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  1. I don't think your team is bad at all.


    Romo scores points (at least in the first half of the season). Palmer has great targets in a throw heavy offense.


    Lynch is solid and if Jennings doesn't get the goalline carries, you'll be able to figure out which Ravens RB has the job.


    Green is a stud and while some would say White is was Gonzo and who's going to get his red zone passes?


    I think your team competes.

  2. So my 12 team league is non-ppr, but yardage and QB heavy. (10 yards/pt rushing/receiving and 30 yards/pt passing) TDs are 6 pts for all types. (rushing/receving/passing)


    Normally, my thought would be to take one of the big 4 RBs, McCoy or Forte look good given the yards scoring, but man, QBs are so valuable in this league and are often drafted very early. (Last year, Rodgers was taken 1st overall and 6 QBs were taken in the first 2 rounds, 4 in the 1st round)


    According to the huddle projections, here are the top 5 QBs/RBs (and the 12th for replacement level)


    483 - Manning

    441 - Brees

    423 - Rodgers

    408 - Foles

    388 - Stafford

    335 - Griffin/Brady (12th)


    274 - McCoy

    271 - Forte

    267 - Charles

    249 - Peterson

    248 - Ball

    194 - Stacy/Martin (12th)


    From delta perspective, Manning appears to be the most valuable.


    Who would you pick #1 overall?


    Thanks in advance for the thoughts.

  3. We take 6 teams to the playoffs – 3 division winners and 3 wildcards. Starting playoffs in week 15 would mean we could only take 4.


    That does make it a little more challenging. You could do a "battle-royale" in week 15. Each playoff team plays each 2 go to the Super Bowl in week 16? (It might seem odd, but it could cut down on the "bad match-up/luck" factor in the first round of the playoffs)

  4. We always do ours in Week 2, however this year we pushed to week 3 since bye weeks started later. I would love to get rid of it but we've been 3 divisions of 4 for 12 years and don't want to move to 4 divisions so...


    You could move to a system where you play your "division" twice and the other teams once. 2x3=6, 6+8 = 14. Playoffs 15 & 16

  5. Can somebody find an NFL analyst, former coach or other "expert" that agrees with this decision? I know, easy in hindsight to say it was wrong, and if it worked people would say he's a genius. (Some would still say it was a bad call.)


    You're not going to find an "expert" who agrees with the call, but that doesn't mean the call is wrong. Let me explain. If you've read any of the Tuesday Morning Quarterback columns on ESPN, you've heard this before. Coaching at the pro level isn't about making the right call, it's about going with the "consensus" right call. Also...many of those experts are also looking for employment. It doesn't look good going against the consensus when interviewing for your next gig.


    If Atlanta punts the ball away and loses the game on the next drive, no one makes a fuss. It's what 30 years of football has said the coach should do. If the coach sticks his neck out and is wrong...well... typically those coaches have to find new jobs.


    The did some analysis a year or so ago that said a team that NEVER punts the ball would have a tremendous statistical advantage and win more games. Odd to read, but interesting nontheless.


    I have no problem with the call. I think we all agree you make that 1st down most of the time. This didn't work.

  6. Had the 12th pick in a 12 team league. (First six picks)


    Roddy White

    Andre Johnson

    Shonn Greene

    Matt Schaub

    DeAngelo Williams

    Mario Manningham


    Only White remains on my team.


    Current starting 6 is...


    Cam Newton (traded for last week)

    DeMarco Murray (waiver)

    Willis McGahee (traded) / Mike Tolbert (drafted)

    Roddy White (drafted)

    Brandon Lloyd (traded for last week)

    Victor Cruz (waiver) / Darrius Heyward-Bey (waiver)


    Heartbreaking last week where my team scored the 4th most points and lost, now sitting at 2-6. Plan to at least see if I can fight my way back to .500.

  7. You know Tebow is going to go roll his hand to his ear to each side of the stadium when he scores now. Then tell you to say your prayers and eat your vitamins brother.


    Interesting vitamins. :wacko:

  8. seems like they aren't asking him to do much as before. I could live it but dont think he's going to a championship calibur QB, hope I'm wrong and this Niners team turns out like that Balt team that won it all with Trent Dilfer.


    When you can run for 200 yards/game, as they have in the last two, you definitely don't need to throw as much. Alex Smith's day looks better if Walker holds onto the ball in the endzone for a TD earlier in the game.