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  1. Already have RB- McCaffery WR- Tyreek Hill WR- JJ Schuster Need another RB and a flex: Here are the options RB - D. Cook, Jaylen Samuels, S Ware, Gus Edwards WR- T. Boyd, A Humphries, D. Pettis Right now I have Cook at RB and Flex of Samuels Thoughts? is ppr
  2. Carlos Hyde or Aaron Jones

    As stated, need to see Hyde's role
  3. Cook or Drake

    Do Drake as cook on snap count
  4. Pick A WR!

    Fuller but I'd be fine with Robinson as well
  5. Flex Crowell or M. Williams? PPR

    Crowell is my choice
  6. What else are you giving up for in the trade?
  7. WR Help

    Drop Funchess
  8. Start Chris Carson or Chris Ivory?

    Carson, as McCoy is active and playing.
  9. Kerryon until I see a game with Josh
  10. Flex Golladay or M Williams

    Agree with Williams
  11. James white or Kerryon Johnson

    I'm going with kerryon as I think Sont gets most of the patriots work which will limit white.
  12. flex start full pt ppr

    I'm playing Williams this week as well over ARob