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  1. I would also like to cut Tashaun Gipson JAC S
  2. I'm unable to load MFL as well.
  3. 2 A
  4. expanded
  5. yes
  6. no
  7. Benny Cunningham RAM RB Justin Hunter BUF WR
  8. Stonehands will be extending Ty Montgomery 4 years. If I need Cap space cut Nelson Agholor.
  9. Returning Will send PP shortly
  10. Bump
  11. I may be alone on this - but...I'm not a fan of the current DT/DE requirements. DT 1-2 DE 2 Every year it seems I lose a few DT/DE to DE/DT or LB. personally I would like to see the DL requirements combined. Barring that my second preference would be DT1-2 DE 1-2
  12. Okwara 4 yrs Correction Okwara to TS Cut Brissett
  13. Okwara 4 yrs
  14. I'll be back
  15. Agree