits as DLF's WR18.
  2. Actually, Steve my point is that if you are a beat writer who's job it is to cover a team I expect a bit more. Seriously, what else are they doing this time of year other than cover their respective team? They are not getting paid, as far as I'm aware, to do much else other than follow that team and provide information. By all means you are entitled to settle for substandard reporting and lazy reporting....however, I prefer not to be a settler. People should be held accountable and should have expectations put on them when they are being paid. You want to choose the Godwin case as your only example, fine, but there are more than enough examples to go around. You might be one of the few people who thinks reporting on injuries in sports is accurate....because it's actually quite crap.
  3. Dcat is right though....the reporting on injuries is absolutely pathetic. Just last week we had Godwin who missed almost every practice and made out by all the experts to sound like a pretty questionable start. We all know how that turned out. Conversely, we had McLaurin who was said to have a "minor" tweak and most likely to play. Again, we all know how that turned out. It's already challenging enough to put lineups in, try to figure out when injured players might be back, decipher coach speak and all the other crap and we can't even get accurate reporting. I swear it's like the damn weather forecasters who stick their head out the window to let you know what's going on. I 1000% blame the crap ass lazy beat reporters who put in absolute minimal effort in their job, never held accountable for their crap product, and do nothing besides write fluff articles for their local teams. We're talking about a billion dollar industry when you look at the NFL and all of its by products including gambling, season long fantasy and daily and we just get complete substandard mediocrity from the vast majority of ALL free and paid sites as well as reporting.
  4. Bring me the head...

    Their great defense will be enough to keep Nagy as HC for awhile I'm afraid. I wouldn't touch a Bear RB after learning my lesson last year. Nagy wants to be the "smartest guy" in the room and thought of as a offensive wizard....don't think he's either of them.
  5. Slimy waiver claim

    If its a clearly stated or written rule that has been broken then I'd immediately reverse the transaction. No 24 hours or 90 minutes to "fix" the problem. It simply is a violation of the rules and thus it is invalid. If you start being soft on rules then people won't respect them. The fact is that it should never have been allowed. However, if it is not a known rule or clearly stated in a rule book somewhere then things are different. Just as owners are expected to follow the rules of the league I also believe it is the Commissioners job to make sure everyone knows the rules and they are clearly stated. If they are not then its not the owners fault. If it's a grey area then I'd probably make the league aware of the situation and explain why you are taking a particular course of action.
  6. Nick Chubb thread

    I like Chubb but I don't know if I would completely disregard the possible impact K. Hunt could have on his numbers late in the season. I mean if ANY of my starting RB's had a player like K. Hunt as their backup I'd be concerned how it could impact his performance. For me, personally, that is enough to drop him into the front end of the 2nd round. I don't think it's unreasonable to take him at the later half of the first but if I were drafting today I'd put him in the second. However, the longer we go into August with M. Gordon and Zeke sitting out the more I'd be pushing him into the first.
  7. Damien Williams thoughts?

    Do you have a link that says he wasn't happy with his work ethic when he missed a week in camp? I've never seen that myself. I know he wasn't happy he was missing some time but I don't think I have ever heard a coach being happy with a player missing time.
  8. Damien Williams thoughts?

    Like I said earlier I just think this is a bunch of preseason coachspeak. Carlos Hyde is slow, Darrel Williams is even slower, Darwin Thompson is 5'8 198lbs and ran a 4.6 forty at the combine. Nah, man I'm not buying it. Every year we hear coaches say all sorts of junk that lasts till week 1 and then we all forget about it. Bottom line, Damien Williams is 5'11 222lbs runs a 4.45 forty can catch well out of the backfield and showed he can produce when given an opportunity. At this point it's almost like people are going out of their way to find a reason NOT to like the guy. The competition is mediocre and I don't care what mumbo jumbo Reid is saying in the's not the reality. We all know to take anything coaches say with a rather large grain of salt at this point don't we?
  9. Damien Williams thoughts?

    I've been looking at Damien Williams pretty heavily and I must say his "projections" seem to be all over the place. My personal take is that the system in KC is more of an indicator of his potential for 2019 than the name on the jersey. If we were talking about K. Hunt 2018 before the season started we would say he was a no brainer first round pick. However, the name is D. Williams instead and people have a tendency to dismiss what he accomplished when given the opportunity to be the starter last year. I did a little bit of research on these two back player profiles from the draft and provided links: K. Hunt D. Williams The two are very similar in profiles but Williams is actually bigger and faster in virtually every measurable. I know people point to the fact that D. Williams was a backup in Miami but I'm not sure I put much stock in that dumpster fire franchise to make the best personnel decisions. What does seem convincing is that if you took the names of the jerseys and put them in the exact same scenario would you be able to tell the difference in production? The measurable's are similar (though actually favored toward Williams) and the actual starter production was very similar. So, to me the only thing that really is a question mark is if the opportunity for Williams will be the same as what it was for Hunt? That question seemed to be a resounding yes throughout the off-season till Williams tweaked his hamstring in training camp and missed some time. Then the reports of Carlos Hyde getting reps with the first team but what really caused concern is the HC saying he planned on a RBBC. Woah.....did Andy Reid just decide to pull all the endorsement for his starting RB because he missed 10 days of camp? That belief is what has caused his ADP to drop least that is what I'm assuming the cause has been? Except how much of this was really just coach-speak? Has Andy Reid really ever been a true RBBC guy? I just don't see it. Carlos Hyde is a plodder and can't keep a job. What really should be the question is what does RBBC mean in todays NFL? Almost every RB shares the backfield to a degree. Once you get past the top 5-6 guys the waters get a bit muddy and it's much harder to find true 3 down backs. The question then really is how much should we expect Williams to be in a timeshare? As a coaching staff how much value do they place on the other RB's to come in and contribute in ways that they feel Williams isn't able to do? The guy that I'd be most concerned about is Darwin Thompson. I could definitely see him filling the C. West role role and being involved more on third downs. Carlos Hyde? Meh, that guy to be is a complete waste of a draft pick. I have not seen any convincing argument to sway my opinion that Williams will be the starter and some Darwin Thompson sprinkled in on third downs. If you have some I want to hear it. Where do you guys put him and what do you see his potential to be?
  10. Cheat sheet tiers?

    I get not having Tiers in custom cheat sheets....wouldn't really be viable. However, there is no excuse to not have them in the generic PPR or Standard cheat sheets. You are absolutely correct that they are just as much "art as they are science" but damn fantasy football as a whole is a lot of art over saying the whole premise of a paid service is a waste then? The number of places you can go for content, paid and free, in various media platforms is almost overwhelming and not sure taking AWAY a feature is a wise move. If anything consumers want more features and more options and more content....not less. I've been with the Huddle for a loooong time but guys there is a lot of competition that offers considerably more. Do the smart thing and put tiers back in for the generic PPR and Standard cheat sheets.