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  1. My daughter, Quinn Rae...

  2. Bench Rodgers?

    After watching what the Bills did to Manning last week... At QB do I R-E-L-A-X and stick with Rodgers...Or run with Matty Ice in a good match-up? Also decimated at RB - Herron or Ivory? .5PPR 6 point TDs plus yardage. No bonus points. -3 INT
  3. After watching what the Bills did to Manning last week... At QB do I R-E-L-A-X and stick with Rodgers...Or run with Matty Ice in a good match-up? Also decimated at RB - Herron or Ivory? .5PPR 6 point TDs plus yardage. No bonus points. -3 INT
  4. Ideas/suggestions for rules

    Ever thought of adding IDP?
  5. Roach or Dansby

    Thanks to Keggerz I rolled with Dansby last week. A week later I have the same dilemma with higher stakes. After reading the PVT I think I'm inclined to roll with Roach. We only score 1pt Tackle 0.5 Assist. 2FF and 3 Fumble recover, sack, int.... Is Roach a 'safe' replacement for the 7-10pts I'll be missing? Thanks for the time.
  6. Done for the year, now need my keepers

    I think you have to keep Spiller. Way too much potential IMHO.
  7. Played against Knowshawn and feeling some pressure... All my defenders seem to have lousy matchups this week...So I am contemplating making a change. Dansby has been steady Eddie all year - never spectacular but never a no show either... I am thinking of dropping him and grabbing Nick Roach for the playoff run since Urlacher is now out. Is this a good move or one I am over thinking being down 26 points after Thursdays game.
  8. TE Help

    Looks like Hernandez is out again... I need to win to stay in the hunt for a playoff spot. 14 team league top eight make it and I am currently in a 3 way tie for eighth. Looks like my best and only options for this week are Gresham (sp?) CIN Crabtree GB - I will also be rolling out James Jones as a receiver Allen INDY Any help greatly appreciated as I am also in Limbo this week with Julio Jones and DHB.
  9. Was offered AP

    I would take either one. You have the best player coming your way just in time for the playoffs. On top of that, either of the WR's are more than than serviceable to go along with your other 2.
  10. trade spiller for MJD?

    Why? Is this a keeper league? I don't think there is anyway I would give up Spiller for an injured guy who may not play again this season. Spiller has looked great and if the Bills give him the damn ball he may just carry you to a league championship. Maybe try moving one injured guy for another injured guy. MJD and Sproles.
  11. I play in a 14 team league. It has been re-draft for many years, but this year we decided to make it a 3 player keeper league. Kept players are assigned a place in a 3 round compensatory draft to take place prior to the main draft. If you keep 3 players you would not participate in this compensatory draft and if you keep 1 or 2 you would draft according to your needs and to have 3 players on your roster for the main draft. Right now I am out of the final playoff spot by 3 games and I would also need to jump over 2 teams...So I am thinking of next year too. The players that I would keep are Newton, Martin, J. Jones... I have been offered Jones Drew and McFadden by the first place team for Martin. Do I raise the white flag and do it. I really have no other RB to speak of. Lost Benson and Wells earlier. Or hang in and ride this year to the end?
  12. Trade advice: Morris for Wallace

    Why are you wasting time posting this. Hit accept before he comes to his senses.
  13. Switching from redraft to keeper

    Hey Scorcher, we are right where you were as stated above. We are switching this year from keeper to re-draft with everyone aware of this going into this years draft... So question-how did this knowledge affect the way your draft went down. Was it pretty much as expected and not really that different from years past? Were the early rounds more conservative? Or were folks swinging for the fences in anticipation of coming years -ie taking TB Martin in 1st? I have the 13th pick in a 14 team league and am trying to work out my strategy and any insight would be appreciated.
  14. Expanding league from 12 to 14 teams

    We play with the same set-up you have outlined including the doubleheaders and it has worked out great. We limited our bench spaces to 3 and added IDP to deepen the available players pool. This move has added such a fun layer to the game I don't think I would ever play in a non IDP league.
  15. Just wondering how heavily you can rely on one NFL team before it is too much. I just won Felix Jones off waivers and plan to use him in place of CJ Spiller - problem is I will also be using Austin and Romo. My question is can I get away with this or should I consider T Smith from the Ravens or go back to Spiller? Standard Scoring, 14 team - semi final game The rest of the team is RB Bush Helu Spiller WR Fitz Austin T Smith TE Hernandez K Akers Much appreciated for the help.