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  1. 3. no debate
  2. I need Lynch to outscore Pierre Thomas by at least 15 points or I need Marques Colston to retire or die before the game starts.
  3. PPR league. Heath Miller or Timothy Wright. Also could go with Scott Chandler. I know I know my TE situation is awful. But those are my options. Thanks!
  4. Frank Gore would probably be the #1 fantasy RB if he would ever get a carry inside the 5. He got them last week vs Tennessee but that's the only game of the year he's getting goalline looks. He's been robbed of at least 6 TD because Hunter, Dixon, now Miller are getting the carries or Kaepernick is passing.
  5. the emergence of Julius Thomas and also Moreno surprisingly being a big part of the offense to go along with sharing with Welker and Decker.....there's just too many weapons in Denver. That's it. Thomas will have some monster games and then some 40-60 yd quiet ones. Too bad he's not on New England or San Francisco.
  6. reminds me of CHI last year, being so far ahead of the second ranked fantasy defense, it's laughable.
  7. why did Rex not go for 2 when up by 12 in the fourth quarter???
  8. Arthur Blank should pry Bruce Arians away from AZ. I'd love to see what he could do with Ryan and those receivers...
  9. PPR league, I have Montee Ball, my RB are Forte/MJD/, WR Welker/AJ/Austin/Hilton Would you trade HIlton for Moreno. My RB obviously suck since MJD is not what he used to be and might be missing time. I still think Ball has a lot of upside but maybe not anytime soon.
  10. only other time I can recall that happening was Desean Jackson vs Dallas on Monday night a few years ago. *also has Denver D*
  11. wish JUMbotron was back. That was the best feature on thehuddle Also would like Fantasy Chop Shop to return. Despite not having those two, the content is still excellent.
  12. PPR league (I have Luck) Ball or Hilton? Thanks!
  13. Matt Ryan last year. Not unknown obv but he was unstoppable in pre-season and everyone said he was ready to take the next step and had his best season.
  14. opponent had him.
  15. Agree DMD! Brutal on your end. All that $ on the line is worse than Rod Streater costing you two wins on the season (week 1, week 13) All I wanted was a playoff berth. PS - It didn't help that Washington held the ball for just about the entire fourth quarter.