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  1. PPR league.....Sproles or Ivory?

    Damnit, Yeldon's active....I'm starting Sproles.
  2. PPR league.....Sproles or Ivory?

    yea, i'm leaning towards ivory especially if yeldon sits. on your poll, i'd go with ivory and smallwood.
  3. Trade for Luck?

    with Indy's pathetic defense, Luck's gonna put up MONSTER numbers all year.
  4. "The Outlaw"

    Jesse James....sleeper of the year imo.
  5. Can anyone stop New England?

    the Houston Texans laugh all you want, we are peaking at the right time.
  6. calling it a season...Thanks for everything.

    i want to give a special thanks to the Carolina defense for manuretin the bed at the most important time of the year.
  7. Rivers drinks love potion 39! WTF

    nothing tipped you to start him??? how about this thread
  8. A glimmer of hope?!

    another david johnson TD!!!!! i thought i was done, now have a real chance
  9. Jets/Cowboys thread

    ivory (the really bad word)ed me.
  10. Rivers and Gates to the Championship

    espn has phillip rivers as the 13th qb this week???? wtf? he will light up the pathetic miami secondary!!! he's a top 5 qb this week imo.
  11. Rivers and Gates to the Championship

    Yes, i benched rivers for fitz last week cause rivers had the flu. Rivers back in my starting lineup to carry me to the championship!!!
  12. Broncos and Pats Game Thread

    wtf?? brady targeting chandler nearly every play