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  1. Week 12 Milk Carton

    Boswell!! LOL
  2. How many players have you lost this season?

    I have a good one: Dalvin Cook Corey Coleman Eifert Beckham Chris Carson Deshaun Watson Reed Aaron Jones Robert Woods also dropped Gillislee CJ Anderson and that left me with Dez Bryant for the only player left from my draft. I have tried to trade him to no avail, probably will drop him next waiver...😰 Started 0-4 about to go 6-6 if i manage to score 17pts with Boswell and Ravens if a salvage the win, i can win my division next week with a win and someones lose
  3. Need Help with your Fantasy team? GGL's got ur back

    Start 2 of them: Cook Gillisle CJ Anderson Carson Advise please..
  4. RB Help, start 2

    C.J. and brainer
  5. Wdis for rb..

    I have to start 2 of them: Cook Carson Gillisle CJ Anderson Advice please..
  6. WDIS @ RB

    I would leave at Deangelo and West
  7. Bortles or Mariota?

    Sorry, they are playing at Tennessee.
  8. Bortles or Mariota?

    They are playing in Jacksonville.
  9. Couldn't get to see if Lewis was playing on Thursday, ouch! I guess for sure I am starting C. West, for my rb2 should I go Starks or Latavius Murray on a real tough start?
  10. Irish, I'm really hurting with a 1-4 record, I am shaking my team up, and brought in Bortles, C West, Marquis Wilson, Barnidge and I can make a trade for Fitzgerald but I would be giving up Lynch, do I do it? Or what can I get for Lynch?
  11. For Rb2, should I start Lewis vs Jags or Murray @ browns?
  12. All of my starting line up except Megatron which I traded for... This week started Clay instead of Witten...dumb move, first time all season except his bye, that I didn't started him.
  13. What do you need tonight to keep rolling

    Hopefully I didn't jinxed my self