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  1. Question for San Diego Homers

    No one knows for sure, but I'd bet my soul that Brees won't play the entire game. I'd be very surprised and upset if he plays more than the first half. I expect him to play 1-2 series. Obviously there's been no official word, but Marty has said that he's not playing most of the starters for the full game.
  2. AFC Division Winners

    Well if the Chargers do beat the Colts and the Pats lose to the Jets, the Pats will be coming to San Diego. As long as the Chargers beat the Chiefs at home on week 17 that is. Regardless, isn't it nice that so many teams still have so much to play for in week 16? Some great games to watch too.
  3. Who got ROBBED out of a Pro Bowl spot?

    Donnie Edwards. Easily. HE LEADS THE NFL IN TACKLES. Yet he doesn't even go as an alternate?
  4. AFC Playoff Race

    I think it will be important for teams to get home field advantage this year moreso than other years. I really don't think that anyone can beat the Pats at home in January, and if they get homefield advantage a trip to the Superbowl is theirs. I think the Chargers can do well against any team in the AFC but I think they'd have a very tough time beating NE or Pit playing away. If they somehow got homefield advantage I'd like their chances but I don't see that happening.
  5. San Diego Chargers are 8-3

    The Charger team the Broncos will be playing this week is a whole lot different than the 1-2 Charger team they played at home and barely beat. I can't wait to go, and frankly, I don't think it will be close.
  6. Drew Brees to remain a Charger

    Your post shows how important a players team around them is to their individual success. The team is vastly improved in almost every area this season, that helps out the play of Brees. He has much more time in the pocket to throw the ball this season than last. Remember how LT had 100 receptions last year? Those all weren't by design and Brees was usually forced to dump the ball of the the RB because he was getting pressured and had to quickly get the ball to the closest person. Another reason for Brees' better interception stats this year is because of some luck. The last 2 seasons it seemed like every tipped ball was caught by the other team and they would never drop an interception. This season balls that I thought would be intercepted were dropped and tipped balls that sky upwards aren't landing in the other teams hands. All of this is assisting to him becoming so much better, but let's realize that it takes some QBs longer than others to learn how to play the toughest position in professional sports. He's finally learned.
  7. Drew Brees to remain a Charger

    Explain why keeping Brees could POSSIBLY be a bad move that makes the Chargers worse next season. You really think they'd do better starting a QB that's never thrown a pass in the NFL? I think Rivers will be a great QB, just not in his first season. Also, don't forget that the Chargers have the Giants first round pick in next year's draft, which could end up being a top 10 pick. The only big player they have to resign this offseason is Gates, which won't take too big of a chunk out of the 15 million cap surplus they have after signing Brees. I think the Chargers can afford to resign Brees and Gates, sign 2 first rounders and still have enough cap surplus to go after a solid FA CB. I think they'll be just as good next season.
  8. BoSox win in 14

    The reason I defend the Yankees even though I'm not a Yankee fan is because Yankee fans understand how much more they spend on their payroll and Boston fans don't. Sox fans usually have the "poor me" attitude while they spend 127 million a year on payroll. The A's have a 59 mil and the Twins a 53 mil payroll and are both successful, good teams year in and year out. Sox fans like to overlook their own team's "evils" all the while crying about the "evil empire". Put it this way, the Yankees outspend the Sox by 50 mil a year on payroll and they're dubbed the evil empire, while the Sox outspend the A's by 60 mil a year but get no heat from it. Sox fans can complain all they want about payroll, but the bottom line is the Yankees were beaten by a team other than the Sox in the playoffs the last 3 seasons so make no mistake about the Yankees payroll making them unbeatable.
  9. BoSox win in 14

    The only team I hate more than the Yankees is the BoSox. They whine and complain about Yankees spending so much money while they are themselves outspending any other team in baseball except the Yankees. They also have the most obnoxious, loud-mouthed sports fans in the world. I don't mean to throw all the fans into this category, but if you ever have the displeasure of having the Sox come play in your city and be forced to listen to the fans scream about how they're going to win it this year you'd probably feel the same way I do.
  10. Regional foods of football cities

    Blecht!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fish Tacos? big_shoc Don't diss it till you try it. Unless you just don't like seafood and that's a different story. For San Diego I'd also suggest shrimp tacos or burritos and carne asada burritos. Swordfish and lobster burritos are **** good as well.

    That's because they have the money to spend more than 3 times more on scouts than any other team in baseball. They have Yankee scouts watching games in countries that no other MLB team does.
  12. The Newbie Welcome Thread

    Who: BoltsFan (Previously known as CountBlackula) I go by Blitzkrieg on every other board but this, but it would be too confusing if I was named that here... What: College Student and Charger season ticket holder. When: 19 Years old...I bet no one's younger. Where: San Diego. Why: Too much free time, gotta spend it somewhere. Fantasy Bio: Despite my young age I've been playing Fantasy Football for 6 years and this is my 4th year as a huddler. Although I've never been much of a poster I read a lot. Been in the same keeper league for most of the 6 years I've been playing among a ton of online yahoo type leagues.